help!! desperate for it badly! 7

So I’m 18, 5’2, tanned, lean with curves. I’m a 38c breast cup. pussy is shaved. I’m a redhead with cute pixie looks and blue eyes,long hair. I’m super horny tonight, in fact my pussy is aching and soaking my cottton bikini panties! Is there any older,sexy, dominant women willing to tell me what to do myself while calling me filthy names? You can be kinky and freaky and as rough as you want, I’ll do ANYTHING you tell me to. Tits are hard and sensitive, pussy is sooo wet!!! Hurry! Help me out and ill do you a favor in return!

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  1. Reply Barry Sep 28,2012 2:36 am

    I am a male but this might help you.

    Good luck.

    I had been at the pool all evening. The weather was even hotter than usual and the pool was crazy busy. I ended up helping to work the snack bar for the last couple of hours so Kara could go be an extra lifeguard. By the time the pool closed I was exhausted. I had already worked my regular day job, swum for two hours and worked for four hours more at the pool.

    Michelle thanked me. Her smile always warmed me, as she said, “You are a lifesaver Katherine. I owe you big time.”

    I smiled back. “Well, since you let me swim here for free every day, I think I still owe you big time.”

    “Well then, we are even,” the older woman smiled as she placed her hand to my arm. “To thank you I insist you come to my little evening gathering at my house.”

    “When?” I asked, excited to be invited.

    “Now,” she answered.

    “Like now, now?” I asked, surprised.

    “No better time than the present, my pet,” she smiled, her tone just subtly different than usual, a playfulness that I couldn’t quite place at the time.

    I felt slightly flustered at the offer and being called ‘pet’, but attempting to hide my insecurities, I said eagerly, “Lead the way, Michelle.”

    She grabbed my hand and an electric chill pulsed through me that I couldn’t have explained.

    She led me to her car and opened the door for me. “In you go, my pet,” she purred, her hand touching me the whole time I got in the car.

    During the brief drive she asked me lots of questions.

    “Do you have a boyfriend?”


    “That’s good, men are way too much work,” she said, her right hand somehow landing on my leg as she drove. I was distracted by her hand and how excited it made me. Although I sometimes felt an odd tingling towards girls, I had never taken those feelings seriously. Yet, suddenly, I felt a slight dampness down below.

    I barely heard her next question. “When was your last boyfriend?”

    “A few months,” I answered.

    “And you haven’t got laid since then?” She gasped, as if I was a leper.

    “No,” I admitted, my face feeling flushed.

    “Well, you must have some great toys,” Michelle replied.

    Although usually I would be incredibly uncomfortable with such personal questions, I felt really comfortable with her and I admitted, “I have a bullet.”

    “That’s it, you poor dear,” she said sympathetically, her warm hand distracting me.

    All my lesbian thoughts began spinning in my head, even though I was pretty sure she was just being friendly.

    “How often do you masturbate?” she asked, her tone curious.

    “What?” I asked surprised by the very personal questions.

    She responded sweetly, “It’s just girl talk, sweetheart.” Her hand on my leg still causing my mind and body havoc, I admitted, my cheeks bright red, “Every day.”

    “Don’t be ashamed,” Michelle said in a soothing voice, “We all need to be able to look after ourselves.”

    She pulled into her driveway before any more strange questions were asked. “Welcome to wonderland,” Michelle smiled, giving my leg a soft squeeze.

    With slight trepidation I followed Michelle into her house. Once inside, she went to the kitchen and I followed as she mixed a couple of martinis. She handed me one and said, “These are like an orgasm in a glass”.

    I took the drink and took a sip. “Wow, that is really good.”

    “I know, it’s my own invention,” she offered with a smile. “I just love giving girls orgasms.”

    “Well, you had me at the first sip,” I joked, parodying my favorite movie.

    “Oh, I hope that is true,” she said in a way that had me weak at the knees, anticipating something more. She added, “Take a seat sweetheart, I am going to change.”

    I sat down and sipped on my martini as I wondered when the others would arrive.

    When she returned, she was in a two-piece white bikini that showcased every curve of her body. I watched her come down the stairs in slow motion. I always knew she was beautiful, but in this bikini she became a goddess.

    Once she got to the bottom of the stairs her radiant smile warming me again she suggested, “Let’s go to the hot tub.”

    I asked trying to hide my nerves. “Where are the others?”

    “I am sure they will be here soon,” she smiled as she bent down, her breasts in my face briefly as she grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

    She held my hand and led me out her back door to her large hot tub. I took off my t-shirt and followed her in.

    Michelle complimented me. “You have an amazing body, Katherine.”

    “I do not,” I protested, self-conscious about my body.

    “You need to stop feeling insecure about your body, my dear,” Michelle scolded, before ordering, “Turn around.”

    I was mortified by the request, but strangely excited. I turned around nervously.

    “Katherine, you have a nice ass, a tight body and I have always admired your perky breasts,” Michelle raved, sending chills up my body even as my cheeks went red.

    I turned back to face her and whispered, “Thanks.”

    “I don’t want to hear any more of that self-criticizing, my dear, you are a beautiful young lady,” she said, walking over to me.

    I shivered in anticipation as she reached towards me. Her hands went to my cheeks and she leaned in and kissed me. My body weakened and I melted into her the instant her lips touched mine. All those lingering thoughts of my sexuality were answered in one tender kiss. I opened my mouth and felt her tongue slip between my lips and I moaned into her mouth. The kiss probably lasted less than ten seconds, but for me time stood still and my life was forever altered.

    When she broke the kiss, she smiled and said, “Follow me, my dear.”

    In a daze, I followed the seductress into her hot tub. I sat across from her, my mind a muddled mess. Michelle’s smile never left as she spoke. “Katherine, I have had my eye on you for a while.”

    “You have?” I asked, unable to fathom such a statement.

    “Oh yes, my sweet,” she said, moving beside me.

    “Oh my,” I whispered, realizing what was about to happen.

    “You want to be my pet, don’t you Katherine?” she asked, her hand under the water going to my leg.

    I was unsure what she meant, but my trust in her allowed me to answer without full understanding as I stammered, “I-I-I think so.”

    “You are not sure?” she asked, her hand slowly slithering up as she leaned into me.

    “I-I-I have never d-d-done this before,” I admitted.

    “I know, my pet,” she whispered seductively, her hot breath doing wonders on my ear.

    I let out another soft uncontrollable moan, my body controlling my every thought and movement.

    “So I will ask you again Katherine, do you want to be my pet?” Michelle asked me.

    Although I had no idea what such a confirmation entailed, I didn’t hesitate knowing I would do anything she asked me at the moment, “Yes.”

    “Yes, what?” she asked, her tongue swirling in my ear.

    “Yes, I want to be your pet,” I announced, my body on fire like it had never been before.

    “You will be a good pet?” she questioned, her teeth tugging on my ear.

    “Yeeeees,” I whimpered, my eyes closed.

    “You will obey like a good girl?” she questioned, her hand now between my legs and gently tracing my pussy lips.

    “Aaaaaah, yes,” I moaned, my mind barely processing her words.

    “Take off your bikini top, my pet,” she ordered.

    I opened my eyes and turned to look into hers. My anxiety must have been obvious as she asked, “Do you trust me, Katherine?”

    “Yes,” I answered without hesitation, trusting her completely.

    “Good, then just let go of your insecurities and give yourself to me,” she instructed, her voice so soothing and comforting.

    “Ok,” I agreed, hypnotized by her words and eyes.

    “Just do as I say, my pet,” she said soothingly.

    “Ok,” I repeated, completely under her spell.

    “Take off your bikini top, my pet. Let me see those titties of yours,” she instructed.

    The word ‘titties’ startled me, but I was way too far gone to turn back now. I didn’t hesitate this time as I nervously obeyed, revealing my small breasts to her.

    “Hmmm,” she purred, as she assessed my breasts. She cupped them in her hands as she said, “Such perfect perky titties.”

    I watched as she leaned forward and took my left nipple in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my nipple, bathing me with her warmth. A minute later she took my right nipple in her mouth and replicated her sweet seduction.

    When she took her mouth away from my erect nipples, she looked into my eyes and ordered, “Stand up and take off your bikini bottoms, my pet.”

    Suddenly insecure again, I asked, “Is anyone else coming?”

    “No, my pet. Tonight is all about you,” she smiled, before ordering, “Now I don’t want any more hesitation from you, is that clear?”

    “Yes,” I replied, not wanting to disappoint her.

    “You will be such a good pet, won’t you?” she smiled.

    I was unsure what she meant, but I agreed, “Yes, I will be a good pet.”

    “Now take off your bikini bottoms,” she repeated her earlier instruction.

    I stood up, suddenly not nervous, suddenly feeling sexy and wanted. I pulled the strings that was hiding my pussy and allowed my bikini bottom to fall to the ground. I now stood completely naked in front of the much older and more experienced Michelle.

    “Delicious,” she purred, surveying my body.

    I blushed again, the compliment warming every pore of my body.

    “Did any of the boys eat that sweet pussy of yours?” she asked.

    “No,” I admitted, still standing completely naked and vulnerable, “they always just wanted me to suck them off or have sex with me.”

    “I bet you taste heavenly,” she said, devouring me with her predator’s eyes. “Sit on the edge of the hot tub, my pet, I want to taste your sweetness.”

    I again obeyed the order, putting my legs back in the hot water.

    “Open up,” she ordered, moving my legs apart.

    Although incredibly nervous, I shivered again with anticipation, craving nothing else than the pleasure I was sure was coming soon.

    “My pet could use a trim,” she assessed, her face now between my legs, before I closed my eyes and felt her tongue on my pussy.

    I moaned as her tongue made contact and as she licked my pussy I couldn’t believe such pleasure existed. My orgasm began to build instantly and I was unable to control my breathing. I wanted the pleasure to last forever, but such sensations overwhelmed me and in a couple of minutes I climaxed.

    If the pleasure of her licking was amazing, the orgasm that followed was the perfect euphoria, as I literally saw fireworks exploding as my entire body quake with an ecstasy I didn’t know could exist.

    When I finally opened my eyes, a smiling Michelle said, “That one is free. The rest you will have to work for.”

    Still catching my breath, I replied, “Oh my God, I will do anything to feel like that again.”

    “Anything?” she smiled, taking off her bikini top.

    I stared at Michelle’s massive breasts and knew I wanted to feel them in my hands, to taste them in my mouth. I agreed, “Yes, anything.” I slipped into the tub and being aggressive, cupped her massive breasts.

    She smiled, “Go ahead, my lez pet, play with my titties.”

    I was like a kid with a new toy. I leaned forward and sucked on her erect nipples, trying to replicate what she had done to me moments earlier. “That feels nice, my dear,” Michelle encouraged, assisting in building my confidence.

    I spent an eternity making love to her breasts, her titties, her soft moans bringing euphoria to me, until she instructed, “Let’s retire to my bedroom, my dear.”

    She took my hand and led me back into the house, where my phone was ringing.

    “I should get that,” I said, assuming it was my Mother whom I had not called to say I would be late.

    “Go ahead, my dear. I will be upstairs getting even more comfortable,” she teased, before adding, “Tell her you are staying overnight at a friend’s.”

    “Ok,” I said sheepishly. Grabbing the phone, I talked to my slightly anxious Mother, as I am never one to be home late. Once I calmed her down and told her I was at a small gathering with people from the pool she relaxed and I told her I would see her tomorrow.

    I took a deep breath and realized I was standing in Michelle’s house completely naked. I shook my head at the strange twist of events that had led me here, before I headed up the stairs and into her room.

    Once in the room, I saw her sitting on the edge of her bed. She smiled, “Are you allowed to sleep over my pet?”

    My face blushed at her sultry tone as I said, “Yes, you are stuck with me all night.”

    “Oh, what will we do,” she mocked, her sexy smile making me weak at the knees. Her eyes had me hypnotized and I was becoming the pet she asked me to be…eager and obedient. She beckoned me over with her hand. I went to her eager to finish what I had just started…to be the good pet I promised I would be. Her smile warmed me as she asked, “Ready to please me?”

    “Yes,” I shivered with eager anticipation.

    She pulled me in for another intoxicating kiss. It was the one who broke the kiss, desperate to feel her, to taste her, to please her. I pushed her on her back and she chuckled playfully, “Eager are we?”

    I moved to her neck and began giving butterfly kisses. I slowly moved down her neck to her voluptuous breasts. I nibbled, I licked, and I kissed, never wanting to leave this moment. Finally, I slithered past her belly button to her still-covered vagina.

    She lifted her ass up and I silently tugged her bikini bottom down her perfectly tanned legs. As I did, I splattered kisses all down her left leg. Once I had her last piece of clothing discarded, I slowly moved back up kissing every inch of her right leg until I reached her treasure.

    I just stared at her shaved pussy, something that had never occurred to me before this moment, although I knew I would soon be shaving as well.

    “Go ahead my dear,” Michelle purred, “Lick my pussy.”

    It was all the guidance I needed as I leaned forward, extended my tongue and began licking. Although I had tasted myself out of curiosity, tasting the real thing was something indescribable. Her wetness was tangy and sweet and instantly addicting. At first I explored her pussy with slow tentative licks, but as her wetness increased, her addictive scent reached my senses and her moans echoed in my head, and I became eager to bring her pleasure even vaguely as great as she had given me back in the hot tub.

    “That’s it baby,” she moaned, before instructing, “Lick my clit.”

    “Kkkkkk,” I moaned from between her legs, moving up a smidge to take her swollen clit in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her clit and put as much pressure as I could on it at the same time. I was rewarded by increased moans, which made me increase my licking.

    “That’s it baby, you have a devilishly wicked tongue, my pet,” she moaned, and the flattery sent a chill up my spine.

    I concentrated on bringing her the best orgasm I could possibly give and as she got close she got very animated. “Oh yes, fuck my pet, faster baby, lick Mommy’s cunt, yes, fuuuuuck, yeeeees.”

    I was rewarded with a powerful gush of her juices as she came from my novice pussy licking. I savored her cum as if it was the nectar of the gods…so perfect…so addictive…so life altering. For me every doubt of whether I might be a lesbian or not faded in this moment of perfection.

    Finally I moved up and lay beside her even as the last remnants of her orgasm trembled through her.

    She opened her eyes and smiled. “You are a very quick learner.”

    “I have been told that before,” I smiled back.

    “Did you enjoy yourself, my pet?” she asked, her hand on my leg.

    “Immensely,” I replied, before asking, “How did you know?”

    “I could see it in your eyes. Your insecurity spoke volumes and truthfully I desperately wanted to fuck you,” she admitted, standing up.

    “Oh my,” I replied, surprised by her frankness. I watched her go to her closet, bending down to showcase her perfect ass before she returned with a big toy.

    “I wasn’t kidding, sexy. I am going to fuck you like no man ever has,” she promised as she put the harness on her hips, a big black cock staring at me.

    I stared in shock, my pussy dampening at the thought of her fucking me.

    “How do you like to be fucked, my pet?” she asked.

    “However you want me,” I replied, my submissive nature coming out.

    “Get on all fours, my pet,” she ordered, turning me into a puppy.

    I quickly obeyed as I felt her return to the bed and then put her hands on my ass. A chill again rocketed up my spine with anticipation as I felt the cockhead on my thigh.

    “Ready to be fucked, my pet?” she asked, as she rubbed the cock up and down my pussy lips.

    “Oh God yes,” I moaned.

    “Say it,” she ordered, teasing me relentlessly.

    I was not one to swear usually, but all I wanted at that moment was that plastic cock in me. I begged, “Oh God, Michelle, please fuck me…aaaaaaaaaah.” Instantly she slipped the head of the lengthy cock inside me.

    She paused and asked, “How does that feel, my pet?”

    “Soooooo good,” I moaned.

    “Want more, my dear?” she questioned, her hand caressing my ass.

    “Please,” I whimpered. I felt more of the cock filling me and I moaned, “Oh yeeeeeees.”

    Soon I was completely full of her plastic cock and she again stopped. “Do you want me to fuck you, Katherine?”

    “Oh yes, please,” I begged, desperate to feel her fuck me.

    Instantly I felt hard deep thrusts in me. After the tenderness of her tongue on my pussy earlier, this was the polar opposite. She pounded my pussy; with each thrust her body collided into mine. I grabbed the end of the bed for support as my body was ravished. Quickly we got into a good rhythm and I was in euphoria again.

    I could feel my orgasm building after a few minutes of hardcore fucking, when she suddenly pulled out and rolled onto her back. “Ride me, my pet,” she instructed.

    I again obeyed, straddling the big cock and lowering myself on it. I would never do this with any of my boyfriends as I was too self-conscious, but with Michelle it seemed natural for her to watch me. Once the cock was fully in me, I began to bounce up and down, desperate to rekindle the orgasm that had began to subside. It didn’t take long before I was riding the cock furiously before she pulled me down and we kissed again as she began to buck her ass up to fuck me again. The kissing was passionate and intense as she fucked me hard. I continually moaned into her mouth until I could no longer hold back and I screamed, “I’m comiiiiiiiiiing.” I completely collapsed on top of Michelle as my second orgasm quaked through my body. I had never come more than once and never close to this hard as the sensations had me in a state of complete euphoria.

  2. Reply Lez Pet Sep 29,2012 12:06 am

    Damn Barry – nice!

  3. Reply Emma14 Sep 29,2012 3:55 pm

    That was the hottest thing ever!

  4. Reply Kinkyfreakyslut Sep 29,2012 9:38 pm

    mmmmm damn!!!! i read this and it was hot!! but im looking for something alil more dominant, filthy names. need something to MAKE me srew myself sensless,but this deffinantly made me really horny.

  5. Reply amy Oct 8,2012 9:19 am

    I would push u on to the bed, mount you and kiss you, running my fingers through you then i take you top and bra off to free your boobs and begin to suck and nibble them with my hand on your thigh i slowly guide it up between your legs,still sucking and licking your nipples, i pull your panties to the side and with just a finger tip i spread apart your lips to feel how moist you are then push my finger deep inside then pullin back out out to have a taste then pushing deep inside again….

    You want more

  6. Reply hottsexyybitch Oct 11,2012 2:09 pm

    oh i want more please go on. my pussy would love for you to do that to me!!!

  7. Reply Newbie69 Nov 11,2012 5:49 am

    Barry that was so good! Either you have a super good imagination or you are an author/should become one.
    @ Amy you have put that Sam message in almost all the comments to different stories.

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