Review: Mr Blue Skies

Mr Blue Skies Glass Dildo
Pyrex: If like me the mere mention of that word concurs up images of casseroles and kitchens, then I hope this review makes you look at this material in a new light. As I’ve been finding out of the past few months, there are a few innovative companies that have taken Pyrex out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.

While I’m no Martha Stewart in the Kitchen, when it comes to the bedroom with the right tools and ingredients I can cook up a mean midnight snack and Pyrex is fast becoming part of my staple diet. So when I was asked to review a dildo by the name of Mr Blue Skies, I more than jumped at the chance.

I had no idea what Mr Blue Skies looked like as when he arrived courtesy of my favorite UPS guy, but I couldn’t wait to investigate my latest addition. After I’d dug through the packaging I was greeted with a very classy, well padded green velour pouch that held my new toy. The best was yet to come though as I was soon to discover, as Mr Blue Skies emerged from his padded nest and proceeded to put a smile on my face. He really was a true work of art as well as feeling good to the touch.

Most of my other Pyrex dildos possess smooth shafts and are fairly long. My Blue skies however has a smaller, thicker, rounded shaft but the icing on the cake or the top of his shaft to be more exact is the 1.60″ ball that is a wonderful shade of green. Another difference between him and my other toys is the green/blue bobbles that are peppered around the shaft. I had a feeling that Mr Blue Skies and I were going it get along just fine as he glinted back at me.

Armed with my favorite lube and my new found friend, I had all the right ingredients to hopefully cook up a storm in my bedroom, and that’s exactly where I headed next.

Simply because Mr Blue Skies has such a wide ball at the top, I figured it was probably a good idea to get at least somewhat aroused before attempting to use him for the first time. So I let me fingers do the walking for a while before adding him into the by now slightly moistened mix. It did take a bit of adjusting to take his width but once inside the oven, he felt so good and I felt my temperature rising as the bobbles began to work their magic. If chocolate chip cookies make the difference between great fudge brownies and just ordinary ones, the bobbles on Mr Blue Sky had the same effect on me. They felt divine and the more I twisted and moved him inside me the better they felt. He also gave me that wonderful full feeling that only a dildo of his width can do.

I never did quite take his full length but by this time I as past the point of caring. He had the ability to hit my g-spot and when I practiced my kegel exercises on him, it was sheer bliss all the way.

A few days later, I decided to test out the other properties of Pyrex, it’s ability to hold heat and coolness. Despite what you may have been told do not put Pyrex in the freezer, instead I suggest you simply place it in the fridge for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long to become cool and it certainly adds a new dimensi