Erotic Book Review: Stories of O 16

Stories of O A Review‘O’ is a simple sound and a very simple vowel but when you put it into the context of the big ‘O’ it can take on a whole new meaning. In this particular case it means orgasmic erotica and the wonderful folks at Cleis press know all about that subject. When they offered me my own copy of their newest erotic addition, Stories of O I couldn’t resist.

So as is usual for me I settled down and started to read. This book is a little different from many that Cleis produces as it comes in electronic format only. I’m as happy to read on my Kindle as I am from a print book and sometimes reading in bed is easier with the Kindle as the back light means I can slip under the covers and provide my own climax to a story. Anyway back to the task at hand!

The Stories of O consists of 6 short stories, that are meant to highlight the very different and varied ways that women achieve orgasms and is edited by Alex Algren. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this book only contain six stories and is 76 pages long, this book is packed with some pretty big ‘O’s and some great fantasies.

For me, my favorite story was titled, (s)pan(k)cakes and was penned by Kristina Wright and I haven’t been able to look at a pancake the same way since reading this short. This story feels really real to me and I can seriously get into the characters as they interact whilst performing a task that many of us do each and every morning. Being able to relate is such an important part of any piece of erotica and Ms Wright achieves that and some here. The basic premise of the story is simple. A couple make pancakes in the morning, how they choose to use the equipment for this simple task is quite another. It was so easy to place myself in the main characters role, it made this not only an enjoyable read, but also one that may or may not have produced a few ‘O’s for me, I will take the 5th on that one for now.

Another story that I really enjoyed was The Big O, this story was written by an author I was unfamiliar with, Donna George Storey, but I have a feeling I will be spending sometime seeking her work in the near future. Again this is not a complicated story, but it is a very creative one. Kegel exercises are something that I had never thought of as particularly sexy, at least not until I had read this piece. Ms Storey takes sexercising to a whole new level and elevates into an art form, and a very sexy one at that.

We get to follow the main character Maddy, from the moment she reads about the idea of kegel exercises until she gets to put them into practice when her boyfriend Adam returns from a very long business trip. Between those times there as some fascinating and very erotic times as she learns to control her pelvic muscles and in turn becomes sexually enlightened. Adam is very appreciate of all the diligent work that Maddy has put into her new exercise routine and that is probably an understatement!

There are four other stories that I also enjoyed in this book, that took me just an evening to devour. (For the record I am a quick reader) It would probably have taken less time, if I had not had to take the occasional pit stop and ummm relieve some tension that the words on the pages had caused.

If you’re looking  for an erotic book that won’t break the bank, will have the desired effect and won’t take a lifetime to read, Stories of O might just be the book you a