Review: Nasty Boys Rough Trade Erotica Edited By Shane Allison 13

Nasty Boys Erotica Reviewed By Jenne

Let me start this review by stating for the record, I am female. That said I have always been partial to some gay(male) erotica. So when Cleis press offered me the chance to read and review this book I was more than happy to do so.

So this another erotic anthology, in this one the stories are all woven around the theme of nasty boys. I’m not sure about everyone else but I’ve also been a sucker for a bad boy, and apparently so are many guys. Contained in the 203 pages of this book are 17 stories an all are devoted to those nasty boys that both men and women love to hate.

What Shane Allison does with some serous skill is take you on a journey with the stories that this book contains. Each story is stand alone good, so of course struck the right note more than others, but all are well written and all have a plot. So often people think that an erotic story is about the sex, and whilst that’s true to a degree when I read erotica I want more. I want to feel the characters, identify with them, and in some cases be them, This was true in a lot of these stories for me.

I had two particular favorites from this anthology, the first is entitled, Call-Boy Killer and is written by Logan Zachery a writer that I’m not unfamiliar with and who never ceases to amaze me, with his deep characters and even deeper plots. I found myself caught up in the plot of this story, that in many ways resembled an old 1950’s detective novel, but with an updated twist and some seriously hot male on male action. I loved the twists and turns, the strength of the writing and the way this story pulled me into the characters world.

My other favorite was, Booney’s Hunter written by Salome Wilde. This period piece is in my opinion something of  a master piece. This is an example of how to write erotica within a period piece and stay to true to that period, while providing the reader with a glimpse of a time when male on male action was still taboo, and characters that are diverse. There were twists in this I saw coming, but they still surprised me and made for an expertly written piece of erotica.

All of the stories contained in this book, were great as was the writing. For example I loved this passage from Fox Lee’s story, Dirty Liar,

“ Once I was seated, he slowly entered the bath, and crossed over to my side. His body was compact, tight muscles wrapped in smooth tan flesh. My cock twitched under the water. Unlike my brain, it had little regard for my well-being. The primal part of my brain liked what it saw and wanted to play.”

Those few words left me wanting to know more, what happened next. Did he go through with this dangerous encounter or not? What follows is a hot encounter between the two male bodies and I found myself wanting at least one of them -))

Many times throughout this book, I found myself, questioning exactly what the stories characters were doing and would I do the same-thing myself.?Obviously I do not have the right equipment to enjoy male on male sex physically but mentally, I found myself compelled by the characters and could identify with their struggles as they decide whether the nasty boy was right for them and more importantly worth the risk.

Being what is considered the wrong sex to read this anthology did not stop me enjoying it one bit. I actually found the male on male action hot and a huge turn on in many cases. Sex is about bits,  good erotica is about far