Orgasm’s Are Us 2

I got to say that everytime I check clitical for new posts, I get so horny to the point where I can feel my swollen clit throbbing, wanting to be caressed. As I type these letters I am attempting to ignore the plea of my pounding pussy but I’m just too wet this time.

As I unbutton my jeans and unzip the zipper the excitement builds up inside, waiting to explode.  Slowely I run my fingers down my thighs, leaving goose bumps everywhere I touch, searching for more pleasure. Feeling the slight dampness on my fingertips, I know I hit the jackpot. Sliding my hand underneath my panties i can feel the small bits of fuzz on my pussy and oh does it feel fantastic!! I kind of tease myself a bit, rubbing the outside only but occasionally sliding a couple fingers in so that I can taste my juices. Mmm…it feels too good!! I can’t stand it, I have to stick a finger deep inside to my g-spot. With every little thrust in then out, in then out, I start to picture some sexy chic that would like to join me (; tongue fucking me. Oh, Ohhh yeeah…that feels soo good, why need a man right now when iIcan please myself(;? Before I know it I’m convulsing as my moan reaches a screaming staccato. Oh that was great, hoped you enjoyed! Was my first post (=

2 thoughts on “Orgasm’s Are Us

  1. Reply pussyprincess Mar 4,2011 2:15 am

    how i would love to suck your pussy up right now. Even turn you around spread you ass so i can shove my tongue in your ass hole and wiggle it all around and feel you clenching around my tongue. I want you to sit on my face and rub you pussy juices all into my mouth. I hope im helping you along to your next orgasm 🙂

  2. Reply jlove Mar 22,2011 3:44 pm

    I’ve never tasted pussy before but would love to. I would love to suck your nipples while fingering your cunt. Then I would start licking your clit, while fingering your wet hole. I would gently start sucking your hard wet clit while pinching your nipples untill you explode with pleasure in my mouth. I would love for you to play with me. My cunts wet and ready.

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