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 Sex By NumbersWritten By: Jenne
Consider this for a second, we live in a world filled with numbers. The number of hours it takes us to get to work, the number of days we get to do whatever the hell we want, the number on the scales. What is with all these numbers? I get that we all need something to measure our lives by, but when that desire extends into the bedroom, then respectfully America, I say, we have a problem…

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked how many guys I’ve slept with in my own life, how many orgasms I had in one session, how many times I’ve managed to squirt, and the list goes on and on, and on… I’m sure yours does to when you stop to think about it.

Stop it already will ya please! Stop and think for a moment… It’s okay to measure some things by numbers and I’m the first to admit that, but there are times when numbers shouldn’t matter. The bedroom being one of those times.

No wonder we are all feeling inadequate and our sex lives are screwed up when all we do is count the minutes it takes our partners to orgasm, how many orgasms they orgasms they have experienced, and how many sexual partners they have had in the past. If you think this is all on women, think again guys! How big is your dick compared to the guy stood next to you in the john, how many orgasms did you give that girl last night, I can only do it once but my best friend John says he can come 5 times a night.

Remember when you were a kid and you simply played with your respective bits, not worrying about how long it took, or not even knowing what you were doing, you just knew it felt good? Feeling good and in that moment was all that mattered, not how big it was, how your left labia was bigger than the right, or that John’s willy was 2 inches bigger than yours, because you might not of even been aware that John also possessed a willy back then. You did it simply because it felt good and well you could. It was yours, it belonged to you, and you just enjoyed it, lived for the moments of pleasure that you could illicit.

I’m old enough to recall, [No the dinosaurs were not still roaming -)) ] when women hadn’t even heard of the g-spot, the kegels and more than a few had never experienced an orgasm. We simply didn’t know they existed. Each experience, each new partner was fresh and exciting. There were no expectations on either side, except that we would connect with one another at least for a few hours that night. No numbers, no preconceived ideas of what good sex was supposed to be like. It just was, and it was often a let down, but we often learned from our experiences, we moved on and enjoyed the next one.

Now if we stop with all this, she should be able to come in five minutes and it took her fifteen nonsense, and actually listened to our partners body instead, wouldn’t sex be better for the both of you? I mean come on, when was the last time you bothered to listen to your partners body, to really live in the moment, rather than worry about the invisible, infinitesimal numbers, that in the end mean diddly squat?

I respectfully put it to you that it’s time to wake up and realize that sex isn’t about how many, how few or how big. It’s about simply letting go and enjoying the act, whatever the act maybe. After all a true artist doesn’t paint by numbers, but feels the moment, goes with their gut and listens to what the paint does. Why not apply that in the bedroom tonight, go on I dare you…
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