Erotic Story: The Temp 2

Lesbian Erotic StoryWritten By DC
I hadn’t seen Barb, the office temp that I’d once had amazing sex with, in over six months. We’d worked late in the office building where I manage an accounting firm, and finding a mutual attraction to one another, had ended up on my office rug, groaning in ecstasy. It was my first sexual encounter with another woman. I was married at the time, and felt a little guilty about it; until I found out that my husband had been screwing his secretary for almost a year. We separated a few months ago and I hadn’t had sex with anyone since.

It had been a long day at work and I was glad to push the button on the elevator that would take me to street-level and a taxi home. When the elevator door opened, I was surprised to see Barb there, looking as beautiful as ever, with her blond hair and striking blue eyes.

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Sandler…I mean, Beth. How are you?” she said when I stepped on.

“Barb, what a surprise! I haven’t seen you in so long. Where did you get to?”

Barb smiled and said, “I had a three month position at another firm, filling in for a girl on maternity leave. I like working in this building better though. You look great, Beth.”

She reached out and touched me lightly on the arm as she spoke. Her warm fingers made my skin tingle where she touched me.

“Thanks.” I said. “Are you here for a while, or just for today?”
“Just for today, I think; unless I get a call to come in tomorrow.” she said.

“That’s too bad. I was hoping we could maybe have lunch together.” I said.
“Well, we could. I can give you my number if you like, Beth.”

“Sure.” I said, wondering if we could get through a lunch without humping one another. God, she was sexy.

The elevator dinged and we got out in the main lobby. Beth gave me her business card and we walked out to the street.

“Take care, Barb. I have to grab a cab. My car’s in for service today.” I told her.

“Oh, I don’t mind driving you, Beth. I’m in no hurry, really, I have no plans for tonight anyway.”

“Well… I guess, if you don’t mind. I…I don’t want to be a bother.” I said.

The thought of spending a while with her in close quarters made me feel warm all over; even though the October wind was a bit chilly.

During the drive to my apartment, I told Barb about my separation and impending divorce. She was sorry, she said, to hear that. She said she hoped our little one night affair didn’t have anything to do with it. I told her it didn’t.

“He was fooling around long before that.” I told her. Now that she had brought it up, I found myself reliving some of the sensual feelings of that night. I felt a stirring in my loins that I hadn’t felt for a while. Her short black skirt was riding up her muscular thighs that were parted slightly as she drove.

“That’s my building there on the right, Barb. The least I can do is offer you a glass of wine for your trouble.” I said, after the twenty minute drive.

“It was no trouble at all, Beth. I’d love a glass of wine. Where do I park?” Barb said.

A few minutes later, we were in my apartment and Barb was complimenting me on the décor. I was feeling a bit nervous and hoped it didn’t show. I was starting to feel a bit horny and I felt a little flushed.

“Is Merlot ok with you, Barb? I just opened it last night.”

“I love Merlot. Thanks, Beth.” she said, slipping out of her jacket.

“Do you mind pouring while I freshen up a bit?” I asked her as I handed her two wine glasses.

“Not at all. Take your time, Beth.” she said. “I’ll do that too, when you’re done.

Alone in the washroom, I took a deep breath and blew it out through pursed lips, trying to calm myself. I was getting too excited. I used the toilet and found that my panties were already damp-just like the last time I was with her. I washed myself with warm, soapy water which only increased my excitement when I touched myself. I wouldn’t last long if Barb started touching me. That was for sure. I changed into a pair of stretchy yoga pants and a loose blouse.
When I returned to the living room Barb was leafing through a magazine. She looked up and smiled as I sat on the sofa opposite her. She lifted her glass.
“Cheers.” She said. “Here’s to a nice evening; for both of us.” We clinked glasses and sipped our wine. I was melting under her direct gaze. A few minutes later she stood and asked if she could use the bathroom. I told her where it was and poured more wine for both of us. While she was gone I put on some soft music. The wine was good and I was beginning to relax a bit.

When Barb returned a few minutes later she squatted down beside my chair.

“You look a little tense, Beth. You remember me telling you that I took that massage therapy course don’t you?”

“How could I forget.” I said.
She stood and moved behind my chair. “Sit forward a bit and I’ll massage your shoulders. I have a small bottle of oil in my purse. You should take off your blouse though, because it might stain the fabric.” She said. My heart-rate went up a few beats as I stood and removed my blouse.
Her hands were warm and my tension melted away as she worked the oil into my tense muscles. The firm strokes gradually lightened until she was just brushing my shoulders and upper back with her fingertips.

“That feels so good, Barb. I appreciate the attention.” I told her.

“The pleasure is all mine, girl.” She said. “Your skin is as soft as a baby’s.”

Her fingers moved over my shoulders and lightly brushed my nipples through the thin material of my bra. Oh God, I thought as my nipples hardened and a bolt of pleasure flicked through my lower parts. Now it begins, I said to myself. I tilted my head back and looked at her. She was flushed as well. She leaned her head down and whispered in my ear.

“I’ll unhook your bra if you’ll do the same for me.” She breathed. She undid the hooks and it fell away. She took off her sweater and moved onto the couch. I moved to sit beside her and I put my hands on her shoulders.

“You’re so warm, Barb.” I said, as I rubbed her shoulders lightly. Then I reached down and unhooked her black bra, which fell away as mine had.

“Ahh, that’s much better. Can you rub my breasts a bit? They’ve been cooped up all day.” she said. I was starting to breathe harder and my mouth was dry.

“I’d love to.” I said, as I reached around her and put my hand under them, moving my fingers up over her nipples. I felt them growing rigid under my touch.
“Oh God, that’s good.” she crooned. Her breath was quickening too.

She turned then and looked at me. “I want to make you feel good tonight, Beth; better than ever before. Would you like that?” she asked.

“Only if I can do the same for you, Barb. I can’t wait to see your body again. Let’s take this wine into the bedroom.”

The bedroom was warm and cozy when we entered arm in arm. We set our glasses and the oil on the bedside table and Barb sat on the bed.

“Come closer.” she said. Her long legs were relaxed and I could see up her skirt almost to her crotch. I was aching to touch her again and feel her warm flesh against my own.

I stood in front of her and she hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband of my pants and slowly pulled them down until they dropped off my hips. Then, she ran the fingers of her right hand along, and just inside the crotch of my panties. “Wow, your panties are wet down there, Beth. I love that. It really turns me on. I’m wet too.” she said, as she kissed the front of my thighs, inches from the edge of my underwear. I ran my fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp as she pulled my panties down, exposing my damp bush.

“Ahh.” she murmured. She ran her fingers through it and then leaned forward and licked my crease with the tip of her tongue. “Mmm, you taste as sexy as you look, Beth.”

“Don’t make me come too soon, Barb. I want to draw this out as long as we can.”

I was trying to hold it in but I was ready to grind my sex into her face and come with her tongue pressed inside me. I had to hold off, I told myself, and make it last. The Sexual Happiness People

She must have read my mind or felt how close I was. She pulled away and leaned back on the bed.

“Can you take my skirt off, Beth?” she asked. “I want you to see me and touch me now.”

“Oh yes. I’m dying to see you again, Barb. It’s been too long.” I told her.

I unzipped her skirt and pulled it down over her hips. She was naked underneath. She must have washed like I did because I could smell the same soap I used. Her reddish blonde pubic hair was damp at her crease. I wanted to taste her as she had me.

“Can you rub my lower back a bit, if I turn over?” she asked.

“Gladly.” I said.

She shifted onto her stomach as I picked up the small bottle of oil from the table. Her lower back was deeply arched and her buttocks were round and firm. In the lamp-light I could see the fine hairs on her lower back and cheeks of her gorgeous ass.

I dribbled a little oil on each cheek and watched as it ran down into her cleft. I wanted so badly to touch her there, but I would wait until she asked me to. I rubbed the oil into her back muscles and tight buttocks which spread apart slightly with the movement of my hands. The sight of her most private place made me even wetter than I was before. My love juices were dripping out of me. I had to slow down.

“That felt wonderful, Beth. Let me touch you now, ok?” She turned and motioned for me to lie down beside her, which I did. Her strong hands massaged my breasts, making my nipples stand straight up. She lapped each one with her tongue, then slowly sucked on them. I groaned with pleasure. “Oh God, help.” I murmured.

“I can help you. No need for God or anyone else.” Barb said. She slid down the bed a little ways and lightly traced around my pubic mound with her fingers. Her face was inches from my sex. She shifted between my legs as I spread them to accommodate her. My chest was heaving in anticipation of what was to come.
“My God, you are wet aren’t you?” she said. I could only groan.

I felt her fingers spread my lips apart. Then her hot, wet tongue darted in and touched my hard clit which was almost ready to spasm. She stroked my crease with her other hand to lubricate her fingers and then gently probed my anus until I relaxed enough to let her in.

Now both her tongue and finger worked in unison to drive me to the edge.

“Oh… oh fuck… fuck…there, yes there…ahhh! I almost screamed as I started to come, my clit and pelvic muscles spasming together and my whole body stiffening and shaking. I felt some urine dribble out of me. The spasms went on and on. I was almost in tears with the erotic ecstasy of it.

“You worked your magic on me again, Barb.” I said, when I could catch my breath. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Seeing you in the throes of your orgasm nearly made me come. I need some attention now.” she said, reaching out to me.

She lay back on the bed and I knelt beside her, lightly stroking her breasts with my left hand. My right traveled slowly down her flat abdomen and into her curly bush, feeling for her clit. I parted her moist lips and found her rigid little nub easily. I had never had oral sex with a woman but now, I couldn’t wait to taste her. I could smell her musky odor and it excited me even more. I moved between her legs and ran my tongue along her crease, bottom to top. She groaned as my tongue flicked against her clit.

“Ahh, yes, that’s good, that’s good. Keep doing that. Keep… oh God, I’m going to explode! Touch my bum now, Beth, please! Moisten your finger and put it in me. I can’t hold on…I… oh shit, yes, yes!” She cried, as I wet my finger in her juices and probed her anus. Her cries turned to animal-like grunts as she started to orgasm. She threw back her head as her body stiffened and shook. She pushed my head back and I watched as a few drops of clear liquid seeped out of her throbbing vagina, followed by a creamy white flow that bubbled out in time with her contractions. Her anal muscle was squeezing my finger too. I was amazed. I had heard of female ejaculation but never witnessed it. I started to come again and I threw my body on hers and ground my pelvis into her bush. She responded and we lay that way as our juices seeped and mingled together until our orgasms subsided. We were both exhausted. Soon, after few quiet murmurs and caresses, we spooned together and slept.

As before, I awoke and she was gone. Gone maybe, but not forgotten. That was for sure. I knew I would be seeing her again, and soon, I hoped.

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