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Hi all,
as i sit here writting this my bedroom windows are open and there is a nice cool breeze coming in. I’m sitting on the lazy boy with my feet up and gazing out the window. I can see my sexy neighbor looking at me from her garden and i notice she is starting to stare in my direction. i sit up straight and give her a smile and look down at my 42C breasts with a smirk. I lift them up high so she can see them while i begin to grind in my seat. i stand up so she can see that im fully naked and i slowly run a finger down from my left breast to the very top of my vagina. i can see her nipples get hard as she watches me. i begin to pinch and roll my right nipple till it stands up on its own and then do the same with my left. I trace another finger down my body and up into my vagina… i pull out the finger and make a come hither move twards my neighbor as i disapear from the window to open the front door…

tell me what you would do upon getting to my door and i swear i will return the favor!

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  1. Reply lorenlover Aug 22,2012 4:03 am

    Mmm I would take you back up to your bedroom and have you undress me to reveal my hard nipples. I would kiss you gently on the lips and move slowly down to your plump breasts. My tongue moves in circles around your nipples and then I lower you onto the bed. I straddle you on your stomach and my jucies from my dripping wet pussy run down your body. I play with your nipples a little while longer and then move down, licking up my juices the way. As soon as my tongue meets your pussy, you let out a deep moan. I continue to lick your pussy while inserting my fingers inside you. I stop right before you orgasm and you beg me for more. I bring my pussy up to yours and we start tribbing. Mmm your warm, wet pussy feels so good against mine. I moan out loudly in pleasure, not caring that the neighboors can hear us. I come up to give you a sweet, gentle kiss on the lips and give you a seductive smile, wanting to know what you will do to me.

  2. Reply giggles8810 Aug 28,2012 7:59 am

    mmmmm, that sounds wonderful! After you get me all wet i know that i need to return the favor. I lay you back down on the bed and plant my face between your legs, while i reach up and place my hands on your brests. I squeeze and massage your breasts slowly while my tounge begins to poke around your clit ever so gently. You respond with a loud moan, so i know you are enjoying it. I beging to move my hands and my tounge faster to really get your juices flowing. I look up at you to see that your eyes are closed and you are really enjoying the moment. I slowly bring my hands over to yours and place them on your breasts so i can focus on your clit. I use my hands to part your legs even further and then spread your lips so i can see all of you. I lean in close and while my mouth meets your clit i slide a finger deep inside of you. I slowly begin to slide my finger in and out of your wet vagina while i feel the orgasm building within you. I sit up slowly, leaving my finger deep inside and ask you “what now?” with big smile…

  3. Reply lorenlover Aug 30,2012 3:45 am

    I would beg and scream to fuck me harder with that finger. I want to cum so badly for you. You agree, knowing that I will return the favor. Your finger moves faster and deeper into my pussy and I moan out with pleasure. Without warning, you shove 3 more fingers into me and soon I cum all over your hand. You bring your finger up to my mouth and let me taste my own juices. “Now it’s my turn” I reply. I walk over to the nightstand and pull out my big, thick strap on. I see the excitement in your eyes as I bring it over. I demand you go on your hands and knees and push my cock into your wet pussy. I begin slowly, pushing the strap on in as far as it can go, feeling my body against yours each time I thrust. You moan loudly as I begin to thrust my cock faster. I place my hands on your breasts and massage them gently. I then remove one hand and place it on your swollen clit. I move my finger in circles while you moan even louder now. It feels so good, you can’t take it anymore and you cum all over my cock. I let you lick up all your sweet juices and then take your hand and pull you over to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I motion you to the shower. I turn on the water and move my body against yours. What’s next?

  4. Reply giggles8810 Aug 30,2012 4:06 am

    oooh, how did you know how much i love a hot steamy shower?? i ask with a smirk. I bend down to pick up my favorite body wash and as i stand up slowly i use my tounge to trace my way all the way back up to your lips and use the next moment to just enjoy a sensual kiss. I squirt some mango scented body wash into my palm and rub my hands together as i look you up and down with a smile. I begin to rub my hands all over your slick body. Starting with your face and neck, moving down to your shoulders and arms. I use both hands to rub and massage your breasts with my slippery hands. Next i move down to your stomach, hips, butt, legs, knees and toes. As you open your mouth to ask why i skipped your vagina, i gently shush you and ever so slowly move my hands back up your legs. I can feel a shiver run through your body as you anticipate what i will do next.
    while the water splashes down on both our bodies i can easily slide 3 fingers up inside you while i use my other hand to rub your clit. i can feel your knees getting weaker, so i continue to slip my fingers in and out increasing the speed and depth each time. i lean in close and suck your enlarged clit into my mouth and suck it in time with the movement of my fingers. I can feel your body begin to shake as an orgasm erupts from deep within. Your whole body shutters, but that doesnt stop me or slow down my movements…infact i increase the speed of my fingers and begin to suck harder hoping to get multiple orgasms for you. After a few moments of intense pleasure on your part and intense fingering on mine you slowly slide your body down the shower wall to rest on the floor while i slowly remove my fingers from inside of you. The look on your face is of total and complete happiness as i stand up and move to turn off the water. Your hand reaches out to me as you say “not just yet…”
    what will happen next i wonder…?

  5. Reply Wetpussy Aug 31,2012 12:32 am

    Mmmmm I’d lust to be your neighbor. First thing we’d head to the bathroom for a warm bath where I tease your nipples with my tounge while you kiss my next and shoulders. I’d ask to shave your neat little strip left on your pussy I don’t like much hair. Then we end up in the bedroom where we start kissing and I feel your wet juices drip on my leg so I decide it’s time. First I tease your nipples somemore then decide I’m gonna tease you forever. I lick all the way down your body until I get… There and Avoid your clit you move to try and make my scratchy tounge glide across your swollen clit. I finally give in a tounge fuck you as hard as I can. You finally cum screaming and rubbing all over my body. You find my wet place. What would you do to me? I like it long and rough.

  6. Reply lorenlover Sep 1,2012 2:17 am

    I tell you that you just gave me the best orgasm of my life and want to do the same to you. As I passionately kiss you, my hands start playing with your breasts, your nipples getting harder and harder. My hands slip down to your ass, where I leave them as I continue to kiss you. The hot water runs down our bodies and my hands slip down to your inner thigh. My fingertips gently graze your pussy and I move my mouth down to your breasts. I move down on my hands and knees and place my tongue on your clit. As I move my tongue faster and faster, you moan even louder. I stop just before you orgasm and pull the shower head off the wall. I run the water over my nipples and then I move it over to your clit. As the water beats down on your pussy, I insert 3 fingers and push them in as far as they can go. I move them in and out, thrusting them faster now. I hear you moan after each orgasm that you have as smile, knowing that you are in complete pleasure right now. I turn off the water and I sit in your lap, massaging your breasts and ask “what’s next?”

  7. Reply giggles8810 Sep 1,2012 7:39 am

    i would return the favor and settle down between your legs! my hands would be on your breasts, massaging and squeezing them while you moan out how much you love that. I would jet my tounge out and meet your clit spot on. i would take one hand and spread your legs open real wide and then part your vaginal lips just enough so i can slide two fingers deep into you. while i slide them in and out over and over each time increasing the depth they go in i would be biting your clit till you just couldnt take it anymore and your body shutters with a powerful orgasm!

  8. Reply giggles8810 Sep 1,2012 7:50 am

    @ lorenlover:
    i smile at you and say “after that i need a min to compose myself” i stand up and get towels for both of us. As we dry off, i lead you back into the bedroom and you join me on the bed. You naked body still glimmers with some drops of water. I lean back against the headboard and pat the spot next to me as an invitation to come on over. As you lay down next to me, i whisper to you “how do you feel about teasing?” and flash you a grin. while we lay close to each other i reach over and gently trace circles around your nipple with my fingertips. i can see goosebumps forming on your breasts as i continue to hardly touch you. i do the same to the other breast till both nipples are standing up hard on their own. i then begin to trace my way down your body still with a light touch that sends shivers up your spine. once i reach your mound i smile as i begin to tickle it. i use one finger to move down your opening and back up again. I then use both hands to gently caress your thighs and legs. Once i reach your toes i move back up to your breasts where i proceed to lick each nipple and then blow a steady stream of air on to it and watch how your nipple reacts. i can see that you are getting restless aching for my touch to reach your clit, but i say “you will just have to hold out a while longer…” as i lean back on the headboard, spread my legs and say “explore away”

  9. Reply OXFallenAngelXO Sep 1,2012 10:17 am

    I would turn and face you, gently tracing my fingertips down your body, from your collarbone to your navel. Then I’d tickle the sensitive skin between your navel and your pussy, watching your stomach quiver under my touch. I’d sit in front of you between your legs and trail my fingertips down to your clit, hardly touching it as I rolled it between my fingers. Leaning close to your chest I’d give you a taste of your own medicine, gently blowing on your nipples until they were hard and pebbled with goosebumps. Then I’d say “I’m not teasing anymore” and kiss you passionately, sucking your lower lip into my mouth and pinching your slightly swollen clit as you gasped. Then I’d trace my fingers along the insides of your thighs until we broke apart to breathe, when I’d penetrate you with a finger, adding another as I began to wiggle and bend them inside you. I’d take my other hand from your leg and use it to pinch your right nipple, ducking my head to suck on the left one. When you finally lift my head from your breast we’d be turned so that you were pressing me against the headboard with your legs around my waist. I’d take one look at your peaked nipples and ask, “Are we done yet?”

  10. Reply lorenlover Sep 7,2012 1:10 am

    Mmm you have got me so turned on right now. I move my fingers in a sweeping motion over your mound, up past your stomach and on to your breasts. I pinch your nipples lightly as my other hand reaches for your pussy. I can feel you getting more and more excited as I move my hands around your inner thighs and all around your opening. I come back up to your breasts and suck them. I lightly blow on them afterwards and I can see your body shiver from the chill. I move up to your neck and start kissing you gently. I proceed to your soft lips, where I can still taste the juices on them. I finally give in and move my tongue to your pussy. As I move my tongue in circles, your hips start to thrust up and down. I can tell you are enjoying yourself as I tongue fuck you. You moan louder and louder until your body relaxes and I can feel your pussy throbbing from your orgasm. Now that I have been good, will you please touch my clit now?

  11. Reply giggles8810 Sep 9,2012 11:19 pm

    mmmm, i love your gentle touches 🙂
    i reach over to you and trace a line down between your breasts all the way to your mound where i trace tiny circles. As the circles im making with my finger get bigger and bigger i slide my other hand between your legs and ever so slowly move a finger from your clit and slide it all the way towards your butt. I do that a few times before i spread your legs open wide, give you a smile and then take my finger a place it directly on your clit. i dont use too much pressure but i can feel your body already reacting to my touch. I lean down and suck your clit into my mouth at the same moment i slide 2 fingers deep inside you. i hear your gasp followed by a sigh, so i know that you are enjoying it. As my fingers start to move faster i increase the rate of which im sucking your clit. I hear your breathing start to pick up and can feel your body start to tense up. i know that you are going to cum soon and i pick up the pace. As i feel the orgasm travel through your body i remove my fingers from you, and trace another line with my finger up from your mound right to your breasts. i kiss each nipple gently before collapsing on top of you, our breasts are smashed together and our clits are right near each other and i grin at you before kissing you gently on the lips. How was that i ask?

  12. Reply Wetpussy Sep 14,2012 9:01 pm

    It’s my turn somebody…

  13. Reply Fat clit Sep 15,2012 12:32 am

    Let us have a clit party

  14. Reply lorenlover Sep 16,2012 1:45 am

    Mmm that was so wonderful. I then sit you down on a near by chair where I straddle you, our clits touching. I suck on one of your breasts and then the other. I place one of my hands onto my own pussy and start playing with myself. When you open your mouth to protest, I shut your lips with a kiss. Shhh, I say. I make you watch me pleasure myself and I moan out lightly. I can see you are getting more and more horny for my fingers to reach down to your pussy, but I make you wait a little while longer. My body crashes into you and my juices leak down your legs as I orgasm. I know you have been good watching me, so I slip my hand down to your pussy and move my finger in circles over your clit. I slide that finger further down into your opening and move my finger in and out slowly. As you begin to breathe heavier and moan louder, I move my finger faster. I continue to do this until your breathing slows and your pussy is throbbing. I don’t stop for a minute though, as I smash my pussy into yours and we start tribbing. Mmm my pussy feels so good against your wet one. I thrust my hips into you and scream out multiple in pleasure, loud enough for a neighbor to hear. We were sitting by the window and your neighbor was watching and listening to us the entire time. A few minutes later, we hear a knock on the door. What do we do?

  15. Reply giggles8810 Sep 16,2012 6:48 am

    after reading that i am spent!
    before the knock on the door i move to the bed and lay on my back to compose myself a bit. You lay next to me and i reach over and roll your nipple till its hard. Then we hear the knock on the door and a look of panic/excitment comes over your face. I grab the nearest towel and wrap it around myself as i move to get the door. When i open it i see a familiar face and invite them inside. I lead my neighbor into the room where you are laying naked in the bed. You look up at me and i just smile as i drop the towel to the floor and crawl back into bed. the neighbor joins us in bed as we slowly remove her clothes. Once she is naked like the rest of us she confesses how wet we made her and asks if its ok that she finish getting off. We nod encouragingly and watch her touch herself. before we know it we are all fingering our selves and on the verge of yet another orgasm. Im still tired from the amazing orgasm you just gave me, so i stop pleasuring myself, lean back in bed and watch the two of you to see what happens next…

  16. Reply lorenlover Sep 19,2012 1:42 am

    Me and the neighbor come over to you. I start sucking on your nipples while she teases your pussy. Don’t you like having 2 hot women on you at the same time? The neighbor puts you on your hands and knees and starts licking your pussy from behind. I walk over and stand in front of you, my pussy right at your mouth. You tell me to come closer and I obey. You now start licking my pussy and boy are you good with your tongue. The neighbor slowly inserts her fingers into your opening while licking your clit. I watch your body quiver as you come closer to orgasm. As you contiue to lick me, I rub my breasts. I stand there until I can’t take it any longer…you are just too good. I switch with the neighbor and start licking your pussy while you lick hers. You both orgasm at the same time and crash onto the bed. I lay there and look up at you and say “I’m so glad we answered that door; now let’s have some fun with our guest.”

  17. Reply giggles8810 Sep 29,2012 9:07 pm

    we ask our new friend to get off the bed for a moment as i position you laying dead center on the matress. I spread your legs as wide as they will go and give your clit a little kiss as i settle down between your legs. the neighbor just watches for a moment as i begin to suck on your clit. I instantly see your nipples harden and hear a moan escape your mouth. i tell the neighbor to give special attention to your breasts as she strattles your stomach and begins to lick, massage and play with your breats. i continue to suck your clit harder and faster as i slide 3 fingers deep into you. i thrust them in and out as my tounge starts to make its way down from your clit and inside of you. i remove my fingers, ask if you’re ready and when you moan that you are, i slide my tounge and 2 fingers inside of you. your body jumps with pleasure at the same moment i roll your clit between two fingers, using enough pressure to make you cum right then and there… and that is exactly what you do. your whole body begind to shake as i continue to let my tounge explore you. the neighbor continues to massage your breasts while slowly starting to grind her wet vagina against your stomach… as you cum down from your orgasm the room falls silent after your moans of pleasure and you lay there with your eyes closed. the neighbor turns to me and says “well i think she enjoyed that one!” i smile back at her as she falls to one side of you and i go to the other. slowly you rach out both hands and place one of my clit and the other on the neighbors, the look in your eyes makes us feel like we are in for a something wonderful…

  18. Reply lorenlover Oct 3,2012 1:51 am

    I slowly move my fingers around both of your clits. I reach up and kiss the neighbor from her lips all the way down to her breasts where I stay and move my tongue around her hard nipples. I hear you moan as I move my fingers faster. I then come over to your nipples and lick them with my tongue. I insert 1finger into both of you and then 2 and then 3. Your bodies both shake from the pleasure and then suddenly I insert my 4th finger into you. You both moan until you come all over my hands and your pussy throbs from your orgasm. I bring my fingers up to my mouth and taste both sweet juices. After that, I lie down on top of you, our breasts smushed together and pussies touching. The neighbor comes over to both of our pussies lying together and has her way with her tongue in mine and fingers in yours. As she fucks our pussies, I kiss you gently on the lips at first and then more aggressively. As I come close to orgasm, I scream out in pleasure and start to play with your nipples. The neighbor stops right before I orgasm and says “you have to be a good girl before you get what you want.” The look in both of your eyes excites me for what is going to happen next…

  19. Reply giggles8810 Oct 13,2012 11:04 pm

    i love the way our breasts feel smushed together and the way our pussies feel while you are laying on top of me. I take my legs and i wrap them around you and bring you even closer to me. i think the neighbor begins to feel a little left out as i see her eyeing us. you roll off of me and back on to the bed as i get up and walk to the kitchen for some refreshments for all of us. I return a moment later and the neighbor has your legs tied spread eagle and is trailing her fingers around your breasts slowly. I can see some wetness forming and i know you are enjoying yourself. I hand you and the neighbor each a glass of ice water and i sit down on the bed right between your legs. i reach my hand into my class of water and take out an ice cube and i rub it all over your mound. You gasp and try to flinch away but you are tied into place! The neighbors sees what i do and does the same to your breasts. Your nipples instantly become hard. i continue to move the ice cube further down till it is directly on your clit and i move it in fast small circles. You cum almost right away with a strong orgasm and loud moans. I then take a new ice cube, spread your vaginal lips and slide it right inside of you. the look on your face is a mixture of pleasure and shock as your body continues to quiver! Once your orgasm subsides i untie you and bring your legs together and plant a kiss on your clit. The smirk on your face makes me feel like i will be getting pay back for the icy pleasure i just gave you, as you take the glass of water out of my hand and direct me to lay down…

  20. Reply giggles8810 Oct 14,2012 6:08 pm

    i just have to tell you Lorenlover… i just re-read the whole thread and wow! for sure orgasmed by the end!

  21. Reply lorenlover Oct 22,2012 1:30 am

    Mmm I loved having that ice cube shoved up my pussy. I whisper to the neighbor to go and get the jacuzzi bathtub ready and we will join her in a few minutes. I take an ice cube out of the glass and run it all over your breasts. I see your nipples become hard and I start to move down on your stomach and stop right before your pussy. I move ice cube all around your inner thighs until it has all melted. I grab another cube and insert it into your pussy. You moan out loud and I pick you up and place you in the tub with the neighbor. The feeling of the cold ice cube melting in your pussy from the hot water sends you over the edge. You orgasm as the neighbor rubs your breasts. I sit in a chair across from the two of you and watch. My one hand slides down to my wet pussy as the other one rubs my breast. As I watch you pleasure the neighbor, I moan from my fingers sliding in and out of my opening. I join you two in the tub and lay my head on your breast, gently tracing your nipples with my finger. You bring over the retractable shower head and my eyes fill with excitement.

  22. Reply giggles8810 Nov 10,2012 7:31 pm

    i use the shower head to get us all nice and wet from head to toe. I enjoy your fingers playing with my nipples and im not ready for it to stop just yet. i hand the shower head to the neighbor and she takes aim at your clit with it. First she sets it on a very gentle stream so its more of a tease. as i instruct her to make it a stronger stream i move over closer to your vagina and insert a few fingers inside and with the other hand i spread your lips so the shower stream has a direct line to your clit. I can see the pleasue in your face instantly. You moan at loud, something about being so full. Your head drops back a little and i can feel your body start to jump as you cum. i give the neighbor strict instructions not to move at all, i remove my fingers from you and move back up to your breasts. i start to massage them while i plant a kiss on your lips. i keep my arms wrapped around you until i give the nieghbor the OK to move and she shuts off the water. The three of us stay int he tub for a while. All pleasing one an other in some way. You have my nipples in your mouth, i have my fingers playing around your clit and the neighbor is fingering me. I look up at you and ask “what else is there to do to keep the party going?”

    (sorry for such a late reply, i was out of town!)

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