Orgasm?? 5

So, I”m a bit embarrassed to say this but I”ve never had an orgasm… I don”t know why, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips, advice or stories to help me have one?

So Horny…what would you do? 51

This is my first time posting on here but I have wanted to for a long time.  I am a straight female but get SUPER turned on by lesbian porn. I want to feel a woman”s body press up against mine.  I want to feel her tongue rolling over my clit, making me cum. I ...

advice? 7

I masturbate (is it obvi?) and I just stick my finger in and flick it around while I dream of my crush. But I”ve tried clit rubbing, normal fingering you know “the good stuff”, but it never gets me off. Can anyone help me?

Needs advice 5

Hi ladies!! This is my first time on this site!! I love it! I love that everyone is so honest! I need some advice ladies, I work in a professional building and I work at a cubicle… I love to masturbate and I am looking for some ideas of ways I can pleasure myself while ...

Welcome! 33

Welcome to Clitical.Com Reader Submitted Female Masturbation Techniques. You maybe here because you’re bored with your current masturbation technique, looking for something new to try or are simply trying to figure yourself out sexually.  I sincerely hope that clitical can offer some solutions for you. Please take a moment to read our Masturbation Manifesto to ...