Massage 4

One of the things I fantasize about regularly is giving another girl a full body massage….I am a qualified therapist. Just the thought of slowly rubbing oil over her body is getting me wet now.

I have Brazilian waxes and my therapist was hot…One time when I went there she had a tight t shirt on…her nipples looked massive under her t s hirt.. I would have loved to just spread my legs…let her wax my pussy then her eat me out…and play with her tits …my god!

I also fantasize about mutual masturbation and tribbing… I would love another girl to play with my clit piercing.

If any of you are in the UK and want a massage lol

4 thoughts on “Massage

  1. Reply Milleh Feb 25,2011 3:50 pm

    where in the uk? 😉
    I’m 19 and I’d love a massage
    I’d love for you to lick my pussy.
    I’d love to rub my hard little wet clit against yours until you moan in my ears. Would you give me a massage? 🙂 I wish I had your job!

  2. Reply Paloma Feb 26,2011 3:45 pm

    This is one of my fave fantasies! Getting a massage that very discreetly turns naughty. Mmmmm. I get so turned on when I go for a massage that after it is over and my therapist leaves me to get dressed and says, “Take your time…” I always have to rub my clit furiously until I cum!

    Once, I even took a bit of her massage oil and rubbed it all over my puss!

    I would love to hear how you would massage me…. slowly teasing me, not quite touching my hungry sex parts until I am squirming under your touch… massaging my hamstrings and inner thighs, rubbing your hands along the sides up my body, grazing the sides of my breasts…

  3. Reply stereolove Feb 27,2011 11:31 pm

    how do you keep from getting so aroused when a very attractive women comes in for a massage at your work?

  4. Reply S_OTH Mar 1,2011 6:33 pm

    Where are you in the UK, would love a ‘massage’.

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