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I am so horny, would one of you sexy pussy lovers help me? I love reading posts on this site and the comments get me so turned on I have to fuck myself. I am not a lesbian and I have never had sex with a girl but lesbian porn makes me so wet and I am desperate to have sex with a girl. I don’t know how to go about this because I’ve never done anything like this before.

I have a boyfriend, we have been together for over a year but he does not satisfy my needs. All day I have been fantasising about having rough, dirty sex with a girl. I’ve never had sex with a girl before and I am desperate to try it. I dropped my boyfriend off at work and on the drive home I put my vibrator in my panties and I was dripping wet. I had to stop and make myself cum hard so I went to a car park, stripped naked and fucked myself hard with the vibrator and had such an intense orgasm, it helped that there was people around who could probably see what I was doing. I never normally do things like this but I fantasise so much about being caught and fucked hard as a punishment.

I love to be submissive but my partner isn’t really into it, so I want a girl to bend me over and teach me what a little slut I am. I’m so wet and horny writing this with my vibrator on my pussy and i keep stopping to suck my juices off it.

What dirty things would you girls do to me to make me cum?

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  1. Reply Jillian Apr 6,2016 3:22 pm

    I’d bwnd you over and open my pussy lips and grind against your ass until I orgasm so hard..I’m masturbating now

  2. Reply DollFace Apr 6,2016 4:09 pm

    Mmm i would love to tie you to the bed with my bed restraints, giving me control. Then i would place my wet pussy on your mouth & grind it on your tongue while i grab your head to shove it deeper inside me with one hand & reach back to play with your clit with the other. I would cum all over your face & make u lick it up like the little slut you are. Then as a reward i woukd flip you over & suck hungrily on your clit. Id shove 2 fingers inside of your soaking wet pussy, then my tongue. You taste so fucking good i cant get enough. Youre so close to cumming but i want to hesr you beg for it. So i just lightly tease your clit until you cant take it anymore and you beg me to fuck you, beg me to make you cum. I straddle your lap and rub our wet pussies together until you explode all over me. Such a good little slut.

  3. Reply Summer Apr 6,2016 7:01 pm

    You dirty little slut. I want to stick my wet tongue down your throat while I finger fuck your wet pussy. I can’t wait to grab you by the hair and push you down to the floor with your ass up and pussy ready in the air. I’ll spank your horny ass and pull your hair back till you beg for me to lick you from you behind. i’ll make you scream like the dirty whore you are while I lick your pussy.

    My pussy is dripping wet baby, I want you to be my little whore. I ‘ll turn you over and grab you leg over my shoulder and grind my wet pussy so hard on your wet dripping pussy while fingering your tight little ass. Scream for me you slut. taste my fingers and moan while I rub my pussy harder and faster on your tight dripping pussy.

  4. Reply shey Apr 7,2016 6:55 pm

    I had never been with a woman until a month ago when I finally planted a kiss on a friend of mine. She is tall and neurotic, giggly and silly… with long legs and the perkiest nipples I’ve ever seen. I kissed her lips and giggled… until I could see she wanted more and stopped giggling. I pulled her clothes off and graced her lovely little breasts with my lips and my tongue… her soft whimpers made me so desperate to taste her between her legs. I buried my face and grasped her thighs, licking her vulva gently… I found her clitoris with my tongue and sucked at it hard until the whimpers turned to moans… I would move your labia apart and tease you with my tongue until you begged me to make you come… until you dripped down to the bed and soaked the sheets. Finally, I would lick the sweat from your body and fill you with my firm fingers, sliding against your gspot… I would lick around your little butt and squeeze you against my wet mouth… rubbing your clit with my fingers… biting your ears and your neck and dripping myself, at the sound of your moans. I’m sitting in a parking structure with a vibrator in my panties… Wishing I had some lovely, wet females to accompany me…

    • Reply justataste Apr 9,2016 5:15 am

      I haven’t even begin touching myself yet and I’m already so wet that I’ve soaked threw my panties. Would you mind if I joined you?

      • Reply Margret Hollenbeck May 22,2016 1:34 am

        Yes please! I’m laying here in bed running my pussy and reading these sexy stories. I wanna be with a woman so bad.. Eat her pussy and make her cum so hard

    • Reply Dirty Julie Apr 11,2016 1:21 am

      Shey,that is soooo hot.I’d let you lick my hot wet cunt all night long,and then I’d return the favor and kick yours til you cum all over my face.

  5. Reply Anonymous Apr 10,2016 6:26 pm

    Well, for being such a bad girl, I’d have to punish you. I’d tie you up and shove that vibrator in you and keep it there for hours, until you’re begging for me to stop. I sit on your face and make you eat me out until I commanded you to. Then I’d make you ride your vibrator, if you come you’d have to keep riding till you’re practically crying… Bad hurls must be punished ?

  6. Reply Jane Apr 11,2016 10:38 am

    I to am desperate for sex with a girl. I am also married never even had an affair have a very active sex life but I am constantly thinking of pussy. I am masturbating all the time to lesbian porn. Obviously my husband knows nothing. I went to get waxed and stripped naked. I was so aroused when the girl was waxing my pussy. I new she new it although obviously she didn’t finger me or anything. But I was wet and my pussy was wide open. I could see her looking and she just massaged in the oil around. I had to go home and masturbate for ever but it’s made me want a women even more. I am extremely aroused even writing this my pussy is twitching and wet. HELP HELP HELP.

    • Reply Jenny, More May 11,2016 8:51 am

      Oh that’s hot … if I was the woman waxing you, I would have had let one finger slide near your lips, and then when you throbbed and I saw more juice dribbling, I’d say, “you seem aroused. I can make you feel soo good .. if you’re OK with that?” When you’d say “Oh, yes, please, I was hoping, yes ..”, I’d run my fingers back and forth, so close to your pussy but not yet inside. Feeling electric and I activate your desire, and happy that you’re my last client of the day and it’s my turn to close tonight, I take my time, knowing you know youll be fingered mercilessly, just not yet .. I move to your breasts and lick one nipple while pinching the other …

  7. Reply sonu verma Apr 18,2016 5:57 pm

    I will insert my long erect hard dick in ur anal and jerk hard from behind u, while my one hand finger will scrouch under ur pussy hard and one of my hand palm on ur hard tits rubbing it hard while my mouth eating ur lips …and jerking hard till my last breathe.

  8. Reply Jillian Apr 30,2016 6:46 pm

    Anyone on now? So wet and horny

  9. Reply Faye May 11,2016 12:05 am

    Anyone horny?

    • Reply Jenny, More May 11,2016 7:53 am

      Yes, Faye, quite horny …Guess we all are, aren’t we? ; ) Hmm, what do you think we should do with this girl? She’s aching for a woman’s touch, tongue, aching to be ravished and turned inside out with pleasure …Maybe we see her in her car, she parked on the edge of the lot thinking no one would see her, but you and I are making out against a tree, writhing, kissing, burning, moaning … We hear a moan that’s not ours, faintly but unmistakeable. The super erotic have ears, and eyes, for those things. I open my eyes and look straight ahead at a hot naked woman in a car, pushing a vibrator in and out of herself. She can’t see us, but the sliver of moonlight and the angle of the park puts her just in our sight.

      You notice me noticing something and turn to see. “Shit. wow. damn.”, you say. At the same moment, we have the same idea. As if we rehearsed this, but we’re just going on pure energy, we walk up to her car, and gently lean against the hood. Her face is sideways and she’s moving with desire, but also I sense some frustration, as if she can’t quite get the right position, or, she’s yearning for live wet flesh …

      We quietly kiss on the hood of this girl’s car, whom we’ve never met, on this adventurous night when we’ve only actually known each other a few hours, met through a website for girls who just want it now. So far we’ve gotten along great, better than great, and had been talking over drinks (many drinks) about finding a third to join us. The park was a few blocks away from where we were out drinking, and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other for the mile walk to my house, so we headed for the trees and had been getting so hot, kissing and grinding …

      Lips in a passionately hot kiss, I sneak a look over to the car, at the same instant this girl sees us. A second of fear and shock flashes on her face, then she smiles. She fumbles around a few seconds, and gets out of the car, wearing a long white silk shirt, barely buttoned, and nothing else.

      “Hi”, we all say at the same time, and laugh. “We don’t mean to startle you, but, um, it’s a beautiful night. We were wondering if you wanted to join us in the park. There’s some really nice woods back there.”

      She could tell we were harmless, quite the opposite, we were all dripping with desire, and within seconds we were walking toward the woods. She shared some of her story, she loves her boyfriend yet has sexual yearnings that won’t go away … that day especially she’d been crazy with desire …

      Anyone want to continue the story? I need to stop typing and rub my pussy that’s moving back and forth on the edge of the couch getting wetter and aching to be fucked ….

  10. Reply Riley Jun 5,2016 12:18 am

    I have to have the same situation. Where are you located?

  11. Reply Katie Jun 15,2016 11:00 am

    I’d lick your cunt until you came all over the bed, then I’d lay down and position you on top of me. I’d open my pussy lips and spread yours as well, and we’d grind our clits together until we came at the same time. Then I’d straddle your face and queen you until I squirted all over your face. All the while, we’d be sucking on eachother’s boobs and licking eachother’s necks. When I go down on you, I’d spit all over your pussy and make it hot, wet, and juicy. I’d slide a few fingers inside of you until you were screaming in pleasure. Then we’d trib some more only with me on top this time. I’d spit in between our pussies so they’d be lubed up for easy pussy sliding. I’m straight by the way but wouldn’t mind experimenting. Anyone feel the same way? I once had a dream that I sucked on my best friend’s clit which was a little unnerving but I think that I have to have sex with a girl at least once in my life. Now, who wants to suck on my clit and lick my pussy as well as rub pussies with me?

  12. Reply Wowwoman Jul 2,2016 6:03 pm

    I would put u in my heart shaped bath with hot warm and bubbles flowing, lay you back as I spread my legs wrapping them around u, then slowing teasing my clit and your tongue I would raise my pussy to your mouth, going up and down as your tongue moved acrossed my sweet pussy, and as I moaned and cream over your sweet lips from riding your face, I get down lean you further back, placing my face in your much desired area…

  13. Reply Lucy Sep 7,2016 8:48 pm

    Wow!!! Just wow! My pussy is throbbing reading all your stories! I neeeeeddd to have really hot sex with a woman!!!!@

  14. Reply Alexis hemphill Sep 16,2016 11:03 pm

    God I want to fuck all of you I’d bind you sluts to the bed and get a vibrator and all kinds of toys and torture u guys with them I’d force you on a sybian and we would take turns fucking each other so long and hard till we both creamed all over each other. Oh I’m so wet but I can’t do anything I’ll get caught.

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