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Learning to Live In The MomentI get asked questions about sex all the time. I get asked, how do I squirt? How do I make my boyfriend happy? How do I orgasm? And the list goes on and on. There are always lots of hows but very little whys in my inbox, and I began to ask myself why?

It could be the FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – effect of living in a world where just about everything is at your fingertips.

Need to book a table at a restaurant? There’s an app for that! Need a date? We have one for that too. These are just two examples and there are plenty more out there. We live in a world where comparisons with others are often what drives us. They have a bigger house, I want that too, they have a good sex life and I want that too. We live in fear of missing out or FOMO in so many areas of our lives, and sex is no exception.

As sex has become more openly talked about, thanks in no small part to the internet, it’s easy to think that we could be missing out. The only problem with that is it’s easy to think, we need to shave, squirt, orgasm, have a bigger dick than the guy we saw in the porn movie last week, in order to be having “great” sex. We find ourselves comparing us to everyone else even though we actually know little to nothing about the actual real lives of those others. And in the process we seem to have forgotten to ask ourselves why we want or even need these things.

The truth is we don’t need to squirt to have a good or even a great sex life. We don’t need 16 orgasms in a row or to shave bare down there. What we need is to stop fearing that we are missing out on something, and start living in the moment we are in right now. So many times we get distracted by the fear of what we don’t have, that we forget to appreciate what we actually do have.

If your constantly trying to squirt rather than simply enjoying the orgasm that is about to peak, then you are likely a victim of FOMO. If you find yourself wondering if you really do measure up to her last boyfriend, instead of making use of the equipment you DO have, you are also a victim of FOMO. The truth is you are already missing out, right here and right now. It’s easy to fix that though.

Simply stop worrying about squirting and dick size and concentrate on living in the moment. This moment, the one right here, and right now, otherwise you are likely missing out on that too. A much better solution to the FOMO effect is to start asking yourself why? Why do you want to squirt? Why do you want a bigger dick? Because someone or some company told you that your missing out otherwise? Being happy with what you have, may seem like an outdated concept but by living in the moment, you will miss out on less and enjoy your life and yes, your sex life a lot more.

Of course there are times when the FOMO effect can, at least in theory, work to your advantage and there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out new things to try sexually. When fear becomes an obsession and you are always seeking the next big thing, then it could be a problem. Especially if it comes at the expense of what you already have.

Living in the moment has its own rewards. So instead of fearing what you might miss out on, why not grab your favorite toy, be it your partner, or your battery operated boyfriend and start living in this moment right now?

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    I’d be happy to any questions re. men’s sexual response or lack thereof-or questions on any related topics.

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