The Breaking Of Estelle Part 4 2

The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is the continuation of the story and you can find part 3 HERE.
stelle watched horrified as the Master dragged her new found friend down the corridor. Helpless to do anything but obey, she followed. Neither girl wore any clothes and Estelle had no idea of the fate that awaited Daisy or herself when they reached their destination. She shivered, partly from fear and partly from the cold. The Master turned and made sure that she was not lagging behind. She quickened her step as she saw the change in his face.

His expression scared her. He actually he seemed to look through her. The power she had felt that morning when his pleasure seemed in her control was gone now. So were the warm and security she had felt a short while before in the arms of her fellow servant. Now she felt even smaller and more vulnerable than when she had come to this strange house.

They quickly reached a large room. The door was already open and Estelle entered quickly, scared that the Master would treat her with the lack of regard he appeared to have for Daisy at this moment in time. The Master instructed her to sit on the chair that was to the side of the room. She watched mortified at what the Master now did to Daisy.

He pulled Daisy by her red locks and threw her against a table in the center of the room. Daisy’s eyes told Estelle all she needed to know. Hidden in those smouldering brown eyes was fear, certainly, but Estelle thought she glimpsed something else deeper. The Master turned Daisy over so that she was laid spread-eagled against the table’s smooth surface, her firm rounded buttocks facing him. Before Estelle could blink, he raised his hand and with a grunt brought it down to bear on Daisy’s bare buttocks with a ferocity that caused Estelle to start and Daisy to scream. Estelle could do nothing but watch as the Master repeated the blow. She felt Daisy’s pain as hard hand struck tender skin, reddening the smooth white flesh. Estelle winced with each blow.

“So, you thought you would comfort Estelle, did you Daisy?” he bellowed at the small maid laid in front of him. “You know that she is off bounds to anyone but me.”

Estelle felt the tears begin to well in her eyes as he spoke the words. This was her fault, Daisy was being punished because of her. The guilt she felt was overwhelming as he brought his hand down, again and again, till the anger within him appeared to subside somewhat.

He beckoned Estelle to join him. Her legs quivered as she tried to stand on them. They did not seem to want to support her anymore.Cautiously, she approached her Master. What next? What was he going to do now? She was scared of him once more, but as she approached he held his hand out towards her. He took her hand and guided it over her friend’s bare, now red flesh. She tried to soothe the young girl’s cheeks with her hands. Part of her knew that this was futile, but she wanted to help. She needed to appease the guilt that she now felt so acutely, especially now that she realized another source of her guilt. Not only was she responsible for Daisy’s punishment, but also the terrifying scene had somehow aroused her. She felt the familiar burning sensation between her thighs as the Master touched her from behind. She continued to caress her friend’s buttocks as the Master fondled her breasts. She arched her back as he tenderly kissed her neck. These sensations overrode her guilt. She wanted him again. The softness of Daisy’s bruised flesh and the gentleness of his caress increased this need in her.

Then the Master whispered softly into her ear, “It is your turn to be punished now, Estelle.”

The words stung her, but before she could think, he pushed her forward onto the table. She wanted to twist away from him and run out the door and out of this house and back to her mother in the village. But she wanted something else as well. She closed her eyes and waited for the first slap. It came soon enough, hard and forceful. She wanted him to stop, to hold her, but as he continued and the burning increased, she felt a strange sensation wash over her. Even as he continued to spank her bare flesh, to send spikes of pain through her bottom, making it burn from the pain, the other kind of burning sensation spread from her groin and she ached with desire for him, longed for his touch even as his touch caused such agony. She longed for his gentleness to return,yet she knew that she must be punished.

Laying side by side on the table, Estelle and Daisy looked at each other. As the Master’s hands administered punishment, they sought solace in each others eyes. Estelle realized as she looked into Daisy’s tear-stained eyes that her friend had felt the same excitement from the Master’s punishment as she did. She wanted to reach out to Daisy once more to feel her tender touch rather than the cruel slaps that were now reddening the cheeks of both their buttocks, but didn’t dare.

The Master stopped as quickly as he had started. The rage seemed to have gone from him. Now he softly stroked her buttocks, their coldness such a contrast to the heat of the diminishing pain and the rising desire. She felt her legs being parted. She offered no resistance and wanted once more to feel him inside her. He began to probe her void with his fingers, slowly at first, then faster and harder, much harder. She closed her eyes as the now more familiar sensations flowed through her body. She felt his fingers touching her soft flesh, probing deeper and deeper. She began to push herself onto them again, wanting to release the feelings from inside her, craving the wanton side of herself once more. She felt his fingers wriggle inside her moist void. Oh, how she wanted him.

Suddenly he stopped and retracted his fingers. She moaned at the emptiness. Why was he toying with her this way? She wanted to give herself to him, would give no resistance to any use he wanted to make of her. But his touch did not return.

“Sit up and face me, girls!” he commanded.

Both girls did as they were told without question. Neither wanted to feel his wrath again, now that his rage had ebbed. He looked at them both as they sat naked before him. Estelle felt uncomfortable as he gazed at her flesh. He moved forward and parted her legs, he brought this head down and kissed her softly. He clutched her breasts and pulled himself closer to her, squeezing her nipples hard, making them swell. As he did so he bit the bottom of her lip hard.

Estelle instinctively wanted to fight now, wanted to bite him back,but knew this would be futile. More so, it was not permitted. Her lot was to obey.

He kissed her once more, but gently. Then he turned his attentions towards Daisy and repeated all the same motions. Estelle watched as he squeezed Daisy’s nipples, kneaded them. She felt her own nipples swell as she thought about his touch. Why was he taking Daisy and not her? She knew Daisy had come before her, had already done all the things Estelle had done with the Master, and more, but she felt that each touch of his hand to Daisy’s flesh was a touch stolen from her, each of Daisy’s moans was torn from her own lips. She didn’t understand these feelings, the confusion, the desire, needs he could produce in her body at will.

He turned Daisy over and beckoned Estelle to come nearer. Estelle promptly did his bidding, but her obedience was rewarded with a rough shove onto the floor, so that she was kneeling in front of him, just under the table but with a clear view of his tool. The veins, the ridges, all were in clear view and she wanted it, needed it inside her,but she sensed that she would have to wait. He wanted Daisy now.

“Watch, my child, and learn,” he told her.

She watched as he used his tool to probe Daisy’s opening. She watched transfixed as it slowly disappeared into her void. She heard the grunts and moans that emitted from both of them. She wished she could see their faces but the sight that met her eyes was overwhelming. She observed the way he varied the speed and depth of his thrusts as he took her friend from behind. Her hand reached forward, she tried to stop it but she just had to touch him. To please him was all she wanted to do. She hoped that she had learned her lessons well. She hoped her actions would please him. She touched his tool as it continued to pound into Daisy’s opening. He let out a mighty roar as she did so. Encouraged by this, she continued to touch him. She began to feel the power surface within herself once more. Remembering the lesson that he had taught her earlier, she reached forward and touched the swollen balls of skin that drooped from his body. She had no idea of their function, only a vague one that they were in some way connected to the acts that had taken place over the last two days. Cautiously she began to touch them. They felt strange, almost putty-like as she stroked them. Again the Master roared in delight.

The effects of watching him pommel Daisy’s void with his tool while she touched him were electrifying. The moisture that had collected between her thighs bore testament to that. She still ached for him but she again felt the power that she found so delightful only yesterday. The more she played with him the harder, he pounded Daisy, and the more noise the pair made. She wondered as she sat under the table, as she watched and touched, what if . . . .

No! She couldn’t. He hadn’t ordered her to . . . . Then again, he hadn’t instructed her to touch him either, but his roars of pleasure expressed his endorsement of that initiative. Dare she do what she now contemplated? Did she risk being punished once more if she did? And,she thought as she felt the burning in her buttocks to be no different by now than the burning in her groin, what of it?

Part 5 coming soon, so stay tuned…

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