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Tell me if I’m the only one, but I sometimes get really wet thinking about some Aphrodite-esque sex goddess sweeping in from the heavens and completely taking advantage of me. She’d look irresistibly sexy, with slim arched brows and smooth features, and she’d completely seduce me to the point of spine-shattering climax, starting slow by kissing me softly and playfully, and tugging at my clothes, and looking up at me coyly, and tracing her tongue slowly around my nipples, and slipping her fingers into my panties to tease me. I’d let out little moans of reluctance and pleasure, and she’d slip out of her robe gracefully while I step out of my clothes, and we’d run our hands all over each others bodies like some surreal godsend, and I’d touch my tongue to her flawless nipples and gently kiss down to her sweet pussy, heavenly and juicy with sex-goddess nectar, and she’d hump my face effortlessly, increasing in speed and pressure until I nearly come from the idea of her sexy body on my earthly lips.

I fantasize about us sharing long, Roman-inspired baths with candles and rose petals, and slowly massaging each others sensitive areas with slippery gels and warming lotions, and then strutting to the bed to lap at each others pussies and snuggle under the covers, rubbing our smooth shaved selves against each other.

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  1. Reply Lauren Mar 25,2011 6:28 pm

    Hey Sweetie. I think of the same thing, and I’m beginning to wonder if that goddess exists. I like the thoughts you describe and often think of the same things, knowing that rose pedals, soft music, the right tub and a special bottle of wine is the prelude to a wonderfully special and romantic evening. I add the thoughts of being marooned in a remote mountain cabin in a snow storm so neither of us can escape. Keep the thoughts and never give up hope. I only hope that when my ship comes in, I’m not waiting at the airport.

    As I hopeless romantic, I would love to be that special goddess in the night…….xo. L.

  2. Reply 1cherry Mar 27,2011 8:49 am

    Oh L- I am a romantic too…I fantasize all the time about romantic encounters with a special woman…someone who I can hold, caress, whisper sweet mornings to as we make love…someone to say “I love you” to as we please each other over and over…(let me know if this sounds silly!). Mmmm…

  3. Reply 1cherry Mar 27,2011 8:51 am

    (that was supposed to be “sweet nothings”…stupid autocorrect Lol)

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