Solo Water Play! 4

Hey Ladies! So I know playing with your beautiful kitty in the shower is nothing new, but I’ve been in need of “relieving” myself and I haven’t been able to do so the way I like to, so I’ve had to get creative! I don’t have a detachable shower head, but I know the shower is the most private place where I will get my needs met (im single, so, gotta do everything myself, lol!) As I stand in the shower, I let the water roll over my plump curves, I run my hands all over my body to make sure Im really wet in the shower. As I’m touching my arms and legs and belly, I start to rub my boobs, pinching my nipples to make them hard and perky. I don’t have a lot in the booby department, but that doesn’t stop me from holding them in my hands and licking them! I play with my nipples until I know I need to play in between my legs. I’m starting to fantasize about anal play, and I like playing with my hole in the back, so as I start to rub my ass cheeks and grab them, I pull them apart and let the water hit my bootyhole, hard! I spread both of my cheeks apart with both of my hands and let the water hit my hole. With the water coming down, it feels like my ass is constantly being filled with joy and goodness! It gets better! As the water hits my ass and keeps pushing itself into my ass, the water also rolls down to my pussy hole and my clit! I love playing with my clit, and having water hit it from the back, is one of the best feelings ever! Being able to get my ass and my clit playing with at the same time is the best thing to ever happen to me! Enjoy!!!

4 thoughts on “Solo Water Play!

  1. Reply HornyLove Jan 30,2015 8:17 pm

    That was wonderful! My clit is swelling and I’m getting soooo wet!!

  2. Reply Sexpussie69 Feb 2,2015 8:19 am

    You got me wet wanna have a shower together I could have one after rubbing my soaking wet pussie my hogtie da watching jerking off his 7 inch dick but u would love to help you what say

  3. Reply tight-in-my-pussy May 11,2015 6:50 am

    Fuck. Im gonna try that now, and imagine you both finger fucking ech of my holes at the same time.
    Im soaking for you

  4. Reply Jazzy Jul 5,2016 5:52 pm

    Im want to try that

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