Take Control

I’m straight but when I’m feeling horny I love come on here and reading all of your posts…it gets me sooo wet. If I was ever with a woman, I want want her to take control and do whatever she wanted to me.

I have a student/teacher fantasy. She’s wearing a short skirt and a white blouse where I can see her big breasts in her black, lacy bra with 5in heels. Its the end of the day and the sexy teacher asks me to stay behind. I stand in front of her desk, and the teacher stands behind me so close I could feel her breasts on my back. She whispers into my ear that I have been such a naughty girl and that I deserved to be punished. She starts to lightly touch the inside of my thigh and slowly go up my short, plaid skirt and lightly rub my hot, wet pussy through my lacy boy shorts. She tells me to take off my panties and to lean forward and put my hands on the desk. She lifts my skirt and spanks me once and tells me to stay still and starts my punishment…

Mhmmmm, this gets me so wet just thinking about. If you were my teacher what would you do next?

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