In My Dreams 2

I had this dream two nights ago that I was in a public bathroom at the sink when a beautiful blonde with massive tits, winked at me. No one else was in the bathroom and I could feel my pussy starting to drip. I watched her gorgeous round ass sway back and forth as she walked into the last stall. I knew I had to have her, so I walked down to her stall and knocked twice. She threw the door open, pulled me inside and started kissing me, her soft lips and warm tongue felt amazing in my mouth. As our breathing got heavier I slipped my hand under her shirt and started massaging those big tits of hers and pulling on her nipples. Hearing her start to moan was the hottest thing I had ever heard, I pushed her up against the wall.

An animalistic instinct took over. I spun her around and slipped my hand down her jeans, feeling how wet I had made her was almost enough for my to make myself come, and continued to massage her DD tits with my other hand. Her moans grew louder as I fucked her harder and harder, sucking on her neck and her ears as I pulled and twisted her nipples. I could her feel her getting closer and closer to coming with each thrust, my own breathing becoming heavier…until my alarm went off.

I was extremely tempted to call in sick that day just so I could lay in bed and masturbate for hours while I fantasized about that blonde from my dream.

2 thoughts on “In My Dreams

  1. Reply druidana Mar 21,2016 4:54 pm

    Oooo….wish I could’ve been that blond. We could’ve sucked puss is for hours….

  2. Reply lala2120 Mar 25,2016 2:05 am

    Gosh this made me horny

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