Erotic Authors

So often we read authors works and love them, but so often their voices and work are a mystery. We thought we would try and change this and put them in the spotlight with an interview and a sample of their latest work.

  • Alison Tyler Book Bundle Tour
    It’s no dark secret that I am a huge Alison Tyler fan and that she is affectionately known as the time bandit in my house. Over the last 2 years her writing has inspired me, caused me to lose sleep and enthralled me. If you think that you know about kinky writing after reading 50 ...
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  • Erotic Authors Spotlight: Jillian Boyd
    This week we take some time to get to know erotic author Jillian Boyd just a little better. Jillian lives in London, England and loves to spend her time writing about sex and all things related. She also owns and operates an erotic writing consultation service and likes to keep busy. 1. When did you first ...
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  • Dirty Dancing With Words: Salome Wilde
    Salome Wilde is the author of dozens of published erotic stories of diverse genres and orientations. She and Talon Rihai have co-authored a juicy handful of published and forthcoming stories and a gay romance novella. They are currently co-editing Desire Behind Bars: Lesbian Prison Erotica for Bella Books. You can find them and much more ...
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  • Interview: Mark A. Michaels & Patricia Johnson: Authors
    I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with Mark Michaels and Particia Johnson after reading their new book: Partners In Passion, what follows is that interview. 1: How long have you been married and what special insight do you think this gave you when you wrote Partners In Passion, if any? We have been together ...
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  • Erotic Author: Logan Zachery
    Every once in a while an erotic story will get stuck in my head, and for me, I’m finding that this is true but not so much for just one story, but the stories of one writer: Logan Zachery. I first came across his wonderful story telling whilst reading The Big Book Of Orgasms and ...
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  • Alison Tyler And Her Dark Secret Love
    Submission can take many forms as can an obsession. I obsessed over Alison Tyler’s words for 48 hours when I first read her book Dark, Secret Love. I cooked with it in one hand, crawled into bed and enjoyed my own secret love, and willingly submitted to the delights that it inspired within me. I ...
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  • Interview: Alison Tyler
     If you love to read erotica and you have never heard of Alison Tyler, I may just have to beat you with a stick… Of course, the chances are that Ms. Tyler would enjoy that, but I digress. was recently given the chance to ask this trailblazing editor and writer of all things erotica ...
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  • Interview: Rachel Kramer Bussel
     Rachel Kramer Bussel, is an editor/author extraordinaire. It seems no project is too small nor too big for her to not tackle. If you have been following Clitical you will know that Jenne recently reviewed her newest book: Best Sex Writing 2013, you can read that review HERE. Despite her busy life, Rachel was ...
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  • Interview: Charlie Glickman
    As a new feature on Clitical I am going to be interviewing some of the most influential people in the sex world today! Charlie Glickman is one such person! He began his career as a sex educator at Brown University in 1989. In 1996 he joined the staff of Good Vibrations as a Sex Educator-Sales Associate ...
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