Finally 18 1

So today is my 18th birthday and the first thing did when I woke up this morning was make this account.
It wasn’t long before I started looking around the site, reading stories, masturbation techniques and looking at the masturbation galleries.
The one that gets me off the most is “Anabella”
When looking at these things I try not to touch myself, teasing me until I can’t take anymore. I throw my iPod down and begin rubbing my clit. Alternating hands so I don’t get tired, and when I can feel I’m about to cum, I stop, and catch my breath, calm down a little and then I finger fuck myself harder an harder until I get the the same point as before. While I’m trying to calm down I imagine another woman tongue fucking my pussy, her nose teasing my clit. This causes me to let out a (quiet) cry, (trying not to draw attention to my parents walking in) and I start rubbing my clit again, all the way to an orgasm, I’m thrusting my body up and down on the bed and let out another cry.
I hear a door open and quickly slip my undies back on and throw the doona over me.
I smile a satisfied smile and I lay pretending to be asleep while my family walks in to wish me a happy birthday.

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  1. Reply wantstocum Feb 27,2011 7:01 pm

    Mmmm! Baby i wanna be yhe one to tongue fuck you! I wanna eat those juices from your pussy and make you cum! My pussy is so wet and throbbing after reading this! I wanna eat you out!

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