Female Anatomy: The Anus

anus Female anatomyWhat is its purpose?
The anus is where solid waste exits the body.

What do you need to know about it?
· The anus is full of nerve endings, very highly sensitive to touch, and can be a source of great pleasure. Try stimulating it during your lovemaking, if you lady is open to the idea.

· Approximately 26% of men and 20% of females will engage in anal sex at sometime in their lives with someone of the opposite sex.

· The percentage of Americans (men and women combined) that have anal sex regularly (at least several times a year): 8%

· The number one tip that probably EVERYONE will relate to you about anal sex is to use plenty of lube.

· There are some specialty lubricants designed for >anal sex that include an anesthetic to numb the woman’s sensation and make anal sex less painful. Most experts advise against these products. The simple fact is that pain is a way of your body telling you that something’s wrong. If you’re in pain during anal sex, you need to focus on solving the root problems, not anesthetizing yourself so it’s easier to endure.

· Take a bath together and lovingly wash each other. It will help put her at ease if she KNOWS that she is clean.

· Anal sex doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal. It doesn’t HAVE to be a penis in the anus. There are many other sexual things you can do with the anus. Start with touches on the outside of the anus. Try kisses and licks on the outside. Try inserting a finger or two. Try inserting a small toy. Anal sex doesn’t have to involve a penis right away, or ever!

· A penis is an awful big object to be the first thing you insert into someone’s anus. It’s much better, especially for a beginner, to start with something small and work your way up. Fingers are an excellent starting point. Use one finger, then two, to get your partner primed and ready for larger anal penetration. Be sure not to forget the lube, and you might also want to wear latex gloves. As your partner gets used to your fingers, you might graduate to a butt plug or a small dildo. Butt plugs and dildos are available in all shapes and sizes. Go shopping together to get one she thinks she can handle. Remember, though, don’t put the dildo into the vagina after putting it into the anus. The safest way is to put a condom on the dildo before using it, and to wash it thoroughly immediately after using it. Once she gets used to the butt plug or dildo, then try penetration with your penis.

· Let her control the insertion. For example, if you decide to try anal sex in the doggy style position, then kneel behind her and hold still. Let her back onto your erection at her own pace.

· If your lady is having trouble relaxing for anal entry, try giving her an orgasm or two, first, to help relax her and ease her tension.

· If you sense that something is wrong, don’t just pull out all of a sudden. Tell her what you are about to do and make sure that’s what she wants.

· I read this somewhere and thought it was really funny – yet true. Anytime you have something up someone else’s butt, go slow – not slow from your perspective, but slow from the perspective of someone that has something up their butt.

· Never insert anything into the mouth or the vagina that has been inserted into the anus, first. Carelessness in this regard can cause a horrendous infection.

· Guys, I suggest using a condom for anal sex. It keeps you from having to deal with a mess on your penis. It also eliminates the possibility of a urinary tract infection. Some ladies get diarrhea from the semen without a condom, too. If you choose not to use a condom, urinate right after anal sex to wash away as much bacteria from your urethra as possible. This should help reduce the chances of a UTI.

· “Usually if it hurts, it’s because you didn’t use enough lube and/or he didn’t go slow enough to allow that inner sphincter to open up first. The outer sphincter, the one we feel at the opening, we have control over as far as opening it or keeping it closed. However, there is a 2nd muscle sphincter inside of that; that is involuntary. However, if you apply slight, gentle pressure to it (in other words, when he begins to insert the head of his penis), it will eventually open for you. Usually the pain is caused by that inner sphincter being forced open rather than it opening up on its own. -Kris, 58.

· Nail Check Tip: You should always check your fingernails before you insert them inside your lady, but this becomes even more important when inserting them anally. A jagged nail could tear the intestinal wall. Be careful and be sure to check your nails. One good way to check them is to rub them across the inside forearm of your opposite arm. See how it feels.

· Let’s face it, when you deal withanal sex, you have to deal with poop. Poop lives there, after all. Most encounters with anal sex shouldn’t be too messy, but nevertheless, it’s something that we worry about sometimes. Let’s review some basic anatomy. The anal canal is less than an inch long and leads to the rectum. The rectum is 5-9 inches long and leads to the colon. The colon is where feces accumulate until you are ready to have a bowel movement. The rectum is only a passageway, not the place where feces is stored, so it’s unlikely that you’ll come across any more than a few traces of fecal matter during anal sex.

· Clear a Path Tip: Before engaging in anal play, you should have a good, complete bowel movement. If you don’t, you may encounter far more fecal matter than the two of you might like. For some people, having a bowel movement on-command might not be the easiest thing to do, and straining to defecate is not healthy. A high fiber diet may help things along and is good for your health in any case. Of course, if you really want to clean things out in a hurry, you can purchase an enema from any drug store. There’s some controversy about this, though. Some people feel having an enema first can actually increase the irritation during anal sex. If you’re going to go the enema route, most experts recommend doing it several hours before you plan to have anal sex, rather than right before the act.

· DID YOU KNOW? On average, women with a college degree are more receptive to anal sex than women without a college education.

How do you stimulate it?
· The anus can be stimulated with your tongue. This is called analingus, or rimming. Applying a dab of flavored lube around the anus should mask any smell or taste concerns you may have.

· Plastic Wrap Tip: While performing analingus (using your tongue to pleasure your partner’s anus), many people choose to use a barrier, such as plastic wrap between the tongue and the anus.

· Analingus with Slow Thumb Technique: This technique combines 2 mega-pleasure buttons. This is how it works. Dart your tongue all around her anus while you make little circles on her clit with your thumb. Move your thumb around slowly to let the orgasm build gradually. Because the anus is such a pleasure center, when she has her clitoral orgasm, it may seem as if the orgasm radiates from the anus as well as the clitoris.

· Double Penetration Simulation Technique: This technique allows your lady to experience double penetration with just the two of you in the room. Here’s how to do it. She will lie on her back. Place a pillow under her butt so it props her up at an angle. Take a well-lubed vibrator or dildo and put it in her vagina. Push it in as far as it will comfortably go, without going completely inside the vagina. Now put your penis inside her anus and place your body against the end of the vibrator/dildo. Now as you stroke in and out of her anus, the vibrator dildo will also stroke in and out of her vagina at the same time.

· Butt Plug Tip: Consider buying a butt plug – a tapered, sometimes vibrating plug that fits in the anus. It will add hands-free anal stimulation to almost anything else you do.

· Anal Internal Clock Technique: This technique is performed on the anal opening and inside the anus. Imagine the anal opening as a clock. Take the lubed index finger of your dominant hand and put it on the 12:00 position of the anal opening. Now, quickly move clockwise around the clock, going from 12:00 around to 12:00 again. Repeat this many times. Now, move 1/4 inch inside the anus and repeat. After you do this many times, again move another 1/4 inch deeper and repeat. Keep moving 1/4 inch deeper each time, stimulating all around the walls of the anus. Don’t stop moving your finger in the clockwise motion when you go deeper. Keep it moving at all times. The reason this technique works so well is that the anus is full of nerve endings. By performing this technique, we are stimulating the walls of the anus and hitting all of those nerve endings.

· Pillow Drape Tip: Get one of those triangular shaped pillows, popular for reading in bed. When you turn it front-side down and have your lady lay draped across it, it props her rear end way into the air and makes it look so inviting for anything that you plan to do to it.

· Shared Membrane Technique: For this technique, lube up the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand. Insert your index finger inside the vagina and insert your thumb inside her anus. Now “touch” your finger and thumb together inside her. There is a thin membrane that separates the vagina and the anus. You can feel your finger/thumb on the other side of it. Now, move around and roll the membrane lightly between your finger and thumb.

Common Terms and Slang References:
butthole; asshole; poop chute; the shit pitt; recturn; poop hole; chocolate starfish; pooper; bum; bumhole; arse; arsehole; cornhole; shitbox; backdoor; ringpiece; hersheys chocolate highway; dirtbox;

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