But I’m straight! 14

I’m typing this while my boyfriend is watching TV in the other room.  What would he think if he knew I was fingering myself dreaming of another woman! In my dreams I’m seduced by someone with long dark hair, full lips, and large heavy breasts.  One night, she comes over and while we are watching a movie, she cuddles up next to me.  It’s all normal I think. Friends can cuddle, right?

I try to ignore her soft breast pressing into my arm.  Then she starts kissing me.  She unzips my pants and her hand slides inside my panties.  I know I should resist…this is wrong!  But it feels soooo good!  I’m straight, I tell myself!  But I return her kiss.  We end up in my bedroom naked.  Our breasts press together, nipples rubbing against each other sending jolts of pleasure straight to my soaking wet pussy.  She lays me back and parts my legs to find just how turned on I am by this.  I have to stop…I’m not supposed to like this, but I’m helpless to resist.  She licks and fingers me, her log hair tickling my legs.  I’m so close…  “I know you want this.”  she says.  “Tell me what you are!”  No!  It can’t be…I’m straight!  She  straddles me, her slippery wet folds slide together and our throbbing clits bump.  Oh, god!  “Tell me what you are and I’ll make you cum!”  She wiggles her hips making our breasts jiggle.  It’s too much!

“Oh, FUCK!  I’M A LESBIAN!!!!”  I’m such a LESBIAN!!!”  I moan loudly.  What will my neighbors think?  These walls are paper thin!    With a wicked smile she kisses me and we hump our pusssies together to a shattering climax.  Oh, how I wish one of you were here to make my fantasy come true!

14 thoughts on “But I’m straight!

  1. Reply Married bi Apr 5,2016 2:46 pm

    Loved that very erotic fantasy I have had many similar ones in a variety of encounters with Woman tribbing with a woman me and her rubbing wet hairy pussies together our clits catch on the others clit our pussy juices mingle together as she squirts inside me

    • Reply Jane Apr 11,2016 10:58 am

      I am so glad I came on here. I am married never had an affair very active sex life but I’m constantly looking at women’s pussys when im out. I am watching lesbian porn all the time and masturbate. I would love sex with a women. When I was really young like 12 I used to show my friends my fussy all the time like getting dressed and stuff but nobody ever acted. I was a bit of a slut even at school wanking boys blow jobs for fun and basically loved sex. I think I have done this because a guy’s penis just didn’t cut it. I put the shower of full and hold it to my clitoris and get such an organism. Should I have no strings sex with a female stranger? HELP HELP HELP. PUSSY IS TWITCHING CONSTANTLY.

  2. Reply Summer Apr 6,2016 4:29 am

    I have a bf too and believe me I want the same thing 😉 we can have a little fun online if you like 😛 I can help you, you can help me. I want to do dirty things to you 😉 I’m so wet

    • Reply justataste Apr 9,2016 5:21 am

      Another girl here with a bf! But as much as he turns me on, thinking about getting to be with you Summer is making me the wettest right now! What dirty think would you like to do to me because I can think of quite a few I’d like to do to you 😉

      • Reply XxkhxX Apr 10,2016 12:50 pm

        I have a bf too. But every time we have sex lately all I can think about are all your posts and how is love to be with a girl and have her tongue on my clit

  3. Reply SoEllie Apr 8,2016 3:17 pm

    I think that we are all in the same boat here. I have never been with a woman but my god does the idea of it turn me on!! Nothing gets me off like reading some of the stories and comments on here. I need a woman’s touch!

  4. Reply secretbi Apr 10,2016 3:25 pm

    i totally understand…if there was only a real way we could all get together one night with the men out the way..

    my place..wall to wall fucking sucking kissing licking teasing..mmm the sound of wet slits slippery clits kissing and all you gorgeous sluts every where using eachother to get off in every room…mmmm..all reaching out an arm to find the nearest pussy to finger..finding a spare mouth to fuck with my dripping cunt…screaming to spray my sweet sticky juicyness ???…

    begging all of you to ride my big 38 ee tits and marshmallow nipples….
    tell me more about or orgy xxxxxxxxx

  5. Reply Jen Apr 11,2016 1:07 am

    I’m a straight married woman and your story made me so horny and wet.My secret fantasy is having another women seduce me and introduce me to lesbian sex.My favorite fantasies almost always involve women I know like my best friend or co-workers.These fantasies always make my pussy slippery wet when I masturbate 🙂

  6. Reply Valereee Apr 11,2016 7:28 pm

    This is so fucking hot! My fantasy is so similar to yours except that there are two hot and horny girls seducing me. One sucks on my tits n holds my legs open as the other girl burries her face into my wet pussy. Then the one that was sucking on my tits places her bare pussy on my mouth n i start to lick n suck on it as she moans n says dirty stuff to both of us

  7. Reply SilkyWet Apr 25,2016 4:40 pm

    Married and fingering myself over this super hot post… fucking Jesus, that made me soaked

  8. Reply Wish I Could May 1,2016 3:10 am

    I am married but everyday when he leaves I go online and watch women touch, suck, and rub each other. Before him I got the pleasure of feeling a woman. I think about it all the time. Tasting it, touching it. Rubbing against each other and just humping until cumming so hard. I just want to run my fingers through someone’s wet pussy.

  9. Reply harriet69 May 14,2016 1:18 am

    OH MY GOD!!!! these comments and posts are making me so horny and wet. i don’t have boyfriend and at the moment i’m just thinking of what sex with a woman would be like. i’ve never had sex but i know a lot about it and i’d love to have sex with any of you ladies.

  10. Reply Marie Sep 29,2016 3:35 pm

    Im female and married to my husband with our first baby on the way. I’ve always identified as straight but i can not get girls out of my head! Not looking to cheat, but wishing I had someone I could talk to completely uncensored and someone who won’t be judgey. Maybe its just the hormones but im horny all the time and now I only look at girl on girl stuff. I honestly feel like i check out females now more than men!

  11. Reply Lady-T Jan 16,2017 4:43 am

    I feel the same way. I have a bf and kids she sex every nite but I to have fantasized about rubbing my fat pussy with another pussy. I just start watching porn and masturbating and its only to girl on girl. I feel like I’m weird

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