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Clitical.Com is constantly calling for submissions to provide unique, stimulating, and high-quality material to cover all of its features and sections. Clitical.Com welcomes a diverse range of styles and subjects so long as everything received can be regarded as sex-positive.

What we are specifically looking for:
•    Erotic fiction and non-fiction, any length up to around 6,000 words. Stories should preferably be female-focused and unique in a storyline with an emphasis on the plot (not just the sex).

•    Erotic Poetry or Prose. Romantic/Erotic in nature, preferably female-focused. Varying styles and lengths are acceptable.

•    Articles or essays relating to anything that would be of interest to sensual people. Lengths and styles variable, and we can include direct links or banners if the article is submitted from a relevant service or sister website.

•    Reviews of a wide range of material. Including, but not limited to; sex toys, erotic books, movies, audio stories, lingerie and other relevant items. When submitting reviews please make sure you have properly tested the product you are reviewing, one try is not a true indication of how a toy will perform over time.

•    Tutorials on various erotic related subjects.

•    Erotic artwork

•    Erotic photography.

We ask authors to thoroughly check and edit their own work before submission, and please ensure all submissions are provided via Word document or .rtf.

The use of a spell checker and attention to structure is vital; unedited work will not be considered.

Although we can offer some minor editing and adjustment opinion, work should be ready for publication.

We ask for six (6) month exclusive online publishing rights when we pay for material.

Simultaneous publishing on an author’s own site can be negotiated.

Upon completion of the six (6) months, the material will still remain prominently published on-site unless otherwise instructed by the author.

Reprints/previously published material:
Looking to expose your older or previously published work to fresh sets of eyes? We also accept both reprints and previously published material,.

Please ensure to inform Clitical.Com that work has been previously published.

Non-accepted subjects:
Although we aim to be as non-judgmental as possible, we do need to have some boundaries. Subjects we will not accept include:

•    Bestiality

•    “Ass Then Mouth” action (anal sex is acceptable, however)

•    Underage sex (below 18 years of age for the purpose of Clitical.Com)

•    Incest

•    Forced or Non-Consensual sex

•    Anything which could otherwise be thought of as negative or offensive – sexually or emotionally – towards an individual.

How to submit:
Please enclose work within an appropriate Windows suited format, such as a Word.doc or .rtf, and attach with an email that contains the Writers Declaration and any other relevant information.


Submissions received at:

[email protected]


The Clitical.Com Panel will then examine the material, make a decision, and get back in touch as soon as possible to commence discussions.

Pen or user names are fine to be used with the publishing of material.

You have our word that any material and information you send in will be discretely handled, and will not be used in any way other than what is agreed upon, without your permission.

Writers Declaration:
“I hereby declare that I am the sole author of this work. This is an original piece never previously published (or, if reprint) Full and appropriate reproduction rights are given to Clitical.Com for the republication of said material. I am 18 years of age or over. I give permission to Clitical.Com to use this piece at their discretion.

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Would you like to write for us?

Please email [email protected]