Erotic Story: The Movie

female masturbation fantasiesWritten by: Anonymous

21-year-old Kelly had been asleep for a while when she woke up and saw two people having sex on the television screen. She had fallen asleep while watching a movie on one of the premium channels, and a loud noise outside had just awakened her.

Kelly had moved away from home to take a job when she graduated tech school and had left behind Scott, her boyfriend of three years. She missed him terribly, especially at times like this. She remembered how wonderful it was to make love to him, how incredible it felt when he would give her oral sex, and how amazing it felt to have him penetrate her.

She watched as the woman mounted the man and began to ride him. Her lovely breasts bounced, and her long blonde hair trailed down her back as she rode him, moaning loudly. Kelly felt her breath begin to grow faster, and a wetness growing in her panties. She was beginning to ache. It had been more than four months since she had felt the pleasure of orgasm, and she needed the release.

She lifted her nightgown slowly and slid her hand inside her panties, gently beginning to finger her clit. She watched as the man moaned and rubbed the woman’s breasts with both hands, and she imagined how wonderful it would feel to have Scott’s cock buried deep inside her. She pushed one finger inside her wet hole, gasping loudly.

She closed her eyes and listened to the couple moaning and groaning, and she began to push two fingers in and out, using her other hand to stimulate her clitoris. She sighed heavily, and rubbed more vigorously at her clit, opening her eyes to see the man turning the woman over to fuck her doggy style. She wished this weren’t cable so she could see his penis. She longed to touch a cock again, to take its velvety smoothness in her mouth and feel it shooting warn semen inside her belly.

Her nipples stiffened against the fabric of her gown and stimulated them, making her hotter, wetter, and hornier. She was now fucking herself with four fingers, rubbing her clit with the other hand.

“Oh… oh yes… Scott, how I wish you were here! Oh, yes…” she whispered.

The men on the television had grabbed two handfuls of the blonde’s hair and was fucking her so hard that Kelly could hear the sound of his skin slapping against her ass. The woman called out “YES!” at every stroke. The man was dripping with sweat, his muscles glistening in the pale light of the set.

Kelly could feel herself getting close to orgasm and she slowed down a bit, wanting the feeling to last as long as possible, and to be as strong as possible. She took her fingers out of her pussy and licked the juice off them. She tasted sweet. She used this newly freed hand to play with her small breasts, gently pinching her nipples the way Scott used to.

Suddenly the woman began to scream that she was going to cum, and she began to beg the man to cum. Kelly grabbed one breast and squeezed so hard it was almost painful as she furiously rubbed her clit, hoping to cum at the moment the man did. She used to love to cum as she heard Scott groaning in orgasm, and the sound made her orgasm so much harder. She began to shudder, and when she was about to explode she heard the man groaning over and over with each thrust, he was cumming! That was enough. Kelly rocked her bed as she rubbed her clit as fast and as hard as she could, feeling waves of orgasm rush over her entire body. She pinched her nipple so hard it made her cry out and she screamed as her body trembled into a massive orgasm, one like she never could have imagined having! She never thought that masturbation could be as good, or better, than sex! It was amazing!

She shuddered and shivered and trembled as her body rocked with orgasm for several minutes, one wave slowly crashing as another would rise, and her orgasm lasted long past the end of the scene.

She lay in bed for only a moment after the last wave of orgasm ceased, and Kelly fell into the deepest, most comfortable sleep of her life.

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