Make your sex life better with CBD Flower Strains

Adult movies portray sex as a pleasurable and facile act. However, sex lives, in reality, is far from it. Statistics have revealed that more than seventy percent of women face issues in experiencing orgasms, five percent of men have experienced erectile dysfunction issues. This has led to a constant search for effective remedies for enhancing bedroom experiences. While many medical treatments can be considered as options, cannabidiol proves to be one of them.

CBD, commonly worded as Cannabidiol/Cannabidiolum, has been endorsed by users across the globe for having latent therapeutic properties. Cannabidiol has been grabbing the headlines in the lifestyle and medical space due to the extensive research done on its benefits. Owing to the sparse information regarding the benefits of cannabis found online, paranoia and anxiousness surrounding cannabis flower have frequently been witnessed.

Cannabidiol product is a non-psychoactive compound that is safe to use and doesn’t result in the “high” associated with other THC products. If you are now curious enough to dive deep and understand more about it, check to find out more! Moreover, with less than 0.3 percent of the THC component, it is completely legal in several countries.

Medical practitioners have recommended it for relaxation, alleviating pain, and improvement of sleep schedules. What’s more is that cannabidiol retains the capacity of perking up your sex life.

This component is already found in bedroom necessaries like lubricants, oral sprays, massage lotions, ingestible, and the like. But the main question is whether CBD helps to boost libido or is it just a buzzword? Read on to learn more about it.

How does Cannabidiolum help improve intercourse?

The human body consists of tiny receptors which are fragments of the whole system which scientists term as the ECS (endocannabinoid system). Intaking or using cannabidiol sets off a string of reactions in the body that helps in the stimulation of the ECS system. Since these ECS receptors are present in the brain and sexual organs like the testicles, the libido is improved.

How Anxiety is Killing Your Sex Life And What To Do About It

In many cases, due to the anxiety of not being able to perform well, issues of lower libido have been reported. Anxiety has been blamed for distractions from erotic stimuli which impairs sexual arousal and leads to a reduction in lubrication, poor erection, clitoral tumescence, etc. In such circumstances, people have claimed that the use of CBD has helped in decreasing their anxiety levels by relaxation of muscles and more focus on sexual pleasure.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an awful nightmare for men across all nationalities and ages. People with higher weights, older ages, and heart diseases are at higher risks for this issue. In case of such issues, the most hopeful remedies have been prescribed meds and psychotherapy. At this moment in time, cannabidiol oil can also be added to the list. Cannabidiol can treat obesity-related issues, ultimately resulting in treating ED.

Ample evidence exists that reveals that Cannabidiol flowers have been used as aphrodisiacs during traditional Hindu times. Ayurvedic practitioners had claimed that cannabidiol helps in improving sexual performance and also works as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Albeit scientific evidence proving the same do not exist in abundance, certain researches have stated that by heightening nerve senses and blood flow, cannabidiol relieves erectile dysfunction.

Mitigation from pain

When it comes to sex, the pain has been a big deal for many women. Painful sex, also known by the blanketed term Dyspareunia, has held many women back from sexual pleasures. Cannabidiol is used as an analgesic that magnifies the libido by increasing blood flow. This helps in relieving pain by relaxing the muscle tissues and easing the tension leading to a better sex drive.


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Reaching the big ‘O’

If the big O has been missing from your sex life, don’t fret! Many women, especially those in heterosexual couples have experienced the pressures of failing to reach an orgasm. The pressure of sexual performance, not being stimulated properly, etc are some causes of orgasm issues in women. A solution to these issues of anorgasmia would be the use of CBD in the bedroom.

Cannabidiol has been claimed by many researchers as the remedy to having longer, satisfying orgasms. It increases the blood flow to the tissues and simultaneously enhances the nerve sensations. Direct application of cannabidiol infused lubes to the genitals also manages to increase blood flow. Doing so helps in intensifying orgasms among women.

Initiating a deep emotional connection

A lack of emotional quotient in relationships has also been blamed for many sexual issues. Cannabidiol comes to the rescue by increasing the serum concentration of anandamide (endocannabinoid neurotransmitter) that is associated with oxytocin. An increase in oxytocin, also called the hug/cuddle hormone, increases the pleasure of intimacy and physical contact leading to better sex lives.

Making the best out of Cannabidiolum flower strains

Cannabidiol will prove to be the most beneficial when it is used in the form of lubes, massage lotions, oral sprays, hemp oils, eatables, etc. Users have claimed that making use of such bedroom items had made them feel more adventurous and spontaneous. Click here to learn more about these CBD bedroom items.

In addition to these, vaping and smoking Cannabidiol is also believed to be a great help in improving sex lives. CBD also proves to be a better cure to intimacy issues than alcohol, since it does not bring the fuzzy memories, hangovers, and vaginal dryness with it.


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