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ownedforchristmas_800This week we asked Willa Edwards to tell us a little about herself, her new book, and her writing style:

How long does it take you to write a book?

It really depends on the book. Some stories come to me fully formed, ready to go, and others are more like difficult toddlers, fighting me the whole way and needing to move at their own pace.

Owned for Christmas, my most recent release with Totally Bound Publishing, came to me very quickly. In fact I didn’t want to write it, because I had some much going on at the time (I was moving to a different state) and I knew Grant, Daniel and Kate wouldn’t wait until my life was calmer and I had the time for them. I could feel this story would be a sprint, not a slow walk. But they just wouldn’t leave me alone. They forced me to write their story, even though I was in the middle of chaos.

But I don’t regret it at all. I wish all my characters were that demanding. The shy ones are definitely harder for me to deal with.

What does your writing process look like?
Every story has its own way of coming to me. Some start with a character, some with a question, and others unfold from a situation. Owned for Christmas started that way. I let the idea simmer in my mind until I can envision the characters, the scenery, almost like a movie, and feel the emotions between them.

Once I can see the story, even just one scene, I start writing. I want to capture as much of the characters authentic voice as I can. I usually do an outline later, after I’ve gotten a few scenes down, and I have a better sense of the characters. I needed to write some of the story to really get to know the characters, to reveal their needs, fears and insecurities. For me it’s like a giant puzzle, discovering what makes my characters tick, what’s going to happen next, how the story ends. I think if I knew everything from the very beginning, I’d be bored and wouldn’t be compelled to keep writing. It’s the mystery that keeps me going. That gets my butt in that chair every day. The desire to know what happens, just like every other reader.

Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

I don’t think of them as strange writing habits but I wouldn’t be surprised that other writers disagree with me. One, I like to have noise when I write. TV, Radio, People talking, all works. Dead silence is distracting to me.

Two, I don’t like to write in chronological order. If I have a scene I’m dying to write (like the barn scenes in Owned for Christmas) I write it, even if it’s not where I am in the book at that minute. I know I’ll find a way to sew the pieces back together. But if my characters are talking to me, I’m always going to listen.

Three, I love to write in public. You know those people huddled in the corner of Starbucks pounding away at their keyboards. Yup, I’m one of them. I always feel so focused when I’m writing in public. But maybe it’s just all the yummy lattes.

What are you working on now? What is your next project?
Right now I’m working on Owned Forever, the next step in Kate, Daniel and Grant’s story. This one revolves around the question that is asked in the last scene of the Owned for Christmas. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t say what question that is, but I’m really enjoying being back with my kinky cowboys. And this story will focus more on Daniel than Grant, and how he’s adjusting to the changes that have happened in their lives since the last book.

Are you a plotter or a pantster?
I think of myself as a combination of the two. I go into each story with a basic idea of what’s going to happen. An outline really. (Though I rarely put it on paper until I’m halfway through writing the story). But I still give my characters tons of room to play and explore. And if they get off the map, that’s fine. We just have to find our way through the new course together.

If you only had one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?
Surprising. I love to surprise people, to not do what everyone expects. In real life I’m a very quiet and shy person. I think very few people who met me would ever guess what I do at night. Which just makes it all the more fun.

Willa’s new book, Owned For Christmas is based on the lovely idea of spending Christmas with her boyfriend’s family– Until she finds her previous Dom is staying for the holidays too!

Below you will find an excerpt from:  Owned for Christmas:

Gripping her head in his big hands, he yanked her down to him, crushing his mouth to hers. His kiss was instantly ferocious. The sensation raced to her head almost as fast as his confession did. Dizzy, she twisted her arms around his neck, holding on. A wave of heat overwhelmed her from head to toe. He nipped at her bottom lip, seeking entrance with his tongue. She had no choice but to comply. That’s what she loved about Grant. He took what he wanted, leaving her with only option—to feel.

Daniel kissed her nape, sucking on her neck. He slid his fingers along her back as Grant kissed her. She breathed deeply, the sensations all too much. Grant’s lips on hers, his mouth devouring hers, Daniel’s soft kisses and delicate touches exploring her shoulders—it was all more than any woman deserved.

The hiss of the zipper sliding down filled the air, and her dress slipped partway down her arms. The fabric gapped around her, revealing her shoulders and the tops of her breasts. A breeze wafted against her back just before Daniel moved his lips down to kiss and lick a path along her spine., What a clever boy Daniel was.

“I like how he thinks.” Grant leered down at her exposed chest, his eyes smoky.

Nuzzling the back of her neck, Daniel skimmed his hands down her shoulders and shoving the straps of her dress to her elbows. He used the motion to roll her back toward him. Kate let out a soft gasp, surprised and excited that Grant put up no fight when Daniel tugged her away. Maybe this arrangement does have some hope of working.
Daniel cradled her cheek in his hand, dragging her mouth to his. With his other hand, he shoved her dress down to her waist. His lips brushed hers, so soft and sweet, she almost wanted to cry. He stroked his tongue along her bottom lip, seeking entrance and she easily gave it.

Kissing her neck, Grant ran his tongue along her shoulder blades. He reached around her, sliding his fingers down her breasts. Finding her lace-encased tits, he massaged them. At the friction of the netting against her nipples, her body shook and her pussy clenched. She released a breath and Grant chuckled behind her, fully aware of what he was doing to her.

Grant pulled and plucked at her nipples. In their already aroused state, the sensation was almost painful, yet so damn amazing she almost begged for more. Through it all, Daniel continued kissing her. He slid his soft, gentle tongue across hers, cradling her head in his hands.

The combination of soft and rough made her head spin. This is what she’d always needed. This is what she’d always craved—both of them. Both the hard and the soft, the tender and the wild.
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