Just a little fun between friends, right? 5

I think if I kissed a girl, I’d like it. Want to taste my cherry chapstick?

We’d meet at a cafe, try to talk, until soon we both can’t wait anymore. We’d go to my hotel room and start kissing passionately. I’d take off you dress and bra, start massaging oil on your breasts and stomach, while you stand there in only your panties. You’d pull off my top, revealing my bare breasts. I’d open the button on my jeans, then the zipper, and slide down my tight jeans. Our dripping wet, oily breasts would touch as we kiss. I’d slide my warm, oily hands down your back and squeese your ass. You’d gently rub my breasts and pinch my nipples playfully, we’d start kissing again. You’d hold my ass, kissing my neck and chest lovingly.

Finally I’d touch your aching clitoris over your panties. Moaning, you’d reach down to touch me. We’d rub each other, our breath getting heavy, we’d both be wet and aching for release. I’d push you on the couch, and sit on the bed. I’d spread my legs and rub myself with the massage oil, reach to take a vibrator and tease myself over my panties, until I’d finally slip it inside my panties. “Watching, no touching.” You’d start going crazy, touching yourself on the couch, maybe taking a vibrator inside your panties. We’d watch each other, orgasming in no time. Of course we would, being so wet and horny.

I’d fall down on my back, laying on the bed, panting, and you’d shakily walk over to the bed. You’d fall next to me, you’d hold my breast in your hand. Putting your leg between my legs, pulling me closer with your leg, I’d put my other leg over yours, my hand on your ass, turning to face you. There we’d lay, our legs intertwined, eyes closed, trying to catch our breath. Finally, in an hour or so, we’d both just tiredly pull on a dress, over nothing but our oily bodies and lacy panties. Then we’d go back to the cafe to get that pastry and a piece of cake we talked about earlier, with something to drink, because man are we thirsty. Now, how’d you like that cherry chapstick?

5 thoughts on “Just a little fun between friends, right?

  1. Reply Beth Sep 2,2016 1:55 am

    Mmm… I’d love some cherry Chapstick. I can taste it. Your story has my pussy throbbing and waiting to be touched/licked by those cherry lips of yours.

  2. Reply Bangle69 Sep 5,2016 6:05 pm

    OMG in NEON-Letters. All you ladies you drive women but also men HOT-Crazy. As such I am dripping too. I can’t get enough from the fantasies storytellers/messages, as well from all reactions to the horny messages. Even responses of other men make me horny. I can’t stop reading you all! Fact is that I and my girlfriend are looking for a girl joining our sex-escapades for quite some time! Already we had many threesomes and bit foursomes the last couple of years. I am not complaining, but to be honest all threesomes was with bisexual man. And the foursomes we did were with couples, so we are familiar with girl on girl-action. As mentioned, still on the bucket list, 3-way: female female and me! And even prepared to exclude me. To let them play as lesbians, extra secret wish of my girlfriend. Only thing, I may watch! Now finding this site, reading all the threads, tweets etc. I can’t almost wait for that moment to be effected soon. I wish now nothing else and hopefully with one of you girls here. Again I have to be honest, when it happens let it be a trio, you two girls with me. If not, I am watching. Watching up close I almost can touch it. I really want to see 2 dripping pussy’s scissoring and grinding each other. I want to see it near in front of me. Eyeballing that juicy cunt on cunt, listen to the soft plop-sounds it makes like a cork from a bottle. Between the four lips, wisps of slippery hot wet moist, I want desperate to lick. I smell the cunts, nosefuck them, kiss them, lick them and behold the wet slits. Look at those shiny clits, and suck on them. They tell me to suck hard or soft or otherwise. Sometimes I stop, to let the girls go at it, I am in first ring to see all. Sitting comfortably playing with my iron-hard cock, waiting for the signal to join again. What do you want me to do those 2 gals, and the gals to me? If possible, you want to join in? I don’t think my light tinted beautiful girlfriend would mind a third girlfriend at the scene, hehehe…AND Oh man, typing all this makes my short throb in front. Of course it’s not the shorts, it’s my stiff pounding cock. I’ll let him out and play with it, as soon as I stop typing. Reading a bit more of your fantasies and imagine you were here with us! Imagine you two play in all hotness and in between me fucking you, sucking you, licking you and fingering them…. I am almost there, I cum 4u. <3<3<3

    • Reply Lulu_Lovely Oct 25,2016 4:11 pm

      Oh my god Bangle69 you make me want to grab your cock and just rub up and down, and suck your balls and cock… I’ll grab your girlfriend by her tits and just tease them harder and harder and suck them again and again… We’ll grind against each other as your cock goes into my ass, slow a first but harder and faster until I’m groaning in pleasure. But before I can get any further, I eat out your girl, listening to her groans and fingering her as I taste her juices. You smell my pussy and eat me out, while your wife uses her free hands to play with your cock. You then pull out your handcuffs, put them on me and order your girl to play around. So she does. She explores everything in my anatomy, before brushing my g-spot, making me orgasm powerfully. Letting me catch my breath, you fuck your wife over and over again, making her orgasm and lie her down. You release me so I blindfold your girlfriend and grind against her, enjoying the sound of our dripping pussys together. I put my pussy over her face, letting her eat me whilst you finger her and eat her faster and faster until she explodes on your face. You clean her up and she falls asleep. You then handcuff me, and blindfold me and do what you please until I explode and fall asleep. What would you do with me and your girlfriend baby?

  3. Reply sexy_girl Dec 8,2016 6:26 am

    @Beth I’m hott sexy girl looking for action what would you do to this pussy?

  4. Reply mismac May 22,2017 9:49 pm

    I also fantasize about masturbating with a friend…I want so badly to make this a reality.

    My gorgeous roommate accidentally walks in on me changing. We’re both embarrassed at first, but I’m a little too slow to cover up and she’s a little too slow to look away. My hands that were covering my perky little breasts slowly start to play with my nipples. They are so so sensitive and I immediately feel myself getting wet. My roommate can’t look away and I see her hands slowly run up her torso to her chest. I am dying to get a peek of her DDs. She caresses her nipples over her shirt and I can see her nipples getting hard. I sit down on my bed and spread my legs, letting her peek at my tight pink pussy. She starts to undress as I move my hand lower and lower. When she is as naked as I am, she joins me on the bed, our legs draped over each other. We both know where this is going and don’t take long to start playing with our pussies. We get off at the sight of each other pleasure ourselves and the sounds of our moans….

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