Book Review: The Adventurous Couples Guide To Sex Toys 16

Adventerous-Couples-Guide-To Sex-ToysReviewed By: Jenne

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I love ‘how to’ sex books. I love the fact that no matter how much I ‘think’ I know about a subject there is always more to learn. So when the Adventurous Couples Guide to Sex Toys landed on my doorstep thanks to Cleis press, I was all up for some reading.

This book is written by Violet Blue with a forward by Charlie Glickman, both are well known sex educators in their own right. Charlie Glickman you may recall recently co-penned the book, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Play.

As you can tell from Clitical I am no stranger to sex toys, but I am aware that many people are and a book like this can prove invaluable and I just wish it had been around when I first began to dabble in the wonderfully strange world that was sex toys back then. As Charlie Glickman points out in his forward, back when I started sex toys were called novelties, the only way to get them was to walk into a seedy looking dirty book store and make a purchase. Thankfully things have changed today with the advent of the Internet and female friendly stores such as Good Vibrations and Babeland, some of the blush feature has been taken out of buying sex toys, even for the first time.

The Adventurous Couples Guide to Sex Toys, begins with a great chapter that will gently guide the beginner through the various types of toys that are on the market today as well as how to care and feed them after you have made your purchase.

Once we have a rough guide to what we could be looking for in today’s market we move to the subject of giving a toy as a gift or making your very first purchase. There are lots of useful hints and tips offered within this chapter.

If you’ve ever wondered how to bring a sex toy into the bedroom when you have a new lover, or perhaps an existing one, that you are shy to introduce the world of toys to the next chapter is a must read. Violet suggest multiple ways to help you overcome possible embarrassing situations as well how to simply approach the subject of bringing toys into your bed.

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Chapter 4 deals with toys of the fifty shades variety, in other words those that are designed for more kinky play, such as whips, paddles and cuffs to name but three possibilities.  Violet’s easy writing style makes for easy reading throughout not just this chapter but the entire book.

Chapter 5 is devoted to the seemingly beguiling world of stap-on play.  From the types of harnesses available to various types of play, all is covered within this section.

Chapter 6 finds us in the world of technological toys. This as we quickly discover whilst reading can open up a world of play to those in a long distance relationship that once was just a fantasy.  While a webcam might not be thought of as a sex toy, after you’ve read this chapter you will likely change your mind….

Next we are treated to a look at sex machines, which are more advanced than ever before. Violet again offers the reader ways of using these machines which many reader will not be familiar with. The same is true of the next two chapters in which sex furniture and exotic toys are discussed, explored and taken to task.

Chapter 10 takes an enlightening look at shopping for sex toys in the modern age of the Internet. Violet discusses safety, provides tips for buying both intelligently and safety. More than that she offers a large selection of recommended sex toy stores both physical and on line, sex toy direct retailers and safe sex information.

The Adventurous couples guide to sex toys is a book is written in a nonsense style that I appreciated, and it made it not only any easy read but an interesting one. Even for someone such as myself who considers herself something of a toy expert, there was some new information and resources to be gleaned from reading this book.

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