Bedroom Sex Fantasy 96

I have this fantasy of getting out of the shower, and walking into my room like I always do, but as I walk in, there is this sexy brunette tied to the bed posts and looking at me seductively. I slowly take off my towel as the girl licks her lips slowly. I can tell I’m already turning her on, so I walk over to her, and run my hand down from her breasts, all the way down to her hip bone. I slowly kiss down her neck and suck on one of her nipples, while she starts moaning slowly. I then start slowly sliding my finger up and down her clit as she moans more, and tease her softly, switching from my pussy to hers. I then kiss all up and down her body as she tries to grind her dripping pussy onto my legs, and soon I’m pushing three fingers hard into her pussy, making her moan with want. I go until I bring her to the brink, all while shes moaning my name, and saying, “Oh god, fuck my little cunt! Fuck it hard! Oh god I’m going to cum. Make me cum you little slut. Fuck my pussy with your fist. Ohhh.” All that dirty talk makes me so horny, so I bring my face to her cunt and hungrily start eating her out, sticking my tongue up her hole as I feel her pussy tighten around it as she cums and squirts all over my face. I eat her out, and as soon as I’m done, I kiss her so she can taste herself, then sit on her face so she can get a taste of my dripping pussy. If you were the other woman and I untied you, what would you do to me? I love to be dominated. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Reply lustyniki Jul 9,2012 2:31 am

    I would tie you up and make sure you couldn’t go anywhere. Then I kiss you slowly slipping my tongue into your mouth. I kiss my way down your body. I’d suck on your breasts and get your nipples nice and hard. I’d keep going until I got to your pussy. I’d kiss, lick, and suck on your dripping cunt. You start moaning about how you’re about to cum and I stop and pull back. “Please come back and lick my pussy. I want your tongue in my pussy mmmm baby I want you licking my hungry pussy.” I tell you no and put on a strap on. I thrust inside you and start fucking you hard. “Yeah you like my big cock don’t you. Fuck my big cock, take all of it. Be a good slut and take all of that dick.” I start slapping your clit and you cum squirting all over my cock.
    What next?

  2. Reply lorenlover Jul 9,2012 2:38 am

    I would make you watch me play with my pussy, making you horny and wanting more. When you have just about had enough, I tie your arms to the bedpost and tell you to close your eyes and enjoy what I am going to do next. I move my tongue all around your hard nipples as I lay in between your wide spread legs. I move down your hot body and kiss your inner thighs, teasing you. You moan softly and ask me to lick your pussy. I tell you to be patient as I continue to move closer and closer to your pussy. I then let my fingers gently rub your clit up and down. When my tongue meets your pussy, it is already soaking wet. I move my tongue in circular motions and insert two fingers into your pussy. You beg of me to let you cum, but I make you wait a little while longer. I move my tongue and fingers faster and faster until you cum all over me. I lick up all your juices, push my breasts up against yours and kiss you softly so you can taste yourself. What would you do to me next?

  3. Reply pussylips21 Jul 9,2012 2:53 am

    Lustyniki, that sounds so sexy. I would tell you to untie me, and when you did, i’d suck my juices off of your huge cock, then put it on myself and start licking your dripping pussy, getting you soaking wet so I can stick that thick cock into your tight pussy, thrusting in and out as hard as possible, filling you up with it as you moan louder and louder before squirting your pussy juices all over the thick strap on. what next?

    lorenlover, I’d love to trib with you after you untie me. I want to feel your swollen clit all over my dripping pussy, and squirt at the same time, so we can lick each other clean. Then, I would swirl my tongue around your nipple, making it hard, and slowly slide down to your already dripping pussy and start to finger you as I flick your clit with my tongue. First I insert 2 fingers, then go to 3, and soon I’m fisting you hard and fast while rubbing your clit with my other hand. What next?

  4. Reply lorenlover Jul 9,2012 3:49 am

    I would put on my strap on and make you go on your hands and knees. I would fuck you from behind with my big cock while I rubbed your breasts. Once you cum, I would make you lick up all your juices on my cock, you dirty slut. I would love to do scissoring with you with a double sided dildo so that I can look right into your sexy eyes and watch you cum. What’s next?

  5. Reply lustyniki Jul 9,2012 4:49 am

    Mmm Pussylips that sounds so hot. I’d love to squirt my juices all over your big cock. After I cum all over your dick, I tell you to take it off and I sit on your face and tell you to eat my pussy. I’m moaning loudly “Ohh baby yeah fuck my pussy with your tongue. Mmm put your tongue into my tight hole.” I lean down so that we’re in the 69 position and I stick my face into your cunt and start sucking on your clit and lapping at your juices. While I’m sucking on your clit I start thrusting 3 fingers into you. You stick a finger into my asshole and I start bouncing up and down on your face because I’m so turned on. I explode all over your face while you cum, your juices flowing out of your pussy and into my mouth. What next?

  6. Reply Sexywetgirl Jul 9,2012 5:02 pm

    Okay First I Would Start by kissing you on the bed then I would lick your neck then I would go down and suck,bite and lick your nipples then I would lick ,suck, finger , fist and bite your pussy lick your clit until you moan really loud baby then we would scissor each other then baby I would 69 you baby with me you can cum all over my face and I’ll lick it off ummm I’ll be better then a vibrator ummm baby I’m wet now and I think I need help

  7. Reply MadamKink Jul 9,2012 5:56 pm

    Ohhh. I would love to join in it there is room. I have never experienced girl on girl before, but your comments make me so fucking wet. I have to release some tension, if you know what I mean…

  8. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 10,2012 6:05 pm

    First i would lay you down and make sure your legs are spread as wide as they can go. I decide to torture you first. I tie you up and let you watch me finger fuck myself and then sucking ny fingers. I would start rubbing my clit harder and harder with my other hand while finger fucking with the first. You start to moan and you buck your hips. I look at you knowing im making you horny so i smirk and make you moan even louder. “moan bitch, or else i wont satisfy you.” you start to scream my name and i know the neighbors can hear you. I tell you to keep doing it and you do. You want me to finger fuck you but im still having fun. I walk up to you seductively and start licking and sucking the fuck out of your nipples. You moan with shakey breaths because your starting to get even hornier. You cant take it anymore but i love what im doing to you. I start licking your stomach and go down lower each lick. Right when i get to your dripping vagina, i laugh and tell you im not that easy. I quickly move up to your neck before you have the chance to push my face in your cunt. I start nibbling your neck and soon enough i’ve given you a nice hickey. Because im hovering over you, you decide to take advantage. As im hovering on top of you to suck your neck, you quickly wrap your nice legs around my wasit and buck like you’ve never bucked before. You start moaning and i can feel your cunt dripping like a tap after every buck. I laugh at your tries because i’ve got two hands while yours are tied up. I unwrap your legs and sit right across to you just enough so that our tap-like cunts are just touching. I tell you to beg.
    You start begging calling me your mistress, telling me that you would do anythingfor a fucking. Eventually i give in and happily shove my face i to your vagina licking and sucking and nibbling on your huge, throbbing clit. You scream with extreme pleasure and wrap your legs around my neck so i cant pull out. I want to please you. I look at you hungirly and tell you , with a cheeky smile that its “dinner time” while I quickly shove my tongue inside your vaginas opening and tongue fuck you like youve never been fucked before. I can feel you tightening your legs because of your pleasure. This makes me extremely happy so i take it upon myself to make you feel the best youve ever felt. Finally, after several orgasms i pull myself out of you and go up to kiss you so you taste yourself. Your clit is huge and throbbing. You tell me youve never felt that way before but im not done yet. I quickly run to my closet and get my thickest, biggest dildo. Its a strap on for convenience. I buckle it on and run to you and untie your hands. You smile knowing whats coming next- or so you think. I quickly ram my cock into you as hard as i can, and without letting you adjust, i start pumping in and out of you while you scream louder than ever. You start shaking. Once you are about to orgasm, i pull out. You try getting me back in but i wont, i still want to torture you. I make out with you until you just calm down and shove myself even harder into you pumping harder with every try. Again, you shake within seconds and scream. I stop once more. You look at me with hunger i havent seen in my life. I smirk naughtily. After going through my process a few more times i finally let you orgasm. Your release was like never before. You shake for more than 5 minutes all the while orgasming and screaming from your immense pleasure. Your cum is hot but its coming out more than its ever come. Your vagina is pouring cum. I smile knowin i pleased you extremely well. You scream my name and tie me up. I have no idea whats about to happen to me.
    What do you do now, mistress..?

  9. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 10,2012 6:09 pm

    P.S. i was masturbating while writing that πŸ˜‰

  10. Reply lustyniki Jul 10,2012 9:29 pm

    Mmmm Throbbingpussy that post has my cunt soaked. I’m ramming my big dildo into my pussy while reading that post. I’d love to lick your dripping pussy and tongue fuck your pretty pussy until you squirt your juices all over my face. I’d lick all the juices off then thrust our pussies against each other so we were tribbing. What would you want to do next?

  11. Reply Wetpussy Jul 10,2012 10:50 pm

    Mmm your posts are making me so wet.. My nipples are so hard.. My pussy is dripping wet juices for you.. I want your tongue to suck my clit and make me cum all over your face.. Mmmm I’m so wet thinking about you.. Rubbing my clit and s
    Fingering my throbbing pussy.. Please help me scream..

  12. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 10,2012 11:33 pm

    That comment goes for Wetpussy too!

  13. Reply lorenlover Jul 11,2012 3:00 am

    Mmm you are making me sooo wet right now with your comments, ThrobbingPussy. I wish you would do the same things to me as you said to Lustyniki. And I would love to lick and finger fuck your pussy until you orgasm mmm thinking about it gets me so horny. It looks like me and my dildo have a date tonight πŸ˜‰

  14. Reply Peaches Jul 11,2012 4:18 am

    ohhh.. yes. would love to have you do that to me too… fuck me hard.. let me suck on your throbbing clit..

  15. Reply lustyniki Jul 11,2012 4:38 am

    Oooohh wow Throbbingpussy that was so hot. Since I’m taking charge, I tell you that I’m going to make you my little slut and that you going to love it and be begging me. I have you sit at one end of the bed and I sit at the other. I tell you to stay put. I start by rubbing my hands over my breasts and moaning as I touch my nipples and make them hard. I have such big tits that I can put them in my mouth and suck on them so I put one in my mouth and start sucking while I watch you. You’re biting your lips while playing with your clit. “Stop! Don’t touch yourself. You will watch me and beg to be touched you little slut.” I start sucking on my other breast while I use one hand to play with my clit, getting it nice and plump. I release my breast and use one hand to fuck myself with 3 fingers while using the other to play with my clit. It’s finally too much for you to handle. “Mistress please lick my pussy. Fuck me like the naughty slut I am.” You haven’t waited long enough yet so i tell you it’s not time yet. I keep fucking myself with my fingers and finally push my big dildo inside me and start moaning your name. I keep fucking myself with it and play with my clit until I cum all over it. Since you sat there so nicely and watched me, I tell you that you’ve been a good girl and it’s time for your pleasure. I have you lay down and I crawl between your legs. I immediately bury my face in your pussy and start lapping at your juices. Mmm you taste so good. I suck your clit into my mouth and you’re moaning so loud from the pleasure you’re feeling. I suddenly put 2 fingers in your ass and you shriek. You start moaning about how you’re about to cum so I pull back. I tell you how it’s not time yet. I start humping your leg and let you feel how wet you make my pussy. I move and push my cunt against yours and my eyes almost roll back in my head from the feeling. “Yeah baby I’m going to fuck you so good. Mmm yeah your clit feels so good rubbing against mine.” I keep thrusting against you until we both cum. I get off you and lick our combined juices from your pussy. What next? I’m ready for you to fuck me with a strap on and fist me. Use my cunt and fuck me good πŸ˜‰

  16. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 11,2012 4:47 am

    Im open to pleasing everyone who wants it πŸ˜‰ im so horny right now its not even funny i didnt even do anything i just get randomly horny in random times. Im about to masturbate. Enough of talking about what I would do, what would you sexy ladies do to me?
    Just to give you some inspiration, im going to get you all horny so you cn return the favour.

    I would start off slow, use my gentle side for once. I would lay you down on the bed and open my legs. I would get you to open yours and we would slowly trip in circular motions in the scissor position. I would keep doing it until we orgasm. It isnt enough for me so i need more. I am hungry for your sex. I want an orgasm that will make me shake and scream. I would grab your face and start to go back to my wild side. I shove your face into my vagina. I wont let you out. Not even for a breath. I start bucking while you instinctivley start to tongue fuck me hard. I pull your hair because it feels so good. I would get you off of me and start to give you the best make out session you have ever had all at the same time as me fingerig you with 4 fingers. You start to shake and its such a strong sensation that you cant continue kissing me. You are in too much pleasure. Your lips start to tremble and your head falls backwards because you cant even handle yourself. You scream extremely loud. I laugh. Not in mockery but because i love pleasing you. I take you and throw you onto the floor. I walk around the room seductively. I take a LARGE THICK dildo and start fucking myself with it. You are enjoying every second of it, i see you rubbing your pussy because i am turning you on. I grab a thong from my drawr making sure that you can see my huge pink clit throb. I open my legs and take the strap part of my thong and start to move up and down on myself with it. I scream loud and run up to you. I drop my thong. You grab it seizing the oppertunity to suck it to taste and smell my juices. I start humping your leg. You smile knowing i want you BADLY. I continue rubbing myself on you until i orgasm and all my cum floods out onto you. Your turn;)

  17. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 11,2012 5:17 am

    Ouuh lustyniki i just saw this. Ouuh that has me soooo wet. I would take you and throw you on the floor with the biggest thickest dildo i own. I tease ou with ot. Rubbing it at your entrance. You look at me hungirly. I SHOVE it into you and its such force that you cant breatj. Its a good kind of “cant breath” though. I ram it in and out of you while you orgasm loads of time. I want to make you orgasm one more time but i wont let in that easy. I fuck you with my slippery cock that lubed from your cum. You start shaking, about to orgasm but i stop.
    “HUSH my little slave. Its not time yet.”
    You whimper wanting more. I smile
    I take you and gently place you on the bed. I take my time playing with your huge tits paying extra attention to your nipples. You scream.
    I want you now. I start fisting you. Faster and harder. Finally i let you get that ling waited for orgasm. You are screaming and shaking right now. I go down and lick you all over your face and suck your neck. I lick your tits, ass, neck and lips. I then lick your somach and start licking your clit just until you finish orgasming. I have worn you out with all that multiple sex sessions in one day. I cover you up with the duvet. I want you to get down and dirty with me. Make yhe bed shake and creak. What will you do to me, my mistress

  18. Reply BigTits Jul 11,2012 9:05 pm

    My breasts are begging to be touched. My clit is desperate to be sucked. My hole is dripping as I take a toy up my ass. Ooohh fuck yes. I feel full back there. You wanna help my pussy feel full? Imagine taking the biggest dildo you have and shoving it into my tight virgin hole until I scream and twist your nipples until you start screaming along with me. That turn you on? c:

  19. Reply lustyniki Jul 11,2012 10:16 pm

    Ooohh Throbbingpussy I just got home and saw this. It made me so wet. Imagine this. We go out to dinner and we’re sitting next to each other in the booth. I notice that the table cloth is long enough so I put your hand on my inner thigh. I’m wearing a skirt and you keep moving your hand up until you find that I’m not wearing panties and my cunt is leaking juices. I look at you and give you a naughty smile. I lean in and whisper quietly. “You like finding that I’m not wearing panties don’t you you naughty girl. I bet you’re so horny now that your pussy is leaking those yummy juices of yours. I’m going to go to the bathroom. I want you to meet me in there in a few minutes.” I get up and go to the bathroom taking my beer with me. When you come in a couple minutes later I push you in a stall and start kissing you, shoving my tongue in your mouth. You’re thrusting your tongue back at mine and grabbing my ass. You start moaning loudly. I pull back and cover your mouth with my hand. “Hush now. Only naughty girls are loud. And you want to be good so I’ll fuck you.” I step back from you and pull my skirt up. I start playing with my pussy and I see you lick your lips. “Yeah you like watching me play with my pretty pussy don’t you?” I take my fingers and suck all the juices off them before pulling off your shirt and pushing your shorts and panties down your legs. You take them off and I kneel in front of you and kiss your cunt lips. Your juices taste so good and I’m moaning your name loudly and telling you how good you taste. I start fucking you with two fingers while licking your clit and sucking it into my mouth. You quickly cum quietly moaning and I lick up all your juices before standing up. I grab my beer bottle and hand it to you. “it’s going to fit so nice in your pussy. I’m going to love fucking you with it. You suck it you little slut.” You immediately start licking it and slipping it in and out of your mouth. I finally take it from you and tell you it’s enough. I grab some lube from my purse and smother my fingers in it. I tell you I’m going to fuck your pussy with the bottle while I fist your ass, but not until you beg first. “Please fuck my cunt with that bottle. And fist my tight ass. I want to please you Mistress and I want to be your slut.” What a good girl you’re being so I give you want. I push the bottle inside your pussy and have you bend over so I can get a better angle to your ass. I thrust three fingers inside, then four. Finally I make a fist and thrust it inside your ass. By this time you’re moaning very loudly but I don’t care because I want to know how much you’re loving it. I keep pushing the bottle in and out while my fist is in your ass. You cum violently, shaking from the power of your orgasm.

    What next?

  20. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 12,2012 4:04 am

    Wow. I checked my phone when i went to visit my parents house and read your post. It got me so horny i HAD to run to the bathroom to masturbate. It was even worse not being able to moan or scream so my release was even better. Now,im back at my house and im ready to get you to orgasm.

    Okay, so, imagine this.

    We were at BigTit’s house-a very VERY sexy brunette with huge perky round tits. You and i both wanted her and often fantasized about her, but he had a boyfriend.
    Anyways, i was wearing a pretty short sundress revealin my smooth legs. Lucky for you, i wasnt wearing a bra or underwear as my dress had cups big enough to fit my big tits.
    You were wearing a mini-ruffle dress that stopped right above your knees. Like me, you werent wearing a bra or underwear. BigTits didnt know about us(if you kniw what i mean;) ) we were both sitting on her couch while she was telling us stories about her boyfriend, erotic, sexy stories about their sex life. The size of his hard, big cock and how much she enjoyed it. This was ofcourse turning us on. We wanted to please her. Well anyways, after her stories, she confessed to us that she was extremely horny. This was obvious because of her huge pertruding nipples. I saw the hunger in your eyes an you saw mine. You and i couldnt take it. We excused ourselves after a few mins to releave eachother. We quickly ran to her spare bedroom, locked it and undressed. We got right down to business. I hastily lifted your dress above your head so your tits and vagina were showing. As i was lifting your dress, you were so wet that strings of cum were being “pulled”(kind of like pulling gum) this aroused me. I ran down and licked everyhing off of you. You took the rest of your dress off and strted on mine. You wanted things quick so you unzipped my dress and threw it down. Both of us were dripping and horny and naked. I roughly shoved you on the bed and sat on your cunt in a spider position. I started humping your vagina with mine. The slush of cum made us both even more horny. I started moaning, eventhough i was the one taking charge. You smiled. The fact that BigTits could hear us made us even hornier. It was wild. In a few seconds, while i humped up, your stomach got sprayed entirely by my juices. You moaned loudly. I knew she heard us then. I laughed because we were already caught. I started yelling and screaming with pleasure. I wanted her to come to us and join. You wiped the cum off your stomach and licked it off your hands. You then took more off and wiped it all over my waist and thighs. I moved the top of my body down, so i was completely on top of you except for my legs,They were hanging off the bed. I started humping in an up and down position while i sucked your breasts. A little while later, we heard quiet knocks on the door. We both looked at eachother smiling. We then heard a sweet sounding voice.
    “guys, is everything okay?”
    We both moaned to let her know what we were doing, making sure to both hump to creak the bed.
    She knocked again.
    “guys, im sooo horny please, let me in. I want to have sex. Right now.” she sounded so desperate. We had to let her. We both wanted her pussy. I quickly got off of you. But just to open the door. I would be back to finish you off πŸ˜‰ i unlocke the door and opened it. The first thing BigTits saw was my shiney looking body. It was lubed with cum. The smell was so powerful she quickly moaned and ran in the room shoving me on top of you. She undressed and ran to the closet.
    “ive been waiting for this for so long” she said.
    We were shocked.
    She grabbed a HUGE 10″ dildo. She licked it all up an ran over to us. We both looked at echother smiling. I grabbed your face and made out with you. You pulled me on top of you and i ended up with my ass in the air. I moved my arms down and found your legs. I opened them up and pointed to your huge pink clit. BigTits knew what to do. She rammed the dildo into your pussy while fisting your ass hole. She didnt even start small, she just fisted right away. You started bucking. Quickly ou screamed in pleasure and starye tearing up with all the fun. You told me it was my turn. You threw my body under you. I grabbed BigTits and put her in the position i was in. You took the dildo from her and rammed it into my pussy while i made you with her. In literally a few seconds my screams were being echoed through the entire house. You both laughed. I came all over her. I ha the best orgasm ive ever had. You didnt stop. I was begging for you to calm but you didnt want to. In a matter of mins i had more than 5 orgasms. I was shaking and couldnt move. You the. Took your fist and dildo out of me and rammed it in her. He quickly came so hard that she fell on me. You wanted me. I was still comming. Our juices combined and soaked the sheets. You threw her off of me an licked up all the juices. You started moaning. I got out of the way for you and you sat on her face while she tongue fucked you. I rubbed her boobs while you shook with pleasure. When she sopped you moved away and went down on her. Starting from her rock hard nipples. You made your way down and tongue fucked her. She orgasmed in seconds. Proud of yourself, you got up, held my hand, pulled me off the bed and dressed me while i dressed you. We both walked away leaving her in the pleasure of her life.
    Our final stop was your house.
    We were still horny Despite barely being able to walk an all of our orgasms.
    What would happen at home my sex master?
    Answer and make me orgasm. Im off to masturbate now. While fantasizing about you. Make me orgasm. Mistress you are amazing

  21. Reply Sexyjasmine Jul 12,2012 12:27 pm

    I would make you suck my pussy from behind until i came all over your face. What would be my punishment?

  22. Reply sexysweetheart Jul 12,2012 8:35 pm

    That was so hot throbbing pussy. I am so wet and trying not to touch myself right now.
    I would push you onto the bed and make you watch as I stroke my tight pink pussy. My nipples and clit are so hard and you begin fingering yourself. I tell you to stop. you have to watch me first. I stick two fingers in my pussy, then 3, then 4. Finally its your turn. I start by sucking your huge nipples, then lick my way down to your dripping pink pussy. I suck on your hard clit and lick your pussy and your asshole. I tongue fuck your pussy while fingering your asshole. I start fisting and your moans and shivers turn to screams and shakes. What would you do to me? πŸ˜‰

  23. Reply Anonymous Jul 12,2012 8:38 pm

    Mmmm I’ve got three fingers deep in my cunt hole, starting to make a creamy little puddle on my desk chair for your sluts!!

  24. Reply Peaches Jul 12,2012 9:35 pm

    Anonymous… take your fingers out of that cunt hole… let me finger fuck you. .and bite your nipples til they are rock hard.. I would fuck you hard and fast with my three fingers…

  25. Reply lustyniki Jul 12,2012 11:03 pm

    Wow Throbbingpussy that was so hot. I had to go masturbate to it before I could reply.

    We’re getting ready to leave BigTit’s house but I tell you that before we go back to my place, I need to fuck her again. I can see that you’re thinking it over.
    “I’m going to fuck her and you’re going to watch without touching yourself. If you can manage that, I’ll fuck you nice and good when we get back to my place.”
    I walk back over to BigTits and tell her that before we leave, I’m going to fuck her hard and make her cum like never before. She’s very excited and pulls off her shirt and shorts revealing her naked body. I pull off my dress so I’m naked as well. There’s a chair in the room so I tell you to go sit on it and watch.
    “If I catch you touching yourself at all, I will spank you very hard and will make you eat my pussy until I cum many times but won’t let you cum. So you want to be a good little slut and sit over there and watch us.”
    You nod and go sit on the chair. I look at BigTits and walk over to her. I lean in and kiss her, thrusting my tongue in her mouth. I start grabbing her huge tits and pulling on her nipples, making them hard. I shove her back on the bed then straddle her. I keep kissing her while humping her stomach, letting her feel how wet I am. I move down and start sucking on her tits while I reach a hand down and play with her clit. She’s moaning loudly for me to do more.
    “Tell me what you want and maybe I’ll give it to you.”
    She’s moaning even louder when I pinch one of her nipples with my fingers.
    “Please fuck my juicy cunt. I want to feel your fingers inside me, stretching me so good. And use your tongue, lick my clit and taste my juices.”
    I move down and thrust three fingers inside her at the same time I suck her clit into my mouth. She screams and her hips start moving. I can tell that she’s very close to cumming so I push my whole fist inside her. She starts to cum and her pussy walls spasm around my fist and her juices flow into my mouth. I lick them all up. I move back from her and look over at you. You’re flushed and your dress is above your hips, with your legs wide open. I can see your juices leaking onto the chair and I know it’s time to go. I grab your hand and we walk outside to the car. It’s a quick drive to my house and we run inside and pull off our clothes. I push you up against the wall and start kissing you. I move my hand to your pussy and start to fuck you with my fingers.
    “You’re so wet baby. I knew you’d love watching me fuck her. You wished that I was doing all that to you, don’t you. Well soon enough I will. Just one more thing first. You’re going to lie down on this floor and I’m going to rub my pussy against yours. You’re going to feel all my juices and my hard clit. After I cum, I’ll fuck your juicy cunt with my strap on.”
    We get on the floor and maneuver our legs so that our pussies can rub together. I start moaning and telling you how good your juicy cunt and your hard clit feel rubbing against me. You grow even wetter hearing me say that. I can tell I’m going to cum soon so I tell you suck my tits and finger my ass to make it better.
    “Ohhh yeaaahhh baby I’m cumming. Hnnng you make me feel so good.”
    I ride it out and when I’m done, I get off you and grab my strap on.
    “Hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you like the bitch you are.”
    I don’t even bother to have you suck my cock because your pussy is already soaked with our combined juices. It goes right into your tight cunt and you groan loudly.
    “Yeahh take that big cock you little slut. Take all of it. Tell Mistress how much you love her big dick.”
    I start slapping your clit and you scream about how much you love my fat cock. You cum all over my cock, having one of the longest orgasms I’ve ever seen you have.

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  30. Reply ThrobbingPussy Jul 13,2012 4:04 am

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  43. Reply cherrycupcake Jul 20,2012 3:23 am

    Kinkykitty, once we made it in to the house, we’d head straight for the bedroom! Sitting on the edge of the bed we would begin to kiss, our tongues tasting and teasing each other. You would unbutton my blouse and then remove your top so I could see your lovely tits. I would suck on one of them while pinching and rolling your other nipple til you were panting in anticipation of what was to come.

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    ooh sounds good to me πŸ˜‰ i like being told how naughty i am and what a dirty girl i have been. and oh do i like it rough ;D

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    Hi cherrycupcake. Do you taste as sweet as your name? I may like to find out by lapping up your sticky juices, but you need to please me first. What would you do to me to make you worthy of my velvet tongue?

  52. Reply bustybabe Jul 22,2012 1:36 pm

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  55. Reply bustybabe Jul 22,2012 8:12 pm

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  56. Reply Autumn112 Jul 23,2012 5:35 am

    Bustybabe, that was one of the hottest things I’ve ever read. I had to take a big dildo to my wet hole, I moaned at your words.
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  57. Reply Anonymous Jul 23,2012 2:49 pm

    Who wants to talk dirty?

  58. Reply bustybabe Jul 23,2012 4:02 pm

    Autumn 112, I can certainly fuck you senseless but the same rules apply to you as cherrycupcake. You must please me first, then I will decide. Don’t disappoint me. πŸ™‚

  59. Reply lustyniki Jul 23,2012 9:09 pm

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  61. Reply Pussylips21 Jul 25,2012 4:28 am

    As I’m laying in my bed rubbing my clit HARD, I’m reading these comments, and they’re making me so horny. I have some ice next to me that I like to swirl around my nipples, clit, and put into my already wet pussy. The sensation gets me going ASAP. What would you ladies do to me with this ice, a dildo, and yourself? πŸ˜‰

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    Omg I am so wett from being on this site and reading this. I love reading about other women indulging with eachother. The closest I have gotten is naughty chat. But I am very curious. If anyone here wants to show me the way my name is the same on yahoo hit me up :)!

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