Big Boy 4

One of my best sex positions is woman on top. I love sitting astride my man, having him play with my breasts, squeezing him with my inner muscles, madly rocking my pelvis with his penis inside me, in such a way that when I look at us reflected in our bedroom mirror I can see my buttocks flutter, and grinding my pussy lips against his balls in electrifying circles. We do not always do it this way, though, as my man likes taking me from behind. So, when on a shopping spree recently, I went into a sex shop and got myself a large vibrating dildo with a base made up of two perfectly rounded balls. The dildo is long and thick, just slightly thicker than my man’s penis, and the vibrations are strong. The name they gave it is Big Boy.

Today I felt like taking Big Boy out… or rather, in. First I lovingly sucked him, all the while playing with my clit. I could hear a squelchy noise as my fingers moved between my lips, a sure sign that I was ready. I licked my fingers to taste my juices, warm and salty. Then I oiled Big Boy, because he is mad of silicone and so needs lubricant. I placed him upright on the bed and slowly lowered myself onto him. Ecstasy! He is just thick enough to stretch my inner walls. Looking down, I could see my shaven pussy stretched wide, my little pink clit shining with moisture and peeing out like a pearl from under its hood. I began moving up and down, first slowly and then faster and faster. My breasts, a generous C cup, began to bounce up and down. My breath began to come faster and I could hear myself moaning. The squelching noises from my cunt as it pulled and sucked on Big Boy turned me on even more. My hand went onto my heaving buttocks and circled my asshole. It beg to be entered too. I pushed a finger in. My other hand was pinching my nipples, my hair was falling on my face and, looking down, I could see my belly rise and dip in waves of pleasure. Then, when I could not hold back anymore, I slowly turned up the vibrations and began rocking on Big Boy in circular motions, so he pressed against every inch of me inside. His vibrations made my vulva feel hot, I began to thrust fast and hard against him, so my clit too got banged by his balls and in a minute or two, a huge orgasm swept over me. My vagina clutched madly at Big Boy, a hot gush of fluid seeped out of me and I fell over, gasping for breath, hot with sweat and flushed, sated and filled.

4 thoughts on “Big Boy

  1. Reply Pussnboots Jan 25,2011 11:41 pm

    Mmmm… would have been hot to watch…

  2. Reply LBSlover Jan 26,2011 12:17 pm

    Omg this story made me so wet

  3. Reply 1cherry Jan 26,2011 1:16 pm

    Yeah!!!! Mmmm…I would have loved to be the one thrusting That big boy in and out of yur pussy till you creamed all over it, then I would lick it clean for you, then lick your pussy and clitty clean. 😉

  4. Reply Pussnboots Jan 27,2011 6:37 am

    I agree and I love to be on top. Not because its the position of power, quite the oposite. Me being on top of allows my partner free access to all of my body and the pleasure of watching my breasts bounce. My lover has control even from the bottom as grabbing my hips can pull me closer, faster and change the angle. AWESOME stimulation for me from this postion too.

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