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The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is a continuation of the story and you can read part 2 HERE.

They continued to make their way down the passage. Estelle had no idea where Cavendish was silently leading her. As they reached what appeared to be their final destination, Estelle felt the throbbing between her thighs begin to subside somewhat. Her mind was still confused as to what had actually taken place that morning, but it was more worried about what would happen later. Somehow she knew that her education in this house had barely begun. When she thought about it,she wasn’t sure that she wanted it to end yet. Cavendish opened the door to Estelle’s room and told her to remain there until the Master required her presence once more.

Once inside the sanctuary of her small but comfortable room, and more importantly alone, Estelle’s thoughts began to wander back to the morning’s events. Why had she enjoyed what she had done so much? Why had the Master not touched her? So many questions once more, again so few answers, only half guesses. She laid on the bed and began to run the events through her mind once more. She felt the warm, tingling sensation invade her body one more. She wanted her Master to touch her as he had done the night before. She had pleased him, but he seemed to have little regard for her feelings in such matters.

She must have drifted into a light sleep, as the next thing she knew there was a knock at the door. She rose quickly and answered it. Daisy stood there with a tray.

“Cook told me to bring this down to you, Estelle.”

“Thank you, Daisy.”

“Ah, but there’s more. Cook says I can stay and keep you company this afternoon, if you wish.” There was almost a pleading tone to her voice as she uttered the words.

“Why, of course you can.” Estelle found it difficult to keep the excitement from her voice. She certainly hadn’t relished the thought of spending the afternoon alone once more.

Daisy placed the tray on the dresser and raised the platter . On the plate beneath was a large meal, quite unlike any that Estelle had encountered in the village. These were strange foods. The aroma told her it was good food though, and she was hungry. She noticed that two forks had been placed on the tray and assumed that Daisy would be joining her for lunch. They sat and ate in silence. It was as though both were under a spell of some sort. Both deep in thought but neither daring to be the first to ask the other what those thoughts were.

Finally Daisy broke the silence, much to Estelle’s relief. “So what did he make you do this morning then?”

The directness of the question startled Estelle. She had to think carefully before she answered. She really had no idea how to explain what he had made her do.

“I’m . . . um . . . I’m really not . . . .” Estelle stumbled, trying desperately to find the right words.

“It’s fine Estelle, I don’t really understand either, even though I’ve been here a long time. I wish I did understand. He teaches, but none of the lessons makes much sense. But it does feel good, doesn’t it?”The pitch of her voice gave away the fact that she found it exciting too. Estelle thought for a second if Daisy found it exciting, then it must be fine for her to feel the same.

“It does feel good, but I have little idea of what it means either.” “Has he made you taste it yet?”

“Yes, today.” Daisy stifled a giggle. Why did Daisy find this so funny? Estelle didn’t. Talking about it made her nipples harden and the butterflies in her stomach flutter once more. But this fluttering was not from fear or nervousness, as before.

Estelle began to relax in Daisy’s company. At least she was someone who talked to her and knew what she was going through, though neither girl really understood their purpose in being there. Still, at that moment it seemed to matter not.

“Does it leave you feeling bad sometimes?” Estelle inquired with a note of caution.

“Sometimes, if the Master does not touch me.”

“Does he do it often?” The questions tumbled from her mouth before she had engaged her brain.

“Occasionally, but now that he has you he will not bother with me for a while.” Daisy sighed. Estelle felt strange to hear her say this.This was not the first time he had done this, then. At least some of her unanswered questions were being answered.

“Did he touch you this morning?” Daisy asked.

“No, he just made me taste it.”

“Bet you wanted him to touch you though, didn’t you? I always do, but. . . .”

“You must obey,” Estelle finished the sentence for her.

“Yes.” Daisy’s voice was quiet. Then it was nearly a whisper.

“There are ways to make it feel better though.” Daisy went to the door and locked it.

Estelle had no idea what Daisy meant with her words or with that action, but she felt safe with Daisy. They seemed to understand each others needs.

Daisy sat back on the bed once more and looked at Estelle.

“If I tell you this, you must promise never to breathe a word to a living soul. Do you promise?”

“Yes . . . .”

“Say it, say I promise!”

“I promise,” Estelle whispered.

“I found a way of making it better when he didn’t touch me. Want me to show you how?”

Estelle thought about this, felt the butterflies swarm through her entire body, then made her decision.

“Yes . . . .” She looked at Daisy and wondered what on earth the other girl meant, but had an idea it had something to do with the place the Master had touched her once but hadn’t touched her again.

“Do as I do and you will learn.”

Estelle watched as Daisy began to undress, slowly unbuttoning each garment. She beckoned Estelle to do the same. The sights that meet her eyes caused the emotions inside Estelle to run rampant. As she began to follow Daisy’s example the low burning sensation flared, became urgent.

The two girls sat on the bed naked and studied one another. Daisy’s frankness in looking at her gave Estelle the confidence to observe the other girl’s form. She had seen her sisters naked bodies, of course,but she had never really noticed certain things before, or at least their naked bodies had never had the effect on her that Daisy’s was having.

Estelle noted with some envy that Daisy’s breasts were much bigger than her own. Was this just one of the differences between people or,she wondered for some reason, did it have anything to do with the Master’s administrations? She gazed at the slim figure next to her and tried to make sense of the myriad emotions that coursed through her.She noticed that Daisy had far more hair covering her secret place than she did herself. Does that feeling the Master’s touch causes there also make the hair grow?

Estelle was about to giggle over this thought when Daisy reached forward and touched her breast. The giggle and all other thoughts vanished as Estelle drew back. This could not be right, could it? Then again, everything else in this house seemed strange to her. The way her nipple jumped to attention at Daisy’s touch caused her to change her mind quickly. She leaned forward again and allowed Daisy to do as the Master had done.

Daisy used her fingertips to skilfully manipulate the raspberry colored nipples till they swelled and Estelle ached for her to touch them with her lips as the Master had. She knew this was wrong, but everything that had seemed wrong outside this house appeared normal and acceptable with its four walls. Estelle let the feelings replace the doubts.

Daisy moved nearer and made a gesture Estelle took as a plea that she should do as Daisy was doing. Hesitantly, Estelle placed her hands on Daisy’s swollen breasts and began to imitate what Daisy’s motions on her own. The skin under her fingers was tender but firm. Estelle studied the effect that her clumsy fumblings were having on Daisy. A small moan emitted from the girl as Estelle pulled her nipples. Just as she had with the Master that morning, she felt triumph, power.

Daisy removed her hands from Estelle’s breasts and gently leaned forward. Even as the girl’s lips drew near her own, Estelle didn’t suspect the purpose. She froze when she felt Daisy’s soft lips against her own, but then, as she had at each step, she released herself to the feeling and urgently wanted more. The touch. The kiss. Anything this girl had for her.

As if reading her mind, Daisy began to probe Estelle’s mouth with her tongue, just as the Master had probed her private place the night before. Estelle responded without a thought. The burning between her thighs was at full blaze now and she was desperate to find a way to release it. She knew instinctively knew that Daisy offered that release. She began to probe Daisy’s mouth with her own tongue. It felt soft and warm to her tongue. She could taste Daisy’s saliva and sense the girl’s rising passion as they explored this small ways inside one anothers body.

As she sucked on the girl’s tongue, Estelle again felt Daisy’s hands fondling her breasts. She shuddered and squirmed as Daisy varied the pressure. Sometimes hard, sometimes gentle. Estelle gasped as suddenly the lips against hers were gone and gasped again before she could even open her eyes as she felt those lips close around a nipple and the girl’s tongue begin circling it. Estelle arched her back and moaned. Daisy sucked with relish at the soft pliable flesh that Estelle’s breasts yielded so willingly. Then, with no slackening of the assault on first one nipple, then the other, Estelle felt a light touch on the inside of a thigh.

She was past worrying about right or wrong. Her needs, her passion were driving her on. She wanted so desperately what this girl seemed so intent on giving her.

Estelle’s breath caught as Daisy’s hand edged closer to her secret opening. All thoughts of resistance were banished by her consuming need for those fingers to creep higher and find their goal. Estelle was imprisoned by her own feelings now and Daisy was the key to her release. Everything else was locked outside. Nothing existed except the fingers just about at the juncture of her spreading thighs.

Then, nothingness. The girl was gone, all contact withdrawn. Estelle’s eyes flew open. There she was. Daisy was shifting her position. She pressed gently against Estelle’s shoulders to guide her to lie back. Then, just as the Master had done, Daisy began to use her hands to massage her body. She caressed her soft skin, the softness of her touch causing Estelle to arch each time, to welcome it. Estelle lay back and enjoyed the emotions as they filled her. Slowly Daisy trailed towards her thighs once more. Estelle felt fingers move closer and closer towards her secret opening, slowly but surely knowing where they were going. Estelle barely could breathe as Daisy’s fingertips finally reached her opening. Again her legs fell open, inviting the girl to enter, and opened wider lest any reserve about the invitation cause the touch to vanish again.

The fingers stayed, but still did not plunge into the crevice or find the wondrous mound above it. Daisy toyed with her a while, nearly touching her where she was straining to be touched, but not quite.Estelle wanted to scream at her ,the need for that release driving her forward. The tension that she held within her young body was desperate for a way to escape.

Suddenly the torturous dalliance was over. Daisy entered the place where only the Master had been before. Her fingers probed the entryway and then slipped inside one by one. Estelle yelped in delight. This was all she could think about moments before, but now she wanted more,much more. She needed more.

Again it was as though the thought had been spoken and promptly heeded. Daisy moved to bring her face where her fingers remained. Her tongue came out and began to flick across upper arch of the stuffed opening. Estelle moaned loudly once more. The tension was at breaking point, her nerves could stand no more. Daisy’s fingers and tongue worked swiftly together and soon Estelle found her release. As the fingers probed and the tongue flicked ever higher, Estelle felt the tension spring from her body. It was as though everything inside her had been coiled, but now pulsed with energy and released it.

The feeling coursed through her. She had no control over it and no desire to control it. She was swept away by the rapturous sensations that Daisy had caused, unable to stop them or even channel them. Still, she sensed a power even in this. Her power.

As the sensations ebbed, she opened her eyes once more and was met by Daisy staring at her. She was so relaxed now. In the cold light of day,as she thought about what had just happened, as she stared into Daisy’s eyes, she could not keep her guilt from returning. It was not as acute as it had once been, but she felt in some ways soiled by what had just happened. And at the same time she felt liberated. So much had been taken from her in the last 24 hours. She was confused still, but something had changed her forever. It had changed because of what the Master had done to her. But it also changed during the intertwining of bodies that had just happened, that she had chosen to allow.

The two young girls lay together for a while like puppies snuggling contentedly after suckling their mother. Estelle had achieved her release and Daisy seemed satisfied with her role in bringing it about. They caressed and held each other, neither talking or needing to.Finally, they into a happy sleep.

How much later it was, Estelle knew not, but something wormed into her sleep and pried her from it. Through the haze, her eyelids still too heavy to lift, Estelle sensed a presence other than the naked body next to her. Then, even without seeing, she realized that it was the Master.

She jumped, startled by his presence. The motion roused Daisy and she started as well when her opening eyes beheld the Master looming over the bed. His expression told all. He was less than pleased to have found the pair together. This was a look Estelle had not seen before,and it puzzled her. The cringing motions beside her suggested that Daisy was more familiar with this aspect of their Master. Estelle tried to hide her guilt, but could not. Her cheeks burned what she knew must be a bright crimson.

She sat up and grabbed the covers in a vain attempt to hide both herself and Daisy from his disapproving gaze.

“So, you two have found comfort in each other, I see,” he bellowed.”Just what have you both to say for yourselves?” Neither girl dared to speak. They both buried their faces in the sheets to hide from his stare.

“I think that you both need to be taught a lesson in manners, you especially Daisy, as you have been here long enough to know the rules of this house.”

Daisy tried to respond but nothing came from her lips. Estelle watched her mouth open and then close just as quickly. Her new friend’s obvious terror was more frightening to Estelle than anything the Master had said. What now? Estelle nearly screamed as the Master dragged Daisy from the bed.

“Follow!”was all he said as he abruptly dragged Daisy from the room. Like a lamb to the slaughter, Estelle followed. She had no more choice now than when the Master’s mind had been turned to pleasure. She must obey. Sick with fear, she trailed behind as the Master dragged Daisy by the hair down the hallway.

Where now? What now? What lay down those dark passages? And what would she find in the heart of this dark soul before her?

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