Addicted… 2

I love reading everyone’s experiences and advice, and I try to try them all. I like to try to cum (with or without help) a few times a week, I just feel so revived after! My fave way to get off is to get comfy in bed with my laptop on my nightstand with my favorite video on repeat. I’m happily engaged to the most wonderful man, but I sometimes let slip that I enjoy lesbian tenancies, and girl on girl, and he never minds when I do. However, I do this alone with my imagination (and laptop) and I grab my body pillow and slip a ball or rolled up socks in it and grind on it until it hits the spot. I leave my panties on and spread my pussy lips around the ball so I feel the slick fabric of my panties and the hardness of the “ball” on my clit. Then I lean up and bounce around, letting my nipples brush the pillow, or  rub and pinch them. I love when my breasts bounce around on the pillow. I turn the sound all the way up on the video and just go at it. I hate to cum quickly, so I always pull off the pillow when I am super close. Then to come, I take my panties off and lay on my back and rub my clit and breasts until I come hard. 🙂 Works every time!

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  1. Reply Paloma Feb 13,2011 5:17 pm

    Oooh I do that too! I love the feel of my nipples bouncing back and forth across the fabric of the pillow case. I have gone through so many body pillows that get all squished in the middle where I fuck it.

    I have even put a bra and panties on it before, it feels real good that way, even more real. You should try it.

    I would love to make your fantasy CUM true! I would lick you so good and suck your clit between my lips, then move my tongue around on it real fast. Maybe tickle around your bum until you are thrusting your ass in the air and begging me to lick your ass.

    Do you want that? How about we rub our titties together and then spread our legs like scissors, grinding our clits together and bouncing off each other… up and down, up and down, listening to the slick sounds our our juices mixing together, sticky strings of cum attached to both of us, drips running down the crack of our ass, making it wet so we can slip a little finger in each other’s bum…

    I am humping my remote control dildo as I write this and I am close to cumming for you.

    I am “straight” too, but I love pussy so much! I want to be with other girls all the time. I think about it always.

    I even came on the bus the other day… it was very busy and I had people on both sides of me… one was this girl with tight jeans and a really low cut top. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her titties jump every time the bus bounced. I started to get so aroused.

    I also had tight pants and as I’m sure you know, if you wiggle on the seam it feels really good on your clit. So the bus bounced and my clit rubbed on the seam of my jeans.

    I got brave and I pretended to be looking inn my purse but really I was looking at her puss. She had a really puffy camel toe in her tight jeans and I wiggled, the bus bounced and then my eyes squinted closed as I came so hard!!!

    Afterwards I looked around and then faked like I had something in my eye. This is totally a true story.

    I hope you CUM too! I need to stop typing so I can CUM again. I need my hands so I can lick my nipples too!

    Tell me all your dirty secrets too. We can CUM together! xo

  2. Reply Kat Nov 6,2015 2:17 pm

    Paloma your experience on the bus sounds amazing. I wish you could stare at my camel toe.

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