Review: Hand Tool Masturbation Sleeve 13

Hand Tool Mastruabtion SleeveThe Hand Tool Masturbation Sleeve
Reviewed By: Jenne

So I can already here you thinking this is a masturbation sleeve, this is a male toy, what gives…. I may not have the right equipment to use this toy, but I know a man who does and I just happen to be married to him. My lab rat is such a willing victim most of the time and he’s willing to try most things in the name of Clitical. The hand tool was no exception.

First Impressions
The hand tool is basically your standard masturbation sleeve. It is penis shaped and goes over, well, your guys penis. What I really liked about this one is it smaller than most of the sleeves I have seen.  It is only 4.5 ” high and 2″ at it’s roundest. It’s made of soft and body safe elastomer which is a soft and pliable material. I do love the fact that this particular hand tool is crystal in appearance  and see though.  With two holes in the top, one for the penis and one for expansion purposes, this is pretty standard masturbation sleeve fare. The one exception being it has multiple ridges that run throughout the insert-able chamber, to help add some texture as you pull this up and down on your penis, or in my case my guys penis. Of course the proof of the pudding is always in the eating and with that in mind we set about exploring.

The Test
Okay just for the record let’s get this out of the way. My Hubby is uncut and this in the past has presented us with a few problems when we have tried masturbation sleeves. I hoped, that the Hand Tool would not be one but as we set about playing we ran into problems almost straight away.

This sleeve itself has quite a small hole for insertion purposes, We applied lots of SpunkLube, to both the toy and his penis, stretched this little devil as far as we could and eventually we got it over his penis. This is when the real problems began. Having a foreskin generally makes it hard to keep these sleeves in place, in this case, the thing was so tight Hubby was begging me to get it off.  The ridges were as far as we could tell the main problem, they would get caught in his foreskin as I tried to pull the Hand Tool over it.  No matter how we tried, we could not quite get it over the hump, so to speak, and eventually this became so painful for Hubby we had to basically give up.

We have tried this a couple of times since that night, but the bottom line is that this was not for us, or to be more exact him. If your guy is cut it might work better for you, but Hubby is now refusing to use this sleeve again and I can’t really blame him. Although we had some laughs, the Hand Tool, was just not stretchy enough for us.

What’s It All Up To?
For us this toy turned out to be a dud for the reasons stated above. We did have some fun with it, but when Hubby ended up with a  sore penis the fun stopped. As I did not have a willing volunteer that was cut for the occasion and Hubby said that was taking Clitical research a  little too far for him, I cannot in all honesty tell you  if this would work better on a cut subject.  My best educated guess is it would, but I still feel this toy could use some improvements. Hubby is of average size according to the statistics, and he had serious trouble getting this to slip over his penis, as it was so snug, even though it is stretchable. My other concern is cleaning, because of all the ridges inside of this it was all but impossible to be sure we had removed all the lube we had used, even after drenching it in bacteria toy cleaner.

If by chance after reading this review you would still like to try out the Hand Tool for yourself or your partner you can purchase on HERE.

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