Review: The Reflections Glass Collection: Nirvana

Nirvana Glass Vibrator ReviewThe Nirvana by Doc Johnson, is the latest toy that has found it’s way into my sex toy arsenal and I have to say I’m so glad it did!

Anyone who has read my reviews over the years knows I love glass toys! I love the way they feel, the smoothness, the hardness seriously makes me happy. The majority of glass toys have one disadvantage for me personally, in that they are mainly dido’s, and like many women I like my toys to provide me with some buzz when I’m in the mood. So imagine my delight when I came across the Nirvana by Doc Johnson, which while being made of glass, it is also a vibrator and more than that, it’s a waterproof vibrator to boot! I love dual purpose toys so I was seriously excited when I opened a package to realize that’s what this was.

I have to say when it comes to beautiful, there are very few toys that can rival those made from glass, which is why many of them are on display in my office. It seems a shame to put them in a drawer, plain and simple. So when I received my Nirvana package, I couldn’t wait to explore.

The packaging itself is stylish and happy, yep, you read that right, this packaging made me happy, go figure! What made me even happier was reviewing the contents of that happy packaging. Nestled inside is a shiny, hard black glass vibe. Like many of my other glass toys, this one has built in nobbles or nodules, unlike my other glass toys this one was waterproof and vibrated. As you may have already gathered I was half way to Nirvana as I picked this up. For me the possibilities seemed endless as they ran through every dark and nasty corner of my dirty mind.

Solo Play
I love the fact that Nirvana takes just one little AA battery to get it buzzing, just make sure if your going to take it into a water environment that you lock that puppy down safe and secure, after you put the battery in place.

Now let the real fun begin! I was amazed by how quiet this vibe was, even on it’s highest setting, and there are three in all, this is a relatively quiet toy. Once you add running water into the equation, the chances of anyone hearing it are remote to say the least unless they are stood next to you and in that case, any noise shouldn’t matter at all! As with all toys, a little lube is a great addition and one advantage of glass toys is that you can use any lube you have on hand as whether it’s oil, water or silicone based it will not react with the glass. I like me a little simply slick organic lube and after applying liberally, I went to work and hopefully to Nirvana.

I love the feel of this toy. It’s hard, strong and tactile, something I enjoy in both my toys and my men. The nubs that are dotted around the edges make for some added texture and in return some added sensations, for some this might be a little harsh, but for me it was perfect. My one regret with this toy, is it’s not bigger. Although it measures in at 6.5” long, only around 4” of that is insertable, as you obviously need something to hold onto. I like my dildos a little longer than this but I have to say the circumference was just about right for me personally, not too large and not to small.

Great Sensations!
The vibrations produced by the Nirvana are great, in no small part because glass is a great conductor of vibrations. Even at the very tip of the vibe, you can feel them, which means whether you are playing externally or internally the options are varied and fun. When it comes to clean up, nothing could be easier, in no small part due to the fact that this is waterproof and needs nothing more than the application of some antibacterial toy soap and a quick rinse.

One other thing worth mentioning when it comes to the Nirvana is this toy is ideal for sensation play, specifically, the use of hot and cold sensations. All you need for this is a container of hot and a container of cold water. Depending on your mood and the sensations you enjoy the most you can do either or alternate between both sensations. Again because glass conducts heat and cold so well, it makes for a wonderful experience. Just take your vibe, place in ice cold water, pull it out and experiment, the coolness will feel strange at first but as the glass warms to you body you will likely love the benefits. You can do the same with Heat play. I love playing with both and this is where you can always bring in a willing partner for some added spice. What I don;t recommend is putting this in the microwave or the freezer due in part to having a battery. There are some glass toys you can do this with, but for the sake of safety I don’t recommend that here.

What’s It All Add Up To?
As you can probably tell by now, I am a big fan of this toy. I love the fact that it’s glass, I adore the fact that it’s multifunctional, and I love the price! If like many you have ever wanted to try a glass toy but have been prohibited by the price, you might want to rethink that. The Nirvana comes in under $50 and is well worth the money in my opinion. Not only is this beautiful, sexy and waterproof, it vibrates and only requires 1 AA battery to operate.

You can own your own Nivarna Glass Vibe By Clicking HERE!


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