Tutorial: Rejection, You CAN Deal With it!

rejection-how-to-deal-with-itWritten By: Jenne

While flirting and dating can be lots of fun… the reality is, nobody – not even Jennifer Lopez – is lucky in love 100% of the time. Rejection is something that you need to learn to deal with because it will happen and it hurts when it does. With a little bit of positive thought and some attitude changes though it is possible to get over rejection. Below I’ve listed some techniques you might want to try in order to beat the rejection blues and move on with YOUR life.

1) You can’t make a person love you and if you spend your life trying to do just that then you run the risk of driving yourself crazy. It’s been said that it takes two to make a relationship and never a truer word has been spoken. Give up the chase and move on.

Your life was good before, and it will be good again. Once upon a time, you had even heard of the person who just crushed your hopes. There was a time when you couldn’t have cared less what they thought of you, or even if they thought of you at all. Think back to that time and try to remember exactly what not caring felt like. Try to feel it now. Even for a minute. Feels good, huh? Work on recapturing that feeling whenever you feel mopey.

2) Your life was good before you meet this person and it will be again. In the not so long ago past before you’d ever seen or heard this persons name, you really didn’t care what they thought about you you didn’t even know they knew you existed. Think back and recapture that time before you met and hold onto that feeling for as long as you can.

3) Think about this for a second: If this person can’t see just how special and caring and beautiful you really are do you really want them in your life? You want to feel loved, secure and valuable in a relationship right? You are worth more than this person can give you.

4) Chances are at first you’ll tell yourself he might just give you another chance and if you just try a bit harder this time maybe things will work out. While it’s possible it’s not likely. When we reject someone it’s generally because we mean it. Don’t make the mistake of chasing them around like a puppy dog or asking them out again. If it’s meant to be let them do the running this time.

5) Don’t waste your energy trying to be someone your not to get another person back or to like you. Even if this strategy worked you’ll likely not be able to keep it up for long and if they didn’t like the true you then it’s won’t work long term because your not being you. Be yourself.

6) Don’t dwell on what might have been. Get out there and get busy. Do something that makes YOU happy whether it be work, rest or play. Being active can be a great way to boost your self esteem.

7) It’s normal to get angry when someone rejects you and it’s something you need to be aware of. Revenge is a bad idea instead get out and talk to an upbeat friend who will help you out here. It’s almost impossible not o dwell on the why’s but don’t let them beat you. Remind yourself how much there is in your life to be grateful, maybe even write it down. It’s easy to forget sometimes.

8) Make a conscious decision that you are better off without them anyway. Make your self believe it. Repeat it silently to yourself every time you slip into the I hate the world groove.

9) Keep your eyes wide open. It’s amazing how many times a new person can come along when you are least expecting it. There are plenty more fish in the sea and ones

10) Do lean on your friends and family to help you thorough the blue days that often follow rejection. Theses are the people that love and generally accept you for who you are. They will try to understand and help you feel better. Let them help.

Above all remember it’s Your life and life is what YOU choose to make it!

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