Dripping 15

I’m longing for a woman’s touch. my pussy is dripping wet. I lay in bed, naked and touching my soft, wet pussy. picture me; small figured at 5’1, with an hour glass shape – big tits and ass. long blonde hair and full lips, typing this as i lay completely naked petting my clit. I imagine me and a girl friend, drinking and having fun. we talk about our sexual experiences and I confess to having fantasies about women. she seems a little weirded out at first, but the more she drinks she confesses to fantasizing as well, commenting on how she’d love a full rack like mine. we’re both pretty loaded at this point, and I can’t help but admire her figure. She is the complete opposite of me, tall and thin with long dark hair, perky breasts and a nicely toned body. she’s wearing a see thru top and I can see her hot pink bra, and a denim skirt so short I can almost make out her pussy lips thru her panties. with my boyfriend gone for awhile, I suggest we do some.. experimenting. see how it feels. Without waiting for an answer from her shocked face, I lean in and kiss her. Gently at first, then more aggressively, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She accepts willingly, and let’s a low moan from her throat. I take it a step further and reach for her breast. I slowly rub my thumb around her nipple over her bra and I can feel it hardening. Her breath quickens and she reaches in for mine, me not wearing a bra she gets the full effect. She pinches my nipple hard, and starts alternating breasts. She’s getting so worked up she’s already gyrating her hips.Sshe rips my shirt off quickly and attacks my nipples with her tongue, flicking and sucking them as I gasp in pleasure. “Your making me so hot” she says. “I want to taste your pussy.” …

and now I need to make myself come, maybe I’ll dream some more up later, if only I had a girl friend I could really do this with.. for now porn babes eating pussy will have to do. Happy orgasms.

15 thoughts on “Dripping

  1. Reply Kinkybitch Feb 10,2013 11:05 pm

    So fucking hot

  2. Reply sweetdripz Feb 12,2013 8:06 pm

    Come here u dirty little slut, ill rub my hands on the inside of ur thigh squeezing them and spreading ur legs open wide so i can bury my face in ur deliciousness. I slide the tip of my tongue lightly onto ur pretty dripping peral.. mmm ur juices taste soo sweet, ill tease ur clit licking sucking n blowing on it finally ill suck ur now swollen pearl n shove two fingers into ur steaming hot cunt. Ur pussy is so wet my fingers slide in n out with ease, i continue to lick n suck on ur clit n pussy lips.. i just want to taste ur cum, as im face first in ur sweet pussy i beg u to cum in my mouth, i reach up n pinch ur hard nipples n squeeze on ur titties, cum in my mouth like the good little slut u r bitch, i keep pounding my fingers into u n push against ur g spot i can feel ur about to climax, i flick my tongue even quicker on ur clit and take one of my soaked fingers n rub it slightly into ur ass as u scream n squirt right into my mouth ….but i dont stop there 😉

  3. Reply jane Feb 13,2013 12:50 am

    my pussy is so wet, but im keeping myself from touching it. my nipples are so hard and i love to rub them, i wish someone was here to suck my clit

  4. Reply Pussyjuicer Feb 13,2013 3:19 am

    Sweet dripz that was sexy as fuck. I think you deserve a finger gift for your pussy hole. I want my finger to be wet and soggy from being buried in your pussy . I smell your pussy and taste you in my mouth, and feel the heat coming from your cunt. I’ll rub my nose on your clit while I eat you out and shove my finger deep inside you, filling up every inch of you, up to my knuckle in your pussy’s juices.
    I’ll keep furiously fingering your pussy as my thumb from my other hand massages your asshole. You whimper each Time it touches your ass. You know want it you slut

  5. Reply midnight Feb 13,2013 9:25 am

    i want a womens touch too its been giving me nightmares ….i want to try once in my life with a women …..very badlyyyyy……i am dripping all over now thinking 🙁

  6. Reply sweetdripz Feb 15,2013 4:09 pm

    Mmm pussyjuice u know just wat i want, im a naughty bitch. Lets 69 so i can satisfy my taste for ur sweet pussy .. ill spread open ur lips while ur thumb grinds away on my asshole, it makes me want it more so i suck harder on ur clit pulling it into my mouth like i wanna swallow it, let those juices flow down my throat its so sweet n warm on my mouth but i think ive been too nice to u whore, get on all fours n get ready for this dildo in ur pussy while im under u sucking ur titties n slappin that ass. Mmm u like that bitch? I shove the dildo deeper inside ur pussy slamming ur g spot. I know u like that baby i move my face down, i cant help but want to keep my face on ur pussy. Cum for me baby drip into my mouth like ai good little slut u r would

  7. Reply alwayswet Feb 17,2013 7:17 pm

    mmmmmmmmm sweetdripz…. let me cum in your mouth …. finger my asshole while you suck my hard nub…. lets rub our wet juicy pussies together till we cum

  8. Reply Mmm.juicypussy Feb 18,2013 2:43 pm

    Mmmmm I want to rub my fat wet juicy creamy pussy against another girls until she cums all over mine ooooo yes im so wet baby

  9. Reply kinkyyyK123 Feb 24,2013 7:20 pm

    somebody just fuck me already. my pussy is dripping reading all these posts. i remembery first time with a girl, we were driving to the mall and i had my hand on her knee and she had hers on mine. i was wearing a skirt (no panties) when i felt her hand slowly moving up. i looked at her and she smiled and kissed me.. she told me to take her home. so i did as she asked. as soon as we got there i knew something was going to happen so i asked to use her restroom. as soon as we stepped inside we started making out and taking eachothers clothes off! her body rubbing on mine we ended up in the bed room. she stopped and said she needed something so she ran to the restroom and asked me to close my eyes. i did what she asked! i suddenly felt my arms tied and my eyes covered. i felt her warm minty breath breathing all on my body. sucking on my nipples and starting to rub my clit i was dripping. then she ate my juices! screaming and moaning she told me to be quiet or she”d fuck me harder! it felt so good so i screamed louder. she kept sucking on me then sat on my face and said if i wanted to be let free to eat her pussy. i happily did it. i wanted my hands to be free so i could pleasure her as good as she deserved. just remembering that time made me wet. tell me ladies, what would you do.to me. the same as her or something better!!!!!! 

  10. Reply xxx Feb 24,2013 9:16 pm

    Omg this got me so hot reading this I”m dripping wet my clit is so swollen I”m rubbing it now my asshole is aching to be filled… What would you ladies do to me?

  11. Reply Serena Mar 4,2013 5:40 pm

    mmm.juicypussy – that was really hot. I”d like to sit on your face and make you eat my pussy then you can sit on my face and I”d eat your pussy and drink up all your cunt juice! All these posts are making me so wet I”m touching myself. I want a woman to fuck me with her tongue right now.

  12. Reply michael94 Mar 13,2013 4:40 am

    as a blind person I would love to really know what its like to taste pussy as well, what would you make me do? any of you

  13. Reply ladylover Jul 8,2013 4:34 am

    Lookin @ nice shaved pussy really turns me on. I love fat clits. I am always watching lesbian porn and rubbing my pussy. I wish I were not afraid. To try or I had some on to try with me.

  14. Reply ladylover Jul 8,2013 4:37 am

    Michael94, I would spread your pussylips and place my hot wet pussy onit and slowly trib that wet needy pusy until we both cum

  15. Reply Spolly Mar 10,2016 7:23 am

    Wow your post flashed me back to the first time I got to live out my fantasy of making my college teammate and roommate moan and give into her desire. We had both secretly been fantasizing about each other for a long time and one night as I’d hoped we would we had just enough to drink to allow us to begin exploring.
    We used to get into bed together at night to “cuddle” while we would get soaking wet at the thought of touching. She made the first bold move of brushing the back of her hand against my skin. Her touch sent me into a frenzy. And she knew it. Without hesitation, she began running her fingers against my tummy, making sure to tease me as she got close to sliding below my panties. I blurted out, have you ever hooked up with a girl? I want to try it so badly and it can be our secret….

    We began to kiss passionately, both of us moaning immediately. Soon I found my hands gripping her ass as tight as I could. I couldn’t believe how turned I had been. Thinking about it is enough to get me wet and throbbing. With her perfect ass and hips in my hands I had to find a way to move my fingers toward her inner thighs. I didn’t know whether she’d be as wet as I was and I didn’t want to embarrass myself if she wasn’t as into it as I was.

    The moment I felt the warm, wet, velvety juice all the way down her thighs I knew I’d hit the jackpot. We had been laying in bed next to each other for months thinking about each other and secretly wet through our panties. Finally was going to get to fulfill this fantasy and feel that soaking wet pussy of hers throb against my fingers as I explored my options. My panties were still on at this point and I couldn’t wait for her to discover how slippery and wet my pussy had become.

    She started nibbling on my hard, taught nipples and all of a sudden grabbed me between my legs outside my panties and rubbed my clit. Turned on by how incredibly wet I was, she ripped them off pulling from the crotch and whispered, “please can I?” I didn’t know what she was asking and I didn’t care. She could have whatever she wanted from me. After sliding her fingers in and out of my little tight pussy lips and running around my clit so perfectly I was going to cum, she gave me the sexiest look I’ve ever seen and went down to lick right inside my right thigh slightly brushing up against my pussy lips. I’d never felt so good, so horny, and so desperate for more.

    No one has eaten me out the way she did since and I doubt any man will ever come close, but I wish another woman could one day give it a shot.

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