The Breaking Of Estelle Part 5

The Breaking of Estelle An Erotic StoryThis is a continuation of the story and you can read part 4 HERE.

She thought while staring at the Master’s tool as it continued to pound mercilessly into Daisy’s opening. Just what was making her feel this way eluded her just then, but it really didn’t seem to matter. She was enjoying her own sensations as she touched, smelled watched the tool thrusting deeper into her young friend’s tender opening. She should have been jealous, but her guilt had not dissipated fully and she felt that Daisy deserved the Master’s attention in return for her punishment. After all, it was Estelle who had received the relief that Daisy’s lips had afforded her. She wanted to please her Master, but at the same time she wanted to help Daisy in some small way.

As she sat and watched, her idea formed. She teased the Master’s balls, feeling the pliable, malleable little balls tighten with each touch of her fingers. Finally she plucked up the courage to do what she really wanted to do at that moment. She slightly, then the urge became too strong to resist anymore. She stretched her neck and began to tentatively lick the soft tissue that surrounded the globes that swung from the Master. As he pounded Daisy, the globes swayed and smacked gently against Daisy’s tender cheeks. Estelle began to explore the sacks with her tongue. The roar that erupted from the Master’s lips spurred her exploration on. She could smell the heady scent of their entwined sex, feel between her lips the slick liquid that their union was producing, and taste the Master’s juices as they mingled with Daisy’s.

Her tongue explored, all cares, all fears forgotten as she tasted, felt, and watched. She was transfixed, her senses whirled around her body in a frenzy of anticipation. Her tongue traveled from his balls to the small fold of skin that separated them from his bottom. His grunts and moan increased as she licked the fold of skin and she soon discovered the more she licked the greater the pleasure he derived from it. Her tongue swirled and eddied in a frenzy of licking, the tastes, aromas and feeling driving her forward all the time. She was enraptured by what she was doing and the pleasure that it was giving both the Master and herself.

As she licked the small fold of flesh whilst still groping his balls,she felt them tighten beneath her fingers. He let out a mighty roar and with one final thrust pushed himself deep into her friend’s opening.She felt his balls contract as his seed spilled into Daisy. Estelle gasped as she realised what was happening before her eyes. She withdrew her tongue but continued to fondle his globes as they expanded once more.

His seed had been deposited deep inside Daisy now and he slumped forward onto the small girl that had just received the offering. Estelle sat under the table, not daring to move now that the Master was no longer moving. She collected her thoughts as she waited for something to happen. She realised as she sat there observing as his tool began to soften and in time slipped from Daisy’s chasm just what she had witnessed. She could see his seed dribble from Daisy slowly in soft droplets as his tool softened and allowed the viscous liquid to seep from her opening. Her stomach was knotted, she felt so enlightened by the scene that she had just witnessed, but more that she had taken part in it.

It seem an age till he moved once more. In reality it was no more than five minutes before he rose and bent under the table to peer at Estelle, his eyes piercing through hers. A smile spread across his face as he gazed at Estelle. He offered her his hand and hauled her from under the table.

“I see my dear that your punishment has heightened your willingness to learn.” He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her gently. She knew then that her actions had pleased him and she felt proud that this was the case.

She looked at Daisy who was still spread across the table. The master paid her no attention now, seeming to prefer Estelle to her. Or was it just that Daisy had served her usefulness to him at the moment?

“Now my child, I wish you to continue your education without me for awhile.”

Estelle looked in amazement as he spoke the words. What had she done wrong? Why was he rejecting her now? What exactly did he mean?

“I have business to attend to in London and I feel that a short separation will do neither of us any harm.”

She really had no idea what he meant, but as he was the Master she knew that she had little choice but to obey. She wanted him to touch her once more. She wanted to feel his flesh close to hers. She realized as he departed from the room that she never wanted to leave his side.

As he left the room, Daisy stirred then turned and sat on the table.She smiled at Estelle. Estelle had a strange feeling that Daisy knew how she felt as she had watched her Master depart but she said nothing as it seemed inappropriate at the moment.

“What happens now?” she whispered to Daisy.

Daisy turned and smiled knowingly, “You will have to wait and see, Estelle, but it is not unpleasant. It is just another lesson.”

“Why has the Master left us now?”

“He has business to attend to and he will require that you have learned some more lessons before his return. I can’t say any more or they will throw me out of the house, but I will say it is nothing to fear,Estelle.”

Just as she had finished speaking, Cavendish appeared once more. He looked at the two naked girls and Estelle saw him smile for the first time in the two days that she had spent in the strange house. He appeared to study the girls as he ushered them from the room. He led Estelle to her room and she was surprised to find that there on her bed lay a freshly laundered robe and undergarments. Cavendish shooed her into the room and as he shut the door she heard the key turn in it. This scared her a little, as she knew the Master was no longer in the house and Cavendish had locked her door. Why?

She dressed in the new clothes and began to ponder the days ahead. She also reflected on her lessons so far. She thought back to her childhood in the village, how idyllic that time seemed now. She thought of her sisters and of her Mother who had sent her to this strange building. She remembered her Mother’s parting words once more. “You must obey.  The words had seemed strange to Estelle when she had kissed and left the village, but now she was beginning to understand. Her Mother had told her that she was lucky to have been selected by the Master and that she should always remember that. Why her? That was a question that she could not answer and to some extent preferred not to ponder on. She still did not truly understand what her purpose was in this house, but whatever it was, she knew with certainty now that she did not wish to leave the Master’s side. She had tasted his power over the last two days and it captivated her, and yet she felt that she too had some power over him. She did not understand the power she held over him, yet but it was evident to her and the more she thought about it the more she realized it.

So many thoughts went through her mind as she laid on the bed and contemplated her future and remembered her past. The village had been rife with stories of this house as she had been growing up. It had been a place that had frightened all the girls in the village. The stories that had frightened her then seemed to pale into insignificance as she laid and thought of the time that she had spent here. She understood her punishment was her own fault. Had she not disobeyed the Master,then she would not have been punished. She still felt guilty that Daisy had taken the brunt of the punishment, but at the same time realized that Daisy had also received a much welcomed gift from the Master, his seed. It was obvious that Daisy had been neglected in that area for sometime and she was pleased that Daisy had received the attention that she had told her she had sorely missed.

Estelle sat and pondered what the next few days would hold while the Master was away. Daisy had hinted that her education would continue, but how? Who would take over from the Master? She remembered his words to Daisy, ” No one is to touch her but me.” So just how was she going to learn? She just hoped that whoever it was, they were as kindly as the Master had been to her. She thought no more as she drifted into an exhausted sleep.

She was awakened by the turning of the door key. It was a strange sound as she was not really awake yet. As the door creaked open her eyes focused on a lad. At first glance he was a mere slip of a lad, his dark hair tousled and windswept. As Estelle’s eyes began to focus, she realized that he was older than he looked and that his resemblance to the Master was the most striking, his eyes piercing hers just as the Master’s had done the first time Estelle had met him. She sat up and stared at him, eyes wide open. As he stared at her, she was glad that she was fully clothed now. She wondered how long she had slept.

He held his out and beckon her to approach him. This she did. She already knew who this man was and now she knew who was to be her new Master while his father was away. He reached over and tenderly cupped her face in his hands. His hands were smaller than his Father’s, they were also much rougher. He regarded her with his deep blue eyes. Estelle felt her senses begin to swim in those eyes as he stared at her. He had a stronger physical presence than his Father and this scared her, but at the same time excited her.

He began to speak, but Estelle was so wrapped in his eyes that she almost didn’t register the fact. “My, my Father was indeed right. You are a fine beauty, Estelle. Are you ready to continue your lessons?”

Estelle nodded, as her tongue was tied in knots, as were her emotions.He was having a far greater effect on her than his Father had had. His Father had scared her at first, but he held a fascination for her that she could not explain.

“Then please change into this.” His tone was diffused and it warmed her to him further.

She took the garments that he offered her and began to remove her old ones. She turned her back as she did so. As she slipped the dress from her body, he reached forward and turned her round to face him. She blushed as she stood before him. He made no attempt to touch her, only observe her. This seemed strange to her. After his Father’s actions,she had expected him to touch her or order her to do something.

She unfolded the garment that he had given her and was surprised to find that it was a black dress, plain in style, but made of a material that Estelle was not familiar with. As she slipped it over her head, it felt heavy but at the same time exquisite. It was so different from anything that she had ever worn before. Long and flowing, it made her feel wonderful as she pulled it down over the rest of her body. She placed the pinafore over the top of the dress and smoothed it into place.

He had watched her every action intently. She had become accustomed to being observed now and it no longer frightened her in the way that it once had.

He took her hand and led her from the room. She walked behind him, his hand still firmly holding hers as they traveled to their destination. She observed his frame and his demeanor as he walked. He had a spring in his step, his head held high, and he possessed something that she liked but could not explain. She had no fear as they walked. This man would not harm her, of that she was sure.

They reached the end of the corridor and he opened the heavy door in front of them. The door creaked open, the sound resounding round the corridor. Estelle felt the rush of air pass her as she stood behind him. The daylight hurt her eyes as she looked at the outside world for the first time since she had arrived at the house. She brought her eyes into focus and followed him out into the cool air. It was a typical summers day. They walked into what appeared to be a courtyard and Estelle wondered just what she was to learn out here in the hazy sunshine that warmed her back as they walked across the cobbled courtyard. They reached a large stone building and Estelle’s nostrils were filled with a familiar smell one that took her back to the village. The unmistakable odor of horses. They went into the building and Estelle was greeted with the sight of two of the most beautiful stallions that she had ever seen. They were saddled and she assumed that she was to ride with this man today. The horses stood tall and erect, towering above each of their forms as they approached. She raised her hand as they neared and greeted the dapple grey stallion to her left. It was the smallest of the two creatures and she knew instinctively this was to be her conveyance for the afternoon.

The Master’s son helped her into the saddle and then mounted his own horse. She patted the animal and wondered what name he possessed. The Master’s son soon answered her unspoken question as if reading her thoughts.

“He is called Thunder, He is gentle as a lamb and as fast as lightning.”

“Thunder,” Estelle whispered to the horse.

It felt strange to ride once more with a saddle, as in the village she had normally ridden bareback, but she did not mind. She was glad to be in the open as they rode out of the stable. The feel of the creature undulating under her was familiar, but this horse was far more powerful than any horse that she had ridden before. The Master’s son set off at a fair gallop and it was all Estelle could do to keep up and also retain control of Thunder.

They rode for a while before her companion pulled up in front of her and motioned that they should dismount. She tethered Thunder to a tree and sat were she was told. No words were spoken for some time, both deep in their own thoughts. Estelle wondered what this man had planned for her. He looked so like his father, but at the same time he was so different. He did not have the arrogant air of his Father, but it went deeper than that, much deeper. Suddenly the Master’s son began to speak once more.

“Have you enjoyed your lessons so far?” Estelle was unsure how to respond to the question. If she said the wrong thing, she was afraid that this man would not afford her the pleasure of his company.

A thought suddenly flashed through her head. She had no idea where she was, or how to get home. Home? Her home was now with these men who had power over her. The thought sharpened her senses. Just what should she say? Just what would his reaction be? ….

Part 6 coming soon so stay tuned…

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