Give me a scenario!

Hello ladies and all the wet pussy’s out there! I hope you all are doing well!

So I need some assistance!

So I’m an 18 year virgin, but I may not be as of next weekend. My crush and I plan on getting together and having some fun *wink wink*, but I have no idea how to go about this! She’s down for anything and so am I!

So I’d like some scenarios from start to finish. If it were me and you in bed, how we start out, what we do, and how would we finish?

The only thing I have on my mind specifically is her sitting on my face so I can eat her out and squeeze her beautiful ass! And tribbing, with her on top!

Also what’s the best way to eat pussy? I want to make her feel really good!

Sorry I’m so clueless, but still a virgin and I’ve never done this before!

Thanks so much in advanced

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