My Secret Masturbation Fantasy 35

Hello Clitical Readers,
Here’s a very naughty story I just finished writing.It’s one of my favorite masturbation fantasies late at night when I play with myself.Hope it makes your pussies all creamy wet !

I’m at work at the hospital as a nursing supervisor.I’m in charge of the acute care nursing staff.One of my nurses is a recent new hire ,fresh out of nursing school.Her name is Stephanie,a pretty 25 year ,about 5’4″ with auburn colored hair.She has a slim,athletic body, I would guess she weighs about 125 pound, 34c firm breasts .She has beautiful green eyes that sparkle when she talks. She has a very energetic,out going personalty.I’ve gotten to know her for last few months,even going out after work with her and some of the other nurses for drinks after work.Stephanie is one of those touchy,hug everybody type girls,especially after a couple drinks.Of course her hugs are completely innocent,but I get turned on when she hugs me.I love the feeling of her sweet little body against mine,those firm hard tits pressed up against me !

After the last time we went out,I went home and while showering thought of her,how good she felt,how innocent and beautiful she is.I couldn’t help but touch myself,playing with my tits,pulling my nipples and pretending Stephanie was sucking my tits.God I was getting so hot and horny thinking about her.I slipped my hand between my legs and began to rub my slick,wet cunt,pretending it was Stephanie sucking my cunt.God it felt so good.I was so close to orgasm when my hubby knocked on the bathroom door,interrupting me.Damn him,I was so close to cumming.I was so horny going to bed,my husband however was not.He fell asleep 5 minutes after his head hit the pillow.As I lay there wide awake with my warmed up pussy, I began to think of beautiful Stephanie again.Wishing she was here beside me,kissing my lips,touching me,wanting me.This was crazy,I shouldn’t be having these feelings,i’m married and Stephanie has a boy friend,she probable doesn’t have any secret,dirty lesbian fantasies like me.I need to quit thinking about her and just go to sleep.I tried but I couldn’t.I was just so worked up from that playtime in the shower.I lay there thinking what it would be like to have her be my secret little lesbian lover.How could I seduce her?

A naughty fantasy story began to form in my head as I lay there.In my fantasy,we are back at work and I call Stephanie into my private office.”Stephanie,i’m afraid I have some very troubling news for you.” “You are being let go for several errors in the last few weeks regarding medication doses to 3 different patients”. “We simple can’t have that sort of thing happening here at our hospital,it’s a huge liability risk,if anyone found out,there could be a major lawsuit against us”. ” I’m sorry but we have to let you go”. ” You’ve done I fine job for us,but we can’t tolerate these kinds of mistakes”. ” I wish there was something I could do,but my hands are tied.” ” I’m afraid i’ll have to take this to administration “. Stephanie looked at me with those pretty green eyes that now had tears in them. ” I can’t believe that this is happening,there must be something we can do about this.” I tried to be comforting the best that I could.I came around the desk and gave her a big hug.”I know Steph, it really does suck.We have become such good friends the last few months,I wish I could help you somehow.” ” Isn’t there something we could do asked Stephanie.I really,really need this job and I’d do about anything to keep it.” I broke our hug and looked straight into those sexy green eyes. “Did you say anything ? ” Yes Julie,I really need this job.I have a ton of debt from school loans and my credit cards” Before she could even see what was coming,I grabbed her head and gave her a full, wet kiss on her soft lips.So broke our embrace,and gave me a confused look.” Julie ,what the heck are you doing? ” I looked into her eyes and said “you said you would do anything right ? ” ‘Well yes but not this ! ” ” Can’t believe you just kissed me ! ” I looked back at her with lust in my eyes. “Steph, I’ve wanted to kiss you for a very long time.You’re such a pretty,sexy woman and I think about you all the time” ” You want to keep your job ? I can make this mess all go away ” She looked at me with a shocked look on her face. “Are trying to blackmail me so I can keep my job ? ” ” I have a boyfriend and I’m not into girls. ”

Before she could say anything more, a pushed her against the wall and kissed her again.I probed my tongue into her mouth and found her tongue.At first she tired to struggle and get away ,but a had pinned against the wall ,kissing her so forcefully.I felt her relax just a bit and it felt like she was starting to respond to my kiss.I stopped and looked into her eyes and saw a mixture of fear and confusion -and lust. She made a move for the door but I blocked her exit.” Please Julie,I need to leave . Don’t make me do this.” ” Steph, don’t fight this,I know you felt something when I kissed you.I felt your tongue find mine and kiss me back.Don’t deny it ” ” Admit it,you liked it baby. ” I could see the confusion on her face.Her mind was saying no,but her body was saying otherwise.I could see the her face was flushed and her breathing a little hard, and her nipples were hard, poking out her tight blouse. ” Stephanie, I want you and I to get to know each other better.” I reached out and touched her right breast,grazing her nipple with my finger tips.She let out a little gasp. ” oh god Julie please don’t make me do this.” She closed her eyes has I continued to pull her nipple.I took my right hand and put it on her left breast and began rub it in a circular motion.She let out a moan as I played with both her tits. ” That’s a good girl just relax and enjoy what I’m doing to you. It feels so good doesn’t it baby girl.” She let out a little whimper as a milked her hard nipples.” I guided her back to the chair and had her sit down.I got behind her and continued to rub her breasts and began to kiss her neck. “You like this don’t you Steph, your tits feel so good.” I began to unbutton her blouse.I thought for a minute she might try to stop me,but to my surprise,she began to help me unbutton it.I reached her bra clasp and undid it and slipped her bra off.My hands went to work on her bare tits,squeezing and pulling her erect nipples.

Her breathing was becoming more ragged.I continued to kiss her neck and worked my way around to her mouth.She turned her head slightly and met my mouth.She parted her lips and my tongue began to intertwine with hers,hot hungry passionate kissing that made my legs buckle and my panties wet.I looked down to see that she a had spread her legs and her hand was rubbing her pussy under her skirt.” That’s it baby,rub that wet cunt for me,rub it nice and slow baby girl.,get those pretty panties all wet and creamy for me.” I broke our kiss and moved around to face the front of her.I knelt down on the floor between her knees,spreading her legs even further and began to play with those firm hard titties again. ” You like that don’t you Steph. It feels good when I play with those titties.You want me to suck them ? ” She let out a moan and a barely audible yes. ” What’s that Steph ?,did you say you want me to suck your tits ? ” ” Tell me again louder this time what you want me to do ” ” Talk like my little nasty slut girl. Do you like it when I call you that ? ” Tell me Steph. ! ” “Yes Julie,suck my tits hard,it feels so fucking good.” I love being your little lez slut .My pussy is so fucking wet.” ” Oh my Steph , you are a nasty little bitch.” “I love watching you rub your cunt.Let me move those panties out of the way.” I helped pull her panties down , and off her legs.There was her beautiful shaved cunt just inches from my face.I wanted to reach down and suck that sweet pussy in the worst way but resisted.” Keep touching yourself baby,thats a good little slut.” “Show me how you touch yourself when your all alone.”

I continued to pull those erect nipples while Stephanie had her left hand on her clit and 2 fingers of her right hand pounding her wet,creamy cunt. ” Oh my Stephanie,you sure look like you are enjoying yourself.” “How often do you play with that sweet pussy of yours ? It looks like you have had lots of practice.” ” I do it almost everyday,sometimes 2 or 3 times a day” she replied.

“What do you fantasize about? ” “Sometimes my boyfriend fucking me,sometimes other stuff.” “What other stuff ? ” I asked,although I think I knew the answer. “Just different stuff ” I persisted, ” tell me Steph,what other stuff. She gave me a sweet,shy,innocent look. ” Stuff about women, other girls,other nurses that work here-YOU ” “Tell me something Stephanie. Do you look at porn ?” Yes she admitted. “Do you ever look at lesbian porn ? ” Not at first, just mostly guys,but then I became curious about lesbian porn after I found a video on my boyfriends computer.” “What did you think when you watched it ? ” “At first I was angry with my boyfriend,and was going to delete the video,but then decided to watch it.” “What happened when you watched it ? ” ” It made me excited.It was so beautiful watching two women make love to each other.No other porn I’d ever watched made me so excited.

” Why was it exciting Steph ? ” ” It seemed so naughty,forbidden .The girls were so beautiful and knew how to please each other.” I didn’t know it would be such on turn on watching two women play with each other.”Playing with each others tits and licking each others pussy”
“Is that the only lesbian video you ever watched ? ” “No, I watch them in secret all the time” “Well ,we have alot in common Steph.I’ve been married for 26 years but I have naughty secrets too.” “Does that make you hot,thinking of other girls and maybe me ? ” Mmmmm yes it does ,doesn’t it ? ” She continued to fuck herself while I talked to her.Pussy juice running down her leg,she was so close to cumming. ” Steph, spread your legs for me and stop touching your pussy.” ” I want you to play with your nipples while I suck your creamy cunt.”She moved her hands up to her breasts. “That’s it ,pull those nipples,get them nice and hard.” I put my face between her legs and began to lick her juice filled cunt.

She let out a whimper as I licked her .She pushed her hips up to meet my hungry mouth.Her cunt tasted amazing,just like I’d always fantasized about. “Steph,talk dirty while I eat your pussy.” ” Oh Julie, eat my creamy cunt,lick it clean.I have fantasized for weeks about you seducing me and eating my pussy.God this feels so fucking amazing.I’m so glad I can be your dirty whore lez friend.” And then her body shuddered to a earth shattering orgasm. “Oh fuck,oh fuck i’m cumming ,i’m cumming so hard .Oh god Julie,fuck me hard !! ” She was slouched in chair, eyes closed,completely exhausted, a sweet happy smile on her face.She opened her eyes and looked up at me with those pretty green eyes.

” Julie,let me do it to you ,ok ?” “Let me suck your tits and lick your pussy.” “Tell me what you’d like me to do,teach me how to please another women.” I want to make you cum Julie,make you cum so hard.” “I’d like that Steph, I’ve fantasized many times about your beautiful face between my legs,licking my wet cunt,playing with my hard nipples.Making naughty lesbian love to you.” We switched positions,me in the chair and pretty Stephanie on her knees between my legs. “Steph, unbutton my shirt and take it off.” “Now take off my dress and stockings,but leave on my panties and high heels..” She helped me off with my dress.I was now sitting on the chair in just my bra, panties and my sexy pumps.” Do you like what you see?” Steph looked at me licking her lips.”I never seen anything more sexy in my life.” “Let me be your little naughty little slut slave and suck your cunt.”

“Oh my,you are a hungry little pussy lover.” “First I want you to play with my tits.” “Rub them through my bra,get my nipples nice and hard.” She placed both her hands on my breasts and began to message my tits.As she did this I placed my left hand between my legs and began to stroke my panty covered pussy.” That’s it girl,god your hands feel so good.” My nipples were hard little pebbles as Stephanie continued to rub my tits.” Undo my bra,I want to feel your hands on my bare flesh.” She removed my bra and went to work on my erect,hard nipples.Pulling them,rolling them between her thumb and index finger.”Do you like that Julie? ” ” Oh god yes Steph,your hands feel so fucking good ! ” I reached down and began to pet my pussy through my very wet panties.My cunt was on fire. ” Stephanie,suck my tits please.Suck them nice and hard.Tease my nipples with your tongue.” She was more than happy to suck my breasts,going from one to the other,teasing and sucking,making my nipples so hard.I increased the pressure on my pussy,rubbing my cunt through my now soaked cotton panties.I was getting so close to cumming.

“Stephanie,pull off my panties and lick my pussy.”She slowly kissed her way down from breasts to my stomach.Sweet,soft butterfly kisses.She reached up with both hands and slipped my panties off legs.I lay there in the chair with my legs spread wide,inviting her to lick my cream covered pussy. “Steph, are you hungry to eat me ? ” My pussy is so wet.” Lick and my cunt and finger fuck me.” Stephanie eagerly put head between my legs and began to lick my clit while finger fucking my cunt. “You like that Julie ?You like me fucking you ? ” She had her index and middle fingers pumping in and out of my sopping wet pussy.I reached down and put my hand on hers,helping her fuck me.I brought my right hand up to my left breast and pulled on my hard nipple. “oh fuck Steph,that’s a good little naughty bitch,fuck me hard ,oh shit,don’t stop baby,make me cum,oh god that feels so fucking good ! ” I continued to talk dirty to her as she worked my pussy. “oh my little Stephanie,you sure know how please a women.You are such a good little cunt sucker.Your pretty pink lips feel so good on my hot kitty.” Do you like the way my pussy tastes ? Do you like the smell of my creamy,wet cunt ? She nodded her head in agreement, clearly enjoying what she was doing to me. “Just keep doing that babe,your gonna make Julie cum so hard.That’s it, fuck me hard,oh fuck yes,oh god i’m cumming !!!!!!!! The orgasm was amazing.She reached up to my face and began kissing me,her sweet face covered in my pussy juice.Our tongues intertwined together.She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. ” Thanks for helping me keep my job Julie.”

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