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Erotic Story: The Breaking Of EstelleWritten By: Jenne

She stared at the large house that now towered above her tiny form. She became more afraid as she approached the large driveway. This was one of those grand old houses, Gothic in style, gargoyles on every parapet, and not a place that afforded any welcome from its outside specter.

She’d heard tales of this house since she’d been babe, but as she recalled them now, they did little to calm her fears. With a sense of apprehension she walked up the driveway and found the servant’s/tradesman’s entrance. She stood rooted to the spot gazing at the doorway. A huge door was all that stood between her and her fate.

Slowly she reached forward and grasped the huge knocker. She jumped back in fright as it thudded against the coarse, dense timber. What to Estelle seemed like an eternity passed before the door slowly opened, creaking as it did so and causing her heart to flutter once more. The figure that greeted her was less welcoming than the house itself. He was a tall man, gaunt in appearance, and his skin was so pale and milky he looked to all the world as though he had never seen daylight.

She was almost pulled though the doorway by the strange looking man. He said not a word to her as he took her arm and began to guide her through the house. She heard the door slam behind them, a loud dull thud that filled her with dread. It sounded to Estelle as a prison gate would to a condemned man. She followed the tall figure, not knowing where she was being led but having no real wish to stay in the dark passages by herself. They reached a doorway and she was led down a small flight of stairs.

As they descended, she suddenly felt the pangs hungry. The smell of fresh baked goods assailed her nostrils as they entered the kitchen of the house. A large round figure stood over an equally large pine table, busy making pastry, or some such thing. Quickly Estelle surmised this must be the cook. She was a portly figure, looking as though she’d enjoyed the fruits of her labors to some excess. Even her kindly face was rounded, and as they entered she spoke to the man who had just brought Estelle in from the cold.

“The Master is waiting to greet the new maid,” she said, adding,”pretty little thing, ain’t she?”

She gave Estelle what seemed to be a friendly smile, the first the girl had encountered since entering the large house. “Put her things in her quarters and then straight to the Master with her!” With that, the cook quickly returned to her work.

Again Estelle was led by the tall, shadowy figure, this time down more steps before they’d entered a small room. It was small room that lacked a window, just one small bed, and a dressing table. Placing the battered bag on the bed and her cloak on the peg behind the door, she began to feel better. This was to be her own place, a luxury that had she’d never been afforded at home. Mama had a large family and space had been at a premium there. She’d to share her room with three of her younger sisters. Perhaps service had it’s benefits after all.

She was allowed no time to deliberate as once again she was ushered towards the stairs. They ascended without words or even glances. Estelle blindly following the gaunt strangers lead. The passages were dark and apprehension began to invade her. She shivered, the passages were damp and cold, and she wished now that she had not removed her cloak.

Finally they came to a halt. Again a large door greeted her. The specter that had lead her here knocked loudly, the sound echoing eerily around the passage in which they now stood. A voice commanded that they enter. The man quickly opened the door and escorted Estelle into the room. Her eyes darted around the room, surveying the splendor within. It was opulent, grand beyond Estelle’s wildest dreams. Everything in the room shouted wealth as her eyes struggled to take in the rich sights that greeted them, from the chandeliers above her to the carpets beneath her feet.

Quickly she sensed another presence in the room. Sitting in a large chair in front of the roaring fire was a man of slight built. She was ushered around to face him and dipped in a nervous curtsy. She could see that he was indeed slim, and after studying his face for a few moments she could detect no malice there. He was pallid in complexion, his face full of deep lines, but his eyes possessed a warmth that seemed out of keeping with the rest of this house.

Estelle was unsure why she felt so uncomfortable as he stared at her, to be study her. His eyes traversed her body and face for what seemed an eternity. Finally he addressed the man who had brought her to him.

“More pleasing to the eye than I expected,” he said. It was as though Estelle did not exist, even though he was discussing her. “Cavendish,” he continued, still not looking at her, “see to the girl’s needs! A bath is order, I think. Then bring her back to me!

“”Of course, Master.” This was the first time Estelle had heard the man speak, his accent cumbersome and his speech slow. It seemed to match his frame perfectly. Estelle wondered what would happen to her next. She felt so small and insignificant as she stood in the large room. She had little idea of what her duties would entail.

She contemplated this as she was once again ushered from the warmth of the room and into the cold, damp passages of the house. Mama had told her that she was to obey her Master at all times, however strange the requests he made upon her may seem. That was her only concern now, to please her Master.

They reached the kitchen and the kindly looking cook smiled once more as they entered. Her face was full of warmth and Estelle took comfort from it.

“A bath for the child?” The question was directed at the man she now knew to be called Cavendish.

“That is correct, Cook. I shall prepare it while you feed her.” Left alone in the kitchen with this kindly looking woman, Estelle allowed herself to relax somewhat for the first time. From the man’s words, it seemed the woman must go by the name “Cook” rather than anything more personal. That fit Estelle’s sense of how wealthy households worked.

“You must be famished, child,” Cook said in a thick accent that Estelle had some trouble understanding.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Estelle managed to stammer.

“Sit and we will see what we can find for you.”

“Thank you.” Estelle sat at the large table and Cook presented here with a large platter that contained cheese, bread and some pickle. Estelle sat and ate, hungrier than she had at first realized, and the plate was soon empty.

“My, we do have a good appetite, don’t we. That is a good sign. You will fit in well here, I think.”

A large cup was placed in front of her and Estelle drank from it. She was unsure of the liquid, but she was thirsty and it tasted sweet. Everything in this house was strange and new to Estelle, she was unsure if her actions were right or wrong. She was scared to do the wrong thing, but eager to please. The smile on Cook’s face seemed to indicate that her actions had meet with her approval so far.

Estelle was just beginning to fully relax when Cavendish returned once more.

“Off for your bath, young lady,” Cook told her, “then the Master will require your presence once more.” Was that a small sigh Estelle had detected in Cook’s words? “Go with Cavendish, he will do you no harm,of that you can be assured.”

Estelle nodded gratefully for the food and the kindly words. She had no idea what awaited her, but she felt better for both.

Again she followed the man. This time he led her into a smaller room that was heavy with steam. Through the thick haze, she could just make out the bathtub in the middle of the room. The room was warm and a dresser displayed a selection of large towels.

Cavendish never spoke to her. This in itself frightened Estelle. His actions frightened her more though. He beckoned her sit on a stool and,when she did, he stooped down in front of her and began to unbuckle her shoes. Estelle’s mind raced as he did this. What were his intentions toward her? She remembered Cook’s last words and began to relax. The room had an eerie feel. The mist, the air’s heaviness, seemed suffocating.

Cavendish beckoned her to stand. This she did obediently. He moved behind her and began to unbutton her simple peasant dress. He slipped the dress from her shoulders and she stood in just her undergarments. Although this obviously had been the next step after he had begun undressing her, a hot flush rush across her cheeks. Cavendish paid her little attention, never once glancing at her directly. He seemed intent on his duties, and for that she was grateful. Still, she felt much embarrassment, and a tinge of fear,when he continued on and carefully removed her undergarments.

Never before had she been naked in front of a man. Even her Papa had never seen her bare flesh, not in her memory at least. Cavendish ushered her towards the bath, and, grateful for the bubbles to cover her nakedness, she sank into the hot water. It was not that he was staring at her. This was something he appeared to have carefully avoided doing. It was the whole alien situation.

He laid out her new clothes carefully as she washed, using the oils and potions that were placed in front of her. She felt as though she was being prepared for something, but just what that something could be eluded her. She tried to dismiss the thoughts running through her mind. She was confused and frightened, but this was tinged with a sense of excitement. Perhaps that was the effect of the bath.

The water’s warmth, the weight of the food in her belly, and the memory of the cook’s easy demeanor so relaxed her that she was in danger of falling asleep. But Cavendish brought her back to the present by holding out a large towel to signal the bath’s conclusion.

She wrapped herself in the warm envelope, grateful that Cavendish had turned his back. She was passed a large robe, and she dutifully she’d put it on. Again he sat her on the stool and, waving off her attempt to do it for herself, he gently brushed her hair.

She felt like royalty as this was done, but the tension began to rise within her once more as she was ushered towards the bathroom door. She had expected to be dressed when she returned to the Master. It was obvious now that she would arrive wearing only this thin robe to separated her bare skin from the outside world and the Master’s eyes.

She shivered as she entered the cold passage once more. This was due in part to the cold air that greeted her, but also because of the apprehension that had crept back as she was led once more towards her Master.

What were his intentions toward her? The stories that she had heard in the village invaded her mind once more. They did little to comfort her fear, if anything they heightened it. She tried to block them by thinking of the words her Mama had said as they had parted earlier that morning. She remembered the smile that had been on her face as she had set out towards the house.

“You must obey! Remember that, and you will be just fine,” her Mama had told her. She had resolved on her journey that this was what she would do. Before she could think any more of what this would mean they reached their destination.

They stood before a large door, and Estelle realized they had come a different route and were at a different door than the last time. Cavendish knocked and again the Master’s voice bid that they enter. Estelle stared, eyes wide at the scene that greeted her. Another large room, but this one obviously a bed chamber. Although it took up only a small part of the floor space, all Estelle could see at first was the majestic four-poster bed with its elaborately carved wooden pillars and huge drapes. Only then, perhaps because the bed’s overwhelming splendor seemed to dwarf him, did she perceive the Master sitting on its edge. Fear welled up in her once more as she watched him watching her, and she flinched as she heard the heavy door thud shut behind her as Cavendish departed the room.

The Master beckoned her to come closer. She remembered her mother’s words, and obeyed. Like her, he was dressed only in a robe, his was thick and rich in fabric and trim. Like hers, his feet were bare. As she neared the bed, she began to feel the warmth from the fire that roared in the grate, indeed noticed the fireplace for the first time. It was so warm that it brought a flush to her cheeks.

The Master reached forward and took her hands as she stood before him. She trembled at his touch. It took all her reserves not to flee from the room as he studied her.

“You are indeed a beauty, just as you’re mother promised in her letter” he said gently. She took some comfort from the gentleness of his voice, but was still trembling as he pulled her nearer to him. His hand reached up and gently he traced the outline of her face with a fingertip. Estelle still had no idea where all this would lead, but she stood firm as her mother had told her to. He was her Master and she must do his bidding. This thought stopped her from fleeing as he reached down and began to untie the cord that held the thin robe. If this was to be her fate, then she must accept it, no matter how wrong it seemed to her.

He watched intently as the robe fell open. Her nakedness revealed to him, she wanted to run from his gaze, to hid from his eyes, but she knew that her legs would not carry her far. She had to except whatever this man had planned for her. As the robe slipped from her shoulders, he rose. He circled her slowly. She felt his gaze even when he was behind her. A touch on her neck from behind caused a tremor of fear to run through her body once more. She felt as though an electric current had just passed through her. He traced his fingers over her body, lingering in some spots longer than others. Down her back, across the tight cheeks of her bottom, and then up over her back.

He moved closer now, still behind her. She was startled to realize his robe was gone now too, as she felt his bare flesh on hers. His skin was coarse, hairy in places, as he pressed his body against her back.

He must have felt her trembling, as he whispered softly into her ear, “Hush, my child, you have nothing to fear from me.”

She should of been comforted by these words, but instead they filled her with a sense of dread. She had no idea why, but she suddenly felt threatened. Again she wanted to run, but instead stood transfixed to the spot as he pushed his naked body even more tightly against hers. She felt a strange protrusion as he did so. This confused her more. What were this man’s intentions toward her?

She remained where she was as he felt her body with his ever searching hands. Eventually they came to rest on the soft flesh of her young breasts. Again the shock of having a man touch her there was overwhelming. He gently kissed her neck as his hands circled the soft flesh that formed the globes of her breasts. She was powerless to resist him. She was not sure that she wanted to resist anymore. The feelings that his very touch produced within her body were intense and bewildering. Her senses reeled as he continued to gently caress her flesh. His fingers so gentle. Never before had she experienced these kinds of feelings.

Suddenly he stopped. What now? He moved round so he stood in front of her. She was barely able to keep from trembling with fear as she looked at the form that faced her. She gawped at the protrusion that she had felt pressed into her bottom just a moment before. She stared wide-eyed at it. She had no idea what its purpose was, but some instinct in her caused the sight of it to frighten her nonetheless.

It was not the length that filled her with dread. It was its girth. She studied it without a thought of how rude this must have seemed. It was thick, very thick. The ridges that surrounded it intrigued her. She noticed the deep purple colored veins that ran its length and the way that they pulsed as she watched. She couldn’t have said in words what this thing was for, what it meant to her, why it should scare her, but somehow she knew.

Without warning, the spell was broken. Again her Master began to ouch her. Whilst she had been staring rudely at the erection that protruded from his body, it appeared that he had been watching her. He began to massage the soft flesh of her small pert breasts once more. She felt a strange sensation as her nipples began to harden under his gentle touch. It was not an unpleasant feeling, just an unfamiliar one.

His head moved forward and she felt his tongue brush against the flesh of her breasts. Despite herself, she let out a small moan as he did this. The feeling was amazing. As if spurred on by the sound, he took her nipple inside his soft lips and began to suck at it. Again, she moaned as he increased the pressure on her nipple. Her head felt as though it would explode as she tried to take in all the sensations that his mouth and hands were creating within her body.

With his mouth still suckling her small breasts, his hands began to meander down her slim figure. She tensed as he slid his hand over her shapely thighs. What was he doing there? Why did he need to feel her there? She asked these questions of herself, still somehow she knew. The exploration did not stop and secretly she did not want it to. His hands moved deftly toward the small mound that was sparsely covered by curly dark hair. This her Mother had always told her was secret, this was hers and no man should ever touch her there before they were married.

Now she was really confused. Her mother’s voice rang out from both sides of her mind. No man should touch her there, but she must do her Master’s bidding. He was a man, but he was her Master, and he most certainly was bent upon touching her exactly there.

The feeling coursing through her from his touch resolved the doubts. This was her Master and she must do his bidding. The decision pushed the fear aside. As he eased his hand between her legs, she allowed them to part for him. As she did so, he pulled her back onto the enormous bed. He released his mouth from her breasts and knelt before her. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see what he was going to do to her now. She felt his hands moving across her thighs, toward her innermost sanctum.

She was scared, but at the same time the feelings that grew from within her as his fingers neared her sex were exciting. She knew that he was watching his progress and she felt ashamed. Even though her own eyes were shut tight, she could feel his staring at her, into her,watching her every reaction. How she knew that was a mystery, but knew it she did.

Slowly, his fingertips began to part her outer lips, peel them back as though they were so fragile they would break if his touch was too heavy. She let out a small sigh as he began to explore the area that should have been secret. She excited in the naughtiness of it all. A bubble began to build inside her as he continued to touch and probe her. His hands were soft as was his touch.

The touch suddenly changed. She felt a wet, warm sensation under her navel descending toward his busy hands. What was he doing? She desperately wanted to open her eyes, but dared not. Her outer lips were held apart as the wet sensation continued to travel ever nearer to her sanctum. She felt the first touch, then the second. A light flick was the only way to describe it. It yielded the most wonderful sensation she had yet experienced. He continued in this way for a long time. Estelle finally allowed the sensations to course through her body. She stopped fighting and began to relax. Her body left her little choice in the matter. She floated with the feelings, reaching higher and higher with each intense touch. The feeling of losing control was not familiar to Estelle, but she reveled in it, drifted with it to a place she had never been before, had never imagined. Every muscle in her body seemed a coiled spring, every sense was alive. Her young body tensed as he probed her deeper.

Finally, she opened her eyes. The sight that greeted them astounded her. Her Master’s head was buried between her thighs. His eyes were watching her reactions, as she had suspected. The realization of what he was doing to her finally dawned on her innocent brain. He was touching her most private place with his tongue. At first the thought appalled her, but then as the intense feelings took over once more and her eyes again drifted closed, she overcame the repulsion. It felt good, ummm it felt so good. As she lay there her mind began to tense once more, coiling her muscles afresh.

Then a fresh sensation took over. It started in her feet, traveled up her legs, and sat for a few seconds in her stomach. Then in one almighty rush it hit her mind. She shuddered and convulsed as it did so. She had no control now, the feeling was so intense, so delightful in its intensity. She let out a loud shriek as the feeling hit her. The feeling washed over her for only a few long moments before it eased away, but as it did the Master moved up her body once more. He stopped as he reached her breasts and suckled on them once more. He reached her head and looked deep into her eyes. She could see the delight in his. She could smell the aroma of her own sex on his breath.

She felt the erection once more. This was what it was for, of course,its purpose. And hers. She had no fear now.

Carefully he placed the thick pole between her legs and ever so carefully began to push it forward, until it began to enter the void that was still wet and quivering from his ministrations moments before. Slowly, oh so slowly, she felt it slide inside her. It stretched her as it entered. She felt that it would split her in two, but it didn’t. Deeper and deeper he drove it into her. She could feel it pulsing as it filled the soft fleshy walls of her insides. She felt the ridges as he pushed it still deeper. The veins throbbed and pulsed, causing her own muscles to convulse. He rocked it back and forth inside her, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

She felt the bubble begin to rise once more. This time it was different, though she was not sure how. Before she had time to digest what was happening, her body began to convulse once more and she felt the swelling inside twitch against her own sensitive skin. Her muscles spasmed violently as he twitched, her mind reeled once more at the sensation that felt like no other she had experienced before. The intensity as it washed over her body caught her off guard and completely encompassed her entire being. She shook, holding her Master tightly as she did so. Her nails dug into his back, so great was the ferocity of the sensation that tore through her body and invaded her brain.

A low groan emanated from him as he pushed forward, forcing the swelling still deeper into her open chasm. He too began to convulse,she felt each ripple of his muscles as he released a fluid into her void. He grasped her and held her as he rocked back and forth until the fluid’s flow ceased. As they lay together, neither moving, neither speaking, the swelling within her subsided and became so limp that it slipped from her body and came to rest against her thigh. How long they lay together, she had no idea. The intense feelings that she had just experienced along with the warmth of the fire made her drowsy and she all but dropped off to sleep.

She still did not understand fully what had just happened, but she felt that her duty had been done well. She hoped that her Master had been pleased with her, but knew that only time would tell her that. Eventually he removed his weight from her, and though he was not a heavy man, the position had not been a particularly comfortable one for her and she was grateful to be free of him weight.

He helped her to her feet. She was unsure as to whether she should look at him, but he answered her question by raising her head towards him. “I wish you to know that you have pleased me tonight and for that I thank you,” he simply said.

He handed her her robe and she placed it over her body as he rang the bell. Cavendish quickly appeared at the doorway. He did not knock before he entered this time.”Yes Master?” he asked.

“Estelle and I have finished for the day. Take care of her and return her to her room!”

“Of course, Sir.”

She followed the placid servant, allowing herself one quick glance at the Master as she left the room. The heavy door closed once more and anew chapter in her life had begun.

Cavendish led her back to the bathroom where she had bathed before. She cleaned herself as the big man watched. This was not the only change in his behavior. As they had walked back from the Master’s chambers, she had thought there to be slight spring in his step, which had certainly not apparent during her first encounters with the man. Now,as she began to attend to her needs, to clean the remnants of the Master’s attentions from her body, it was obvious that Cavendish was watching her.

This made her feel uneasy. When she had been here before, he had paid her little attention, so why the change? It intrigued her but frightened her at the same time. It was at this point that she noticed the trail of blood caked on her leg. She became alarmed at the sight. Fearful thoughts darted through her mind. This was not nearly that time of the month. What had the Master done to her?

She quickly forgot about Cavendish and sought the source of the blood. She traced the splatters up her leg and realized to her horror that they had indeed come from her insides. Had he hurt her during the encounter? Had he bit her? She hadn’t felt anything of the sort. So why had this happened?

At this point Cook entered the room, startling both Cavendish and herself. She ushered the man from the room and placed her arm around Estelle’s figure.

“It’s fine,” the rotund woman said, apparently seeing the confusion on Estelle’s face and the focus of her attention. “This is the way it’s supposed to be. You became a woman tonight. Did your mother teach you nothing of the world?”

“It seems not,” Estelle replied in a barely audible whisper.

“Tut, tut,” Cook soothed. Still it seemed that the woman was not impressed with her mother’s apparent lack of guidance in such matters.At the precise moment neither was Estelle.

Her senses were still reeling from her encounter with the Master, the pleasure, the pain of that meeting still fresh in her young mind. Would it always be like this, she wondered? This was not what she had expected her duties to be. Her idea had been one of serving. Cooking, cleaning- -domestic service. What had just taken place had definitely not been what she had expected. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed the experience. At that thought she became ashamed. Her face flushed red. So was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she had all but forgotten that Cook was in the room. The portly woman seemed to sense what she was thinking.

“Do not worry about such things, child. Tonight you served your new Master in a manner that would make your mother proud,” Cook said. The words were straightforward, but Estelle sensed an edge to them, as if the woman meant something more than she said. She had no time to consider this, as Cook spoke again. “Now young lady, I think it’s time you retired, you’ve had a busy day.”

Estelle nodded in agreement. She felt tired. Hurriedly she finished cleaning the blood from herself and changed into the nightdress that had been placed next to her. Cook put an arm round her and led her to her room.

She was glad to reach this place of her own, her new haven. Her bed looked so inviting.

“Thank you, Cook,” she exclaimed once she was tucked into her bed.

“Oh, call me Ann when we are alone,” the cook said, “But never let the Master or Cavendish hear you. It is frowned upon here.” A note in her voice told Estelle to take notice of the words.

“I won’t,” Estelle responded in a hushed voice. “Thank you Ann.”

“Now get some sleep my dear. Try not to worry. No harm will become you here. On this matter you must trust me.”With those words, she departed, leaving Estelle alone with her thoughts once more.

No harm? she thought. By everything she had ever learned at her mother’s knee, by all she had heard from the women of the village, by the dense sermons of the dark minister, by the sneering judgments she heard tripping from tongues all around her when some older girl had disappeared without explanation to her and the other young people, she had every reason to believe that she already had been harmed as much as it was possible for a girl in her position to be harmed. But there was her mother’s voice again telling her to do her Master’s bidding. Above all, do his bidding. And there was the lingering glow throughout her body. She had done his bidding, for sure, and the voices of her mother and of gentle Ann joined to assure her that no harm could come.

Still . . . .Slowly all thoughts subsided and she drifted into a restless sleep.

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