Tribbing fantasy 57

I’ve always watched videos of girls tribbing and found it so arousing to watch two girls just grind their wet pussy’s against one another. It’s made me always want to try to with other girl. I get so wet just thinking about it and often watch videos and masterbate to just watching two beautiful woman ...

Hot and Horny 5

I get so horny whenever I have alone time and I love playing with my hard little clitty but I just crave the feel of a woman’s fingers fucking me as hard as she can. I’ve never had a lady pleasure me, but i want those beautiful lips wrapped around my nipple and those fingers ...

Dripping, wet and horny 32

I’m lightly stroking my swollen little clit through my skirt. Dripping warmth down my leg. My hot pussy throbbing with the need to be satisfied. I need some wanting hands to show my soaking pink pussy what pleasure is. Please I want you, take control of me please plleease show me pleasure now!

Young and curious 16

I’m 19 and a uni student.  I’ve been brought up to believe that “sex” and all that is supposed to be a bad thing.  My mum saw me masturbating once when I was young and didn’t know what I was doing, and she flipped on me. I play with myself regularly, in secret, and I’ve always ...

Shower fun 15

I went in the shower today after reading some good smut novels, and I was extremely aroused! I lay down, spread my legs apart and let the water hit my throbbing clit, it felt so good but I couldn’t cum. So I stuck three fingers into my wet pussy and pressed down hard on my g-spot, ...

Help me? 3

So I’m 18 but I’m not quite sure on how to know when I’m about to orgasm …. Can yawl explain to me in detail?

Amateur. 1

Ok ladies, so I really enjoy  being the one getting pleased but it seems like as soon as my body starts to tighten up I stop myself. I need help ladies so I can cum and squirt everywhere. Any advice?

Why is it so hard for me to orgasm!? 2

Help ! I’m 22 and I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmed ! My boyfriend and I have been together for three months now and just recently started to fool around. I’ve told him I don’t any of my past bfs have made me orgasm and I have no idea why. So these last few times ...

Hopefully The offer is still there 4

I recently met this very sexy attractive woman.  Our mutual friend got arrested in her truck for a dui so she was stranded at my house.  I offered a place to stay until she could get her truck out. Well we were getting her situated in my motorhome out back when she said, “Is there ...

What will help the best? 36

Dear Clitical, I am a 19 year old virgin (in ever sense).  However, I find, much to my dismay, that I am frequently in need of some relief of tension.  Please help me.  What should I do to help satisfy my…. need?  How would you help me?  I’d love some company.