Take control 18

I’m new to this feeling. But I’ve been fantasizing about a woman taking control and punishing me. I want to be spanked, fingered, licked. The whole experience. I want to cum so hard. I want her to make me squirt for the first time. I want my pussy to be so wet. I want her to make me eat her pussy. I want to do things I’ve never done.


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18 thoughts on “Take control

  1. Reply Nikki May 17,2017 1:38 pm

    I have taken young ladies like yourself and turned them inside out with pleasure…would you like to hear what I would do?

  2. Reply DollFace Jan 28,2017 3:57 am

    @Wet&Wanting do you still volunteer for tribute to me??? ?

  3. Reply Lulu_Lovely Oct 25,2016 3:58 pm

    Mmm damn you ladies make me sooooo wet… I want somebody to catch me masturbating in my bedroom and spank me so hard for it… I want you to lie me down, and pinch my nipples until they’re rock hard… Your tongue laps over and over my clit, until I start squealing… again and again… I’m begging for release but you won’t give it to me. Not yet. You thrust your fingers into my dripping pussy, slowly inching more fingers until your entire fist is inside me, pulling out, in, out, in, so quickly until I cum so hard. But you’re not done yet, you are still punishing me. You make me eat you out, or suck your balls depending on your gender. I cum again, right on top of you and you squirt into my mouth, making me swallow. We fall asleep cuddling happily.

  4. Reply Hornygirl Oct 21,2016 8:27 am

    oh my god i’m so fucking horny right now. ugh please come squeeze my tits and rub my pussy and squirt your juices all over me

  5. Reply Wet&wanting Oct 20,2016 3:24 am

    @Dollface I’m game anytime.I’d love nothing more than for you to be on top of me, sucking my nipples as your hands find my dripping wet pussy. Listening to me moan as you , knowing you’re in complete control of me, making me quiver. Bringing me just to the brink before stopping and starting all over again. My hips thrust, legs quiver, and pussy drips just thinking about it

  6. Reply Els Oct 17,2016 8:26 am

    My pussy is so wet and I want someone to lick my fingers. I need a very naughty girl that wants her arse spanked bright red, then I will kiss it better and rewards you with a delicious feast on your throbbing clit. I want to keep you on the edge of cumming for so long, until you beg me to let you explode. I hope I’m making your nappies hard reading this. I’m going to slip my fingers inside myself and feel how wet writing this has made me and then enjoy every second of my or orgasm thinking about you horny girls.

  7. Reply DollFace Oct 5,2016 3:08 am

    its been a few weeks since ive been on here, just moved to a new apartment. i went back & reread all your sexy girls comments and my pussy is dripping wet now. my one hand is in my pants teasing my clit while the other is pinching my perky pierced nipples. imagining one (or two) of you girls were here in bed with me. lickling my clit. sucking and biting my nipples. smacking my ass. ugh im so horny. i just wanna feel a girls juicy lips on mine. have her breasts in my mouth. our skin rubbing against each others. i want to make a girl moan and give her shaking orgasms so good that she feels me the next day. its been too long, im craving it. i need it. any volunteers??

  8. Reply Cat Sep 26,2016 9:14 pm

    You have me dripping wet, I’d love to take control of that pussy ?

  9. Reply Em Sep 23,2016 8:36 pm

    You are talking to me, taking sips of your iced tea as suddenly we reach into more personal matters, you describe to me a dirty little dream you had last night, I can’t help but to touch myself discretely a moan escapes from my lips, almost reaching my highest point. You hear it and yoy begin to drip cum, your tight denim shorts beggining to have a wet spot. I apologize, my cheeks tainting a deep red, my nipple have become erected and you’re able to see them through my white tank top, I am breathing heavily, I look onto your pinkish lips covered by a thin layer of gloss, a little drop of sweat drips from your neck in to the valley of your large breasts, my fingers head back to my wet spot, making my way through my short and into my panties, I finish the work that was still undone. I finnaly reach my highest point and left a loud moan escape from my lips. You look at me surprised, I couldn’t help myself. I stood up from the table and headed towards you, I opened your legs and sat against you, I unbottoned your white tank top revealing your large breasts and erect nipples, I then kissed one lightly, I could feel you shiver against me, I kept licking and licking, until I heard you moan, I lightly bit your nipple, I then moved my hand to your other breast and massaged it, you were drawing circles in my back as you moaned my name. I then stood up, and I admired you so vulnerable and desirable, I then toom your hand and headed to a room. I unbottoned my shirt revealing my large breasts, I took my shorts leaving me in panties, I undressed you, and let you on the couch, I took my band towards your throbbing intimacy and played between your folds, you moaned my name. I then found your clitoris and pinched it lightly, and went back to my little play, you begged for me to go back but I wanted it to last a little longer, I then thrusted my index finger in your little pussy, I felt your juices flowing with freedom in my fingers, your walls tensing around my now two fingers, you kept riding my fingers, as your breasts breast danced. I told you to keep going, as I was now playing with myself. You finally came, and you now headed to me, I kept playing with myself, I wanted to get off so badly, but you took my hand away, and I moaned as you began licking my folds, and I finally came as I pinched my own nipples, desire had taken over.

  10. Reply Pink96 Sep 16,2016 3:43 pm

    I long for an older woman to make me beg for it and show me the ropes. She ties me down and slips of my shorts and starts touching my pussy thought my panties. Then, off comes my shit and bra. She sucks my nipples. Oh my god I’m so wet thinking about this. After I can’t take it anymore she finally slips of my panties. She teasing me though, she sits on my face and tells me to make her cum before I can get any pleasure

  11. Reply ChocolatePussy Aug 24,2016 2:15 pm

    I fantasize about the same thing. I imagine me and another woman are hanging out then she starts to kiss me and touch my titties. I don’t stop her and amazed at how wet it gets me. she begins to rub on my pussy and as I start to pull away she stops me and pins my legs open making me taking her fingers and then her mouth. I want a woman’s mouth on my pussy so bad it drives me crazy. I’m dripping wet reading. all these posts…wishing someone was her to suck on my pussy and to sit on my face. anyone interested in spreading my pussy lips?

  12. Reply Layla Aug 20,2016 6:46 am

    I would tie you up and blindfold you start teasing your pretty clit

  13. Reply Jade Aug 14,2016 8:38 am

    In wet reading these ?

  14. Reply Lily Aug 11,2016 3:47 am

    I would love for you to tie me up. Flip me onto my stomach and tie my hands to the bed. Please don’t forget my ankles. Blindfold me and then start rubbing your hands all over me. But what I want most of all is for you to spank my beautiful ass and thighs. Spank me so hard and until I’m bright red. Make me beg for you to spank me again and again!

  15. Reply Ginger Aug 9,2016 7:06 pm

    I just love taking control; tying them up before we play, then letting the fun begin. Maybe I’ll blindfold you, then use a crop to spank your beautiful ass and thighs until they just begin to turn red, cooling the sting with some ice. I’ll rub it all over your ass, and let it slide between your folds to your clit, for a moment before I move away leaving you wanting.
    If your a good girl I might reward you with something more.

  16. Reply DollFace Aug 8,2016 3:30 am

    i love taking control in the bedroom. id def show you a good time & make you feel pleasure like youve never felt before. id make your legs shake & have you craving me even the next day, still able to feel my hand gripping that pretty little throat of yours. im getting wet just thinking about the things id do to you.

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