The Couples Webcam That Cured Her Craving (Erotic story)

It had been a long time. Josh was old news and Stella was over it, but damn, he was good in bed. She especially missed the way he ate at her small schoolgirl breasts as if he were taking gentle bites of a marshmallow. And don’t get her started on his thrusting. He had a way of moving his hips into and against her that got her there in ten seconds’ flat. Repeatedly. She craved that excitement again. The anticipation of the next flood of ecstasy. She missed how it felt – the butterflies in her stomach, the heatwaves on her skin. It was the drug she needed, couldn’t get enough of, and couldn’t seem to find. Sitting on her bed, laptop open, the cursor blinking impatiently, Stella wondered what to do next. Then it hit her. The girls had been raving about this site they had discovered that busted their sexual exploits wide open. She hit search and there it was.

Stella’s eyes darted back and forth through the tantalizing images of couples in all kinds of slippery bliss and she shuddered. She knew her nipples were already standing at attention without doing anything. She felt the familiar flitter-flutter starting in her stomach and took a deep breath. It wasn’t long until she settled on a young, friendly, and oh-so flexible couple. She felt like nineteen again, all shy and nervous, and unsure of herself. They talked a little, like a comfortable first date. She can feel the throbbing starting deep inside her slit, the warmth and wetness beginning to rise. A shiver runs down her spine as she tenses her muscles and bites her lip.

Aga and Kevin, the lovely young couple she has connected with, watch her with hungry eyes while they fondle each other, grabbing handfuls of moist, delicious flesh. Stella runs her fingers over her taught breasts, pinching her nipples between two fingers. Without realizing, she lets out a guttural moan, and they all giggle. Kevin slips two fingers into Aga as she wraps her legs around his arm, pulling him in deeper. Aga thrusts against his touch, back and forth, her ass wobbling in desperation. Kevin pulls his fingers out and licks them like the tastiest lollipop. Quick as a flash, he is back between her legs, tongue darting in and out of her sweet, slick hole like a sexy snake. Aga squirms and writhes in pleasure, her back arching. Kevin nibbles at her clit and Aga squeals, the sheets wet underneath her.



Stella is chewing on her lip now, burning with lust for these two total strangers. She runs her fingers around and over her belly button and down to her wet, aching clit. She thumbs at it desperately as she, too, puts two fingers inside herself, imagining Kevin there. She feels her juices trickling down to her crack. She can’t help herself, there’s no going back now. She moves harder against herself, her pussy walls clenching around her fingers. Stella can feel the rougher skin of her g-spot and pushes hard against it. Her eyes roll back into her head as she moans, trying to stifle her overwhelming excitement. She slides her other hand down to rub over her engorged clit, applying pressure as she flicks at and over it, her other fingers still sliding in and out of her soaking slit. Stella grinds her hips into the bed, images of Josh flashing through her mind, and then Kevin, right beside her.

Kevin turns to the camera and smiles as Aga writhes in yet another orgasm. She then takes his hard, glorious dick into her mouth, sucking at it with gusto and greed. For a moment, Stella gawks. As Kevin’s knees start to weaken, he pulls away and, with a single move, has Aga flipped onto all fours. Stella feels the heat rising in her cheeks – part jealousy, part carnal need. She watches, frozen in desire, as Kevin guides Aga onto his raised and ready cock. He moves with expert control, sinking himself into her an inch at a time, pulling out a little, then going in again. Aga cries out in animalistic desperation, on the cusp of yet another orgasm. Stella is right there with her, grinding away at her throbbing pussy, stopping just short of the final rush.

Kevin is driving it hard now, his balls slapping against Aga’s juice-moistened ass. They are both grunting and groaning, thrusting, and grinding. Every muscle in Stella’s body is tense with expectation, her legs clenched around her fingers inside her. And then it happens. The momentary silence before the glory flood. Stella lets go and embraces the sensations rocking her body, muscles spasming, back arching, juices flowing. She tries to catch her breath as the smile spreads across her face. This has been one of the best couples webcams she has joined, and boy, is she satisfied.

Stella goes to bed with a smile on her face and gratitude between her legs.


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