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My pussy is very wet and my panties are soaking wet I have been single for 7 1/2 months and I miss having sex. I start removing my clothes. I grab a pillow off my bed and place it between my legs and start humping the pillow and fantasizing that I am riding a dildo since I don’t have one it. I feel myself about cum. I ride the pillow faster and faster until I cum and reach an orgasm.

70 thoughts on “Very Wet

  1. Reply Sebastian Aug 2,2016 3:18 pm

    you need me to lick your wet pussy and make you cum. You need my hard cock inside you.

    • Reply gothgirl20 Aug 5,2016 2:54 am

      Hmm your comment has me feeling really wet I would love ur hard cock inside me 😉

      • Reply Sebastian Aug 5,2016 2:02 pm

        Let me lick that sweet wet pussy.. mmmmmm you taste so good. My cock is rock hard right mow it’s throbbing.

        • Reply Angel Aug 7,2016 3:52 am

          Sebastian I want you to fuck my pussy too . it’s throbbing and dripping for you

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 7,2016 2:38 pm

            I would love to feel my hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of your tight wet pussy… Giving you every inch… Deeper… Harder.. Your pussy is so tight… So wet… You can feel my hard cock throbbing inside of you…

          • Reply Miranda Aug 9,2016 7:07 am

            Damn, Sebastian, all of your comments have made my pussy so wet for you. I wanna fuck you so hard and suck your hard cock.

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 9,2016 5:42 pm

            Oh I would love to slide my throbbing hard cock deep inside your wet pussy, but first I would lick your pussy as I slide my fingers inside of you. Thrusting them in and out as I move them in small circular motions.. Licking, sucking, nibbling on your clit until you are close to cumming and once you get close I move my fingers inside you using the “come here” motion so I can hit your gspot.. Giving you both a gspot and clitoral orgasm. Once you have cum hard I will slide my rock hard cock deep inside of you. On your knees, I’m behind you, I grab my hard cock and slowly start to slide it inside your dripping wet pussy.

            Very slowly, inch by inch, teasing you… Now my cock is all the way inside you… I thrust back out then slam in back inside as I pull your hair.. pulling your head back… Using my other hand I reach around and play with your swollen clit as I fuck you hard! You are so tight.. so wet! Feel my cock throbbing inside of you pussy!

          • Reply Miranda Aug 13,2016 8:48 pm

            Oh my God I am soaking wet. You sound like the perfect fuck, Mmm let me suck your hard dick while you eat my pussy.

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 18,2016 3:54 pm

            I would love to taste that sweet wet pussy and make you cum hard. If I was there right now you would be extremely wet and I would focus 100% of my attention satisfying you completely. I can feel your wetness on my face right now. You taste so good.. Lightly nibbling on your clit.. your wet pussy lips… as my fingers thrust in and out of your tight wet pussy. I can feel you grab my hard throbbing cock as you slide it into your mouth.. Feels so good! I wish I could fuck you right now.

          • Reply Miranda Aug 25,2016 1:31 am

            My pussy is dripping and throbbing for your mouth making out with it. I want you to circle my clit with your tongue before you pick me up and ram your dick deep inside my pussy and squirt all of your cum in me.

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 26,2016 10:50 pm

            I spread your legs than spread your dripping wet pussy with my fingers.. With the tip of my tongue I lick around your clit. Very lightly touching it.. I can feel you getting wetter..As I circle your throbbing clit I slide 2 fingers in your pussy.. Sliding them in deep inside you.. Thrusting in and out as my tongue continues to circle your clit. Fingers now thrusting a little faster.. Deeper… Your wetness all over my fingers and dripping out out your tight pussy. As I circle your clit I lightly touch directly on your clit and move back to circling very quickly. You are now moaning very loud.. Your body starting to stiffen up. I slide a 3rd finger inside you.. All 3 fingers thrusting in deep.. You are extremely wet now.. You taste so good. I quickly move up and kiss you so you can taste your sweetness. Back to that sweet pussy I go… Tongue circling your clit.. Fingers back inside you… But now thrusting harder and faster… I suck on your clit driving you insane… Your body quivers and shakes and you cum.. Screaming loudly…

            I get up, pick you up. you wrap your legs around my waist as I put you up against the wall. I slide my rock hard throbbing cock inside your wet pussy.. Every single in slides deep inside you. Thrusting in and out fast, hard and deep.. You can feel my cock throbbing inside of you. As I fuck you we start kissing.. Your tongue swirling with mine.. You moans still extremely loud.. Scream “Oh my god yes! Fuck me hard baby!”. I start fucking you harder. As I hold you and fuck you I move to another location when I sit myself down with my cock still inside your pussy. Now you start riding me insanely as I rub your swollen clit. You ride me faster.. faster… faster… my cock now sliding all the way inside you. Your body quivers and shake again.. You are close to orgasm… You scream “Fill me with your hot cum baby!” You ride me even harder now.. Arching your back backwards… As you cum hard I explode inside you.. Giving you every last drop of my cum.. At this point you are going wild… You came extremely hard.. I can still feel your pussy throbbing hard around my cock… Mmmmmm that was good baby!

          • Reply Miranda Aug 27,2016 4:39 am

            Mmm babe, I was rubbing my pussy while reading that and imagining it happening. You write so hot. I love reading it! :*

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 29,2016 8:18 pm

            I wish that it was my tongue playing with that sweet wet pussy.

          • Reply Miranda Aug 31,2016 3:28 am

            I wish it was your tongue in my pussy too. I wish you were here with me and we could fuck all night and you could suck on my clit while I suck on your throbbing hard cock. I wanna be eaten out so badly by you. How old are you btw?

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 31,2016 6:13 pm

            I would love to be licking your wet pussy right now. I’m 42. How old are you?

          • Reply Miranda Sep 2,2016 5:09 am

            Mmm I know it. I’m 36.

          • Reply Miranda Sep 9,2016 2:39 am

            I know I want your tongue in my pussy so bad. And I’m 36.

          • Reply Sebastian Sep 10,2016 5:00 am

            That would be fucking great. If you want to see what I loo like click in the little round icon on teh left side of my post/

          • Reply Chris robson Sep 12,2016 7:40 pm

            Would love to rub my cock between your tits in your car sexy

          • Reply Lily Aug 11,2016 4:24 am

            After you fuck my pussy, I want you to lay me on my stomach and tell me to put my ass in the air and then I want to feel your hard throbbing cock in my ass. I want it in my ass so deep.

          • Reply Sebastian Aug 12,2016 3:42 am

            I pull my cock out of your pussy… Cock is covered in your wetness. I put you on your stomach… Spreading your ass I tell you to put my cock in your tight ass. You reach for my cock, you grab it and bring it to your ass. I spread your ass wide as you slowly start to put my cock in your ass.. The head is in so I give it a firm thrust forward and every inch slides deep inside your ass. Thrusting in and out as I pull your hair and rub your clit. You can feel my cock throbbing inside your tight ass… Fucking you harder,… Faster…. Deeper… You scream! I grab your dildo and slide it into your wet pussy fucking you with it as I fuck your ass!

            Both the dildo and my cock are fucking you hard and deep. At this point you are soaking wet and begging me to fuck you even harder. I want you to cum hard for me baby! Feel me deep inside you.. Fucking you hard.. Every inch of my throbbing hard cock deep inside you.

          • Reply Kris Sep 5,2016 5:33 pm

            Fuck Sebastian I wanna feel that hard cock fucking my ass “faster daddy” I moan loudly as I throw my ass back on you

          • Reply Chris robson Sep 12,2016 7:45 pm

            Rubs my hard cock over you’re tits lily then cums in all over your face i then pump your pussy slowly while your legs up

          • Reply Cat Sep 26,2016 10:12 pm

            Chris I’d love you to titty fuck me ? hold my tits and make that dick hit my chin

  2. Reply Emma Aug 7,2016 1:02 pm

    Id love u hard throbbing cock deep inside pounding me from behind

    • Reply Sebastian Aug 7,2016 2:40 pm

      Bend over baby! I will fuck you hard… slapping your ass with every thrust… Reaching around with my other hand I play with your throbbing clit as I slam my hard cock deeper into your dripping wet pussy

      • Reply gothgirl20 Aug 10,2016 1:31 am

        I want to feel you slam your hard cock deep into my dripping wet pussy 😉

        • Reply Sebastian Aug 10,2016 7:10 pm

          My cock is rock hard right now and ready for you. Let me feel that wetness wrapped around my hard cock!

      • Reply candy Aug 29,2016 4:24 pm

        All this dirty talking got my pussy dripping wet right now….really wish I had a nice hard cock in me fucking my lights out, while I’m licking on a bitch pussy

        • Reply brian Aug 31,2016 11:36 am

          I am laying down and your laying on top of me. My hard cock is sliding in and out of you as my fingers are rubbing your clit. Another sexy women is with us above you and you eat that yummy pussy. Hearing both of your moans is driving me crazy.

  3. Reply Elizabeth Olivier Aug 9,2016 12:02 am

    Make me cum please

  4. Reply abbie Aug 15,2016 3:21 am

    I’m so fucking wet from all these comments. As I am typing I take my big, fat dildo and shoving it deep in my tight, wet pussy. I love the squelching wet noise it makes as i thrust it in and out. I stick my middle finger in my mouth to get it nice and wet before pushing it into my tight little asshole. I wish I had your cock here fucking my from behind while I bend down to suck on Lily’s big hard clit.

  5. Reply Josh Aug 16,2016 5:14 am

    Lily, mmmmm feel me enter u, your pussy is soo warm and moist .my thick cock slides in and out ,massaging your pussy lips fuck yes

  6. Reply Brian Aug 17,2016 11:30 am

    So glad I found this place. I get so turned on reading the story and comments even with most of them being girl/girl. I’m laying back imaging having oral sex. giving many pussy’s amazing pleasure with my tongue giving orgasm after orgasm.

  7. Reply B Aug 18,2016 7:17 pm

    Fuck, I want in on this too!

  8. Reply Brian Aug 20,2016 5:10 pm

    I so much want to give someone amazing oral. I would not stop after giving you an orgasm. I love the taste of pussy so much I keep giving you more Os. Some are slow torture teasing. I would lick the shape of every letter in the alphabet, remembering what you liked the best and I would concentrate on those shapes. Mmmm you taste so yummy.

  9. Reply ChocolatePussy Aug 24,2016 3:18 pm

    @ Brian I love having my pussy licked and sucked. would you like to spread my pussy lips and lick me from the bottom to the top…sucking me until I’m swollen and squirt my juices all over your face?

    • Reply brian Aug 24,2016 11:54 pm

      I would love to enjoy your pussy, I would make it more then swollen, enjoying your juices, teasing you beyond belief. mmm my tonged wants to dive in right now.

  10. Reply Bryan Aug 30,2016 4:25 pm

    I absolutely love reading these messages back and forth. I sit at my desk at work, and rub my throbbing cock through my jeans. i wish so bad that I was apart of Miranda or Lily’s fantasy. It sounds like Sebastian, has it all figured out, but man I wish it was me that was making your clits throb. I would love to help you cum. M/32

  11. Reply Emily Sep 5,2016 8:29 am

    I’ve visited this site since I was 17 and it stills gets my pussy throbbing every time. Bryan I would love to have you sucking on my swollen clit .. It’s begging for some attention.

    • Reply Brian Sep 10,2016 8:21 pm

      Emily, I would love to give you soft kisses on your inner thighs as I approach your pussy with my lips and tongue. I would lick up and down side by side enjoying all of our pussy. I would twist and turn it enjoying every moan and every taste of you. I would lick every shape of the Alphabet remembering what letters you enjoyed the most. I would concentrate on those shapes. Bring you to more Os. I would give slow teasing licks driving you more crazy, teasing you to the bring of another O, but I keep teasing you, until I sense your ultimate O is ready to happen and you sense it pushing my head in more as my tongue picks up the pace moving quickly bring you the ultimate O. I lick you up clean and enjoyed the yummy nectar your body produced.

  12. Reply Bryan Sep 10,2016 5:00 am

    Emily, I wish so much you could help me stroke my 8 inch cock. It is rock hard, and oozing pre cum. I am laying in bed thinking about how I wish I was tasting your pussy right now. I wish it was your hands on me. I also wish it was my hands on you rock hard nipples as you read this. I want to cum so badly! Wish it was instant reply from you!

  13. Reply Cat Sep 17,2016 9:00 am

    I’m so horny reading all your replies. Im a virgin never had a dick in my wet pussy, and I want one badly. Boys what would you do to this tight pussy?

    • Reply Sebastian Sep 19,2016 6:10 pm

      I would lay you down on my bed, running my hands all over your body… feeling your silky soft skin on my fingertips… Moving closer to your tight wet pussy… Fingers circling around your pussy… Just barely touching it.. Teasing you a little bit.. My fingers slowly sliding down towards your clit… I stop, look at you and smile. Now you can feel my finger rubbing your clit gently.. I can feel you getting wetter… I spread your legs a little wider and move my face down to your pussy… I start very gently licking your clit.. You moan softly… You are so wet now.. I can taste you… Mmmmmm.. As I lick your clit I slide a finger inside your pussy… slow and deep.. All he way inside you now.. Licking and sucking your clit as my fingers thrusts in and out of your tight wet pussy.

      Your moans getting louder as I lick and finger you harder. I feel your body tighten up as you scream out “I’m gonna cum”. You are so wet it’s dripping all over… my face is covered in your wetness… You cum hard! You scream! Body shakes… You say “Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!”. I lie down on the bed as I pick up up placing you on to of me.. I now grab my throbbing hard cock and slide it into your dripping wet pussy. Grabbing you by your hips I push you down onto my cock.. Every inch deep inside of you. You start riding me hard… Moaning extremely loud… As you ride me I use my finger to ply with your swollen clit as my tongue is licking your hard nipples… You moan louder… You start riding me faster… You tell me that you’re about to cum again.. Harder… Faster…. as you cum I explode inside of you filling you with my hot cum. Feels sooooo good! (short version of what I would do)

      • Reply Cat Sep 26,2016 9:08 pm

        Fuck Sebastian my pussys dripping thinking about that hard dick. I wish I could taste some of that hot cum, mmmmmm, I’d love to lick it of your balls

        • Reply Sebastian Oct 4,2016 9:08 pm

          I would love to lick that sweet wet pussy and make you cum hard! I am rock hard thinking about it.

      • Reply Missfuckmesohard Nov 8,2016 8:05 pm

        Wow Sebastian just reading what you wrote got me dripping and wanting to cum so hard!! I would happily have your hot cum inside me after exploding all over your cock with my sweet pussy juices.

      • Reply Fuckmesideways Apr 19,2017 3:11 pm

        Wow that made me squirt?

    • Reply Brian Sep 19,2016 11:45 pm

      Cat, after having a very hot lust filled kissing marathon, wondering hands and teasing each other. I lick and suck on those very hard nipples and my finger teases your clit. I soon would kiss my way down to your very wet and hot pussy and I say mmm your incredibly yummy tasting. My tongue would starting out slowly so you enjoy this new sensation. After you have a few Os, I pick up the pace licking you like crazy with twist and turns and applying pressure with my tongue to your clit. Dang your tasting so yummy and your so wet.

      Your saying I want you in me so bad. I work my way up, kissing your stomach, your hard nipples to your sexy lips as our tongues dance together once again. You open up your legs and I start to penetrate you slowly and once my 7″ is all the way when we just lay there kissing as a take slow small strokes feeling your wetness and tightness. Soon my strokes are longer, driving you crazy as I whisper I am going to cum soon. I then release my white cream in you as my hard cock is pulsating in you.

      We begin to kiss more and hold each other close and shortly later you whisper I need more of you as my finger begins to wonder to your hot wet area.

      • Reply Cat Sep 26,2016 9:11 pm

        Brian I want that 7 inch cock in me fast and hard 😉

        • Reply Brian Oct 11,2016 1:52 am

          We go for another round this time your laying down on edge of the bed as i am standing. I am able to get in you much deeper. You feel so amazing and I love hearing your amazing moans, I crave you even more. Soon my cock is pulsating my cum as you let out an amazingly orgasm. I fall in your arms kissing you with passion as my finger wanders to tease your clit until you cum more.

  14. Reply Lulu_Lovely Oct 25,2016 8:45 pm

    Mm this makes me so wet and horny… I’m a virgin and just out of school… I’m longing to have a cock or a pussy against mine… Any ideas what you’d do to me? Use ‘Lulu’ when talking about me, it’d really get me off 😉

    • Reply Gator Mar 1,2017 4:25 am

      This is for LuLu_Lovely. I had written an answer to your post but for whatever reason it seems to have been deleted. I would love for you to feel my hard cock against you as you wished. I would also love kissing your pussy and licking your hard little clit with my tongue, bringing you to a fantastic orgasm. If you want to talk more leave me a comment here and I will answer you and maybe we can get something going between us. OK? Thanks.

  15. Reply Brian Oct 28,2016 8:12 pm

    Well Lulu… I am laying here in my bed, thinking about that sweet pussy of yours. Imagining tasting it, flicking my tongue on your clit. Fucking your tight wet pussy with my tongue until you beg me to fuck you! I have 8 inches of thick cock lubed up and ready to slide into your tight pussy.

  16. Reply Missfuckmesohard Nov 8,2016 8:10 pm

    Reading there comments has got me really hot and dripping wet. Never knew how much this could make me wanna cum. I’m that wet I have to rub my clit and slowly put my finger in and out I’ve never wanted to cum so hard. Just wish I had someone down there licking me so I could squirt

    • Reply Katie Nov 11,2016 2:31 am

      I’ll lick you babe. I’ll lick your clit so hard until you squirt all your delicious juices into my mouth and then I’ll make out with you so you can taste your sweetness. Then you’ll eat me out and we’ll trib together grinding our pussies together until they are soaking wet.

  17. Reply Michael Nov 10,2016 7:07 pm

    Seb! Mate! You’re a poet!

    • Reply Sebastian Nov 12,2016 4:39 am

      Thanks. I just speak/type the way I think. I usually go into much more intricate details, but I don’t want to write a novel. haha

  18. Reply Cutelilkitty Nov 24,2016 6:53 am

    I want in on this business. F/18

    • Reply brian Dec 3,2016 12:46 am

      We have a very long deep passionate kissing marathon. Our tongues dance like fire, our hands are exploring and teasing each other. I kiss your neck, tease it with tip of my tongue. I kiss, suck and nibble at your hard nipples. I soon work my way down to that wet pussy. You taste so yummy. I lick up and down, side by side, love hearing your moans. I tease your love tunnel and my finger rubs that clit, bring you to Os. I love your taste so much I keep bring you to a few more Os. At times I tease you slowly, bring on another intense O also sucking on that clit. I work my way up to your lips as our lips connect again in deep passionate kiss, and I whisper I want more of you.

  19. Reply Tati Dec 1,2016 8:42 pm

    All of your comments got me super wet. Imagining his hard cock deep in your wet pussies has me going crazy. I’m rubbing my warm pussy right now just thinking about it. Mnmmm

    • Reply Brian Dec 3,2016 12:39 am

      I bet that wet pussy, would be so yummy that I dive in and tease you tasting your yummy nectar. My tongue twists and turns finding out what motion makes you go crazy and I do that over and over, hearing you and feeling your body squirm. I even do slow teasing licks, teasing that O and I don’t want it to come yet, I want it to build up and bring you to that one big special one.

  20. Reply lolo25 Feb 25,2017 2:01 am

    holy fuck… reading all these comments have turned me on so much my pussy is soaking wet and i can feel it seaping through my pants. if only i was at home instead of work. if only there was someone who could come over and use my handcuffs on me…. GOD i’d be so wet

  21. Reply Alisa Feb 27,2017 8:48 pm

    Omg all of these comments made me so wet!! I just came like twice reading them. Wish I could have had someone eat my dripping wet pussy

  22. Reply Gator Mar 1,2017 2:15 am

    For LuLu_Lovely. I read about your desires on and I would love to be the man who introduced you to a hard cock. I love eating pussy and it would p[ease me no end if I could be the first guy to eat your pussy, suck your clit and bring you to a hard throbbing orgasm. Your first cum at the tongue of a guy eating your sweet hot, wet pussy. If you get this message please let me know and if you want to continue playing with me I will be more than happy to make your pussy wet and bring you to orgasm while you read my writings about how much I would enjoy fucking you. Thanks, Gator

  23. Reply Sharleah Apr 23,2017 4:08 pm

    Little hot pussys tell me how many hot cock you want in your pussy n be tied up n I shove my cock in your mouth x

  24. Reply Hornybitch May 22,2017 7:36 am

    My pussy is wet right now!! Wishing I had a nice hard dick going in & out of my pussy! I need someone to fuck me doggie style in my pussy then anil fuck me

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