Erotic Story: Fantasies Fullfilled, INC (Chapter 6) 2

Female MasturbationWritten By: Jenne and EAW
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As she sat down in “her office”, Jenne was a little disappointed that Ed wasn’t in yet. She was excited and a little anxious to hear what the report on his desk had to say. At the same time, she was confident that everything was going to work out for the best. As the morning slipped away, her nervousness grew. Especially when Ed’s secretary went into his office and retrieved the envelope, disappearing down the hall before returning empty-handed. By 9:00AM, Jenne was concerned that she wouldn’t find out what was inside until it was time for her presentation. She checked her e-mail again. There was nothing to do but wait. Finally, at 9:42AM, the intercom rang and she recognized Ed’s voice.

“Jenne, my dear!” He said cheerfully. “How are you this morning? Did you get the package?”

Jenne smiled. So it WAS from Ed. “I’m fine. Yes, I got it. I loved everything … did you get the results of your report?”

Ed’s voice was serious. “I did … and I’m sure that with some explanation and … ‘charm’, everything will be forgiven. We’ll discuss it before your presentation.”

There was something cryptic in his words and Jenne instantly became worried. “Wait … what do you mean? I’d like to see it before…”

Ed cut her off. “Meet me in the Board Room. Everyone is waiting for you now. ”

Jenne made her way to the boardroom. She opened the door and was confronted by a large table at which 12 men were seated. Ed stood and led her in, guiding her to the empty place next to his head chair. She took a deep breath as she entered and she felt all twelve pairs of eyes follow her as she did so. She placed her briefcase next to the one remaining place at the table and took her seat … wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

Ed greeted her with a warm smile … his manner serious, but calming. Jenne studied him. Another well-cut suit covered the body that she had begun to explore only yesterday. She wanted to explore him again, but this time she needed him to take her all the way … to give her the ultimate satisfaction that he managed to make her crave whenever he was near her. Never before had any man had this much control over her. She stood next to him, the heels giving her extra height. This made her feel better, more equal, nearer his level. She knew he had the power in this situation, but she needed to cling to the thought that she was still his equal. At least when she had had his cock buried deep in her throat, she had been in control. He snapped her back to reality as he began to introduce the board.

Ed introduced each member of the board individually and she studied each one carefully. She had to admit all the prestige in that room, … all those men in suits turned her on. Then again, maybe it was just one man that was really making her feel that way. Jenne had always had a thing for men in suits. She just couldn’t stand the casual look that had become so popular. Nothing like a handsome man in a well tailored suit to get her blood flowing, not to mention her juices. She felt the panties that she had placed on herself that morning begin to dampen as she stood before them all.

She began to give some brief background about her company as professionally as she could. Her mind was still wondering what all this was really about and she was having trouble focusing on the task at hand. She asked if there were any questions before she began outlining her findings.

“I have one.” said one of the members, “Why haven’t I met you before? I didn’t realize that we had employed such a vision of loveliness lately.” The rest of the board laughed. Jenne went bright red and became tongue-tied. She tried desperately to pull some quick-witted jib out of her head but it just wouldn’t come from her mouth.

“Don’t look so worried, it was a compliment.” Ed smiled. He looked at the others and continued. “Yes, she is very ‘photogenic’, don’t you think?”

With that, Ed slid a manila folder to Jenne. She picked it up, expecting the results of the dreaded report. Instead, she was horrified to see a complete set of her masturbation pictures… her face clear and obvious. Ed continued to talk as Jenne’s mind raced. Of course he had them! Why hadn’t he told her? What did this mean? What did he want from her? She was panicking inside and suddenly became aware that he was talking aloud.

” … so you see, she is one person who could possibly have altered these files.” Ed paused, the silence in the room deafening. “Now, although we have grounds to press charges against her, the evidence is circumstantial at best. I personally think that she is innocent and I’m sure that with some honesty and ‘compliance’, Jenne can convince us of her innocence. ”

Ed paused, the members of the Board watching him intently. “Jenne, would you agree to try to convince us of your innocence?” The Board sat in silence, all eyes on Jenne. She shifted in her chair, terrified of the ramifications of these accusations.

“Of course,” She reassured them, “…whatever I need to do to comply with your investigation.”

“Splendid!” Ed resounded. “Here let me help you up on the table.”

Ed stood and taking Jenne by the hand, led her out of her chair. Jenne was confused by his comment and muttered to him as he slid a stool out from under the large, conference table. “What? …ON the table?”

“Yes, yes … step up.” He urged her, leading her up onto the table. Jenne was shocked and confused and moments later, she found herself standing on the table … the shortness of the skirt scandalous and embarrassing. All the men in the room sat happily, the tops of her stockings in full view. Jenne straightened up, tugging unsuccessfully at the skirt … desperately trying to cover herself. Ed caught her eye and he smiled lovingly, the fire and passion in his eyes unmistakable.

“Now, my dear. Please remove your panties.” He commanded. “…NOW.”

Jenne looked down at the men that surrounded her. She watched them as they, in turn observed her. She couldn’t remove her panties in front of all these men, could she? She felt the sweat between to trickle down between her breasts. Her heart raced as she looked at Ed. From the expression on his face she knew that she had no say in the matter and she remembered his words. The strange thing was that as she stood on that table, surrounded by all those men, all that power, her panties became decidedly wetter by the second. Her business was on the line here, her credibility but…

She looked once more at Ed and finally made her decision. Her hands slid up her sleek thighs and she began to remove the panties. Her eyes were shut tight as she slipped them down over her legs. She knew only too well that she was being watched … that all these men surrounding the table would have a good view of her moisture soaked pussy. She kept her eyes closed as the panties reached her shoes. She deftly slipped them over her heels and stood on the table wondering what he going to do to her next. The photos had been bad enough, but this was humiliating. Why then was it turning her on so damn much? She felt her breasts heave as Ed began to speak once more, what now?

“Very nice. I’m sure you would agree gentlemen. Jenne open your eyes please”

Hesitantly she opened her eyes. She tried to look straight ahead but her eyes were drawn towards Ed’s. Boy, did she feel stupid, standing there holding her sodden panties in one hand.

“Please come closer to the edge and walk around, Jenne”

Jenne stared at him in a state of disbelief. He was joking right? Hadn’t he humiliated her enough? She already knew the answer to that question. She knew deep down that she would pay the ultimate price for something that she hadn’t done. She moved closer to the edge of the table and began to parade in front of the men. They leered at her. She felt like a second rate stripper gram that they had hired for their entertainment. “Very nice” and “Beautiful pussy” were just some of the comments that she caught as she continued to parade like a horse in the paddock of a racecourse … each punter discussing the fillies’ merits with one another. She looked straight ahead as she walked, not wishing to see their faces. Finally Ed broke the spell.

“Now my dear if you would like to step down I’m sure some of these gentlemen would like to examine your resume further.”

She froze as Ed offered his hand. What the hell did that mean? She had a pretty good idea. The idea made her shiver but her now erect nipples gave away the feelings that were beginning to bubble inside her. Jenne stepped from the table, trying to retain as much dignity in the act as she could. Not an easy task, first, in those heels and second, with 12 men eagerly watching her every move.

Jenne noticed that the two men that were seated now, had rather large bulges in the front of their trousers. Ed guided her round to his chair at the top of the table and motioned that she be seated. She did as she was told … the scene thick with a sense of surrealism. She tried to switch her emotions into a lower gear but didn’t have a lot of success. She felt a surge of power as she sat in that chair. Now she was back on their level, but it was her, that they were observing. Ed circled behind her. His arms reached forward and he began to undo the buttons on the silk blouse that he had sent her. His touch captivated her, his hands so large … but so good at unclasping those delicate buttons. One by one, he slowly removed the buttons. As the last one gave way, he pulled her shirt open to expose her hardened nipples pressing against the sheer fabric of the camisole. Without pausing, Ed grasped the soft, loose neckline of the camisole and with a deft tug, ripped it sharply in half, the shrill sound of the tearing material breaking the silence. He roughly pulled the camisole apart, the last shred of her privacy disappearing as her heaving breasts spilled out onto display to the group gathered around the table. Ed pulled the jacket, blouse and camisole from her shoulders and pushed her firmly into the chair. All 11 pairs of eyed seated at that table, fell on her breasts. The nipples jumped as Ed began to knead them with his hands. She wanted to run from the room but at the same time, her senses reeled from the actions of his soothing hands and the eyes that watched their every move.

Ed addressed the men once more.

“Do these globes look like they belong to an innocent or guilty woman gentlemen?” he asked in a business-like manner. No one answered, and this seemed to agitate Ed. He pulled her nipples slightly harder, almost hurting her. She moaned as he did so, half from pleasure , half from pain.

“Would any of you like to investigate further?”

One lone voice piped up. “Yes please Sir”

This man’s comments spurred the others on and Jenne became alarmed once more as the men broke their silence and began to discuss the idea between themselves. 12 men. God, no not that. One would be enough … the one touching her right now to be exact. But, she had a feeling that this was the last thing he had in mind right now.

Ed ordered Jenne to stand once more and this time told her to remove her skirt since all the men would want to see all her resume before they decided on her guilt or innocence. She unzipped her skirt and because of it’s tightness had to push it over her thighs. As it dropped to the floor, Ed pushed her gently but firmly back down onto the chair once more. He reached forward and parted her legs. She tried to resist the movement but had little choice in the matter. He raised her legs onto the arms of the chair and she thought she must have looked a sight. Jenne sat naked, apart from the ivory stockings and heels, with her legs spread wide, her pussy wet and glistening. Feasting their eyes on the alluring sight, Jenne worriedly looked into the faces of the men. She began to study them more closely now … studying their faces as they studied her resume. She hoped that it was a resume that would meet with their approval. She had a lot more than her modesty at stake here.

Ed reached forward and tenderly parted the outer lips of her pussy so they could get a better look. Jenne gasped with his touch, her eyes closing as she swooned. The atmosphere was electrifying, the air heavy with sexually charged currents. The look in the men’s eyes told Jenne that they liked what they saw, and as they watched, some began to fiddle with their zips under the table. The sound of 11 zips being unfastened in a room were you could hear a pin drop was almost deafening.

“Don’t be shy gentleman, if I was in the situation that this young woman has found herself in I’m sure that I would be prepared to do anything in order to save my good business name.” His tone was ominous now and Jenne knew exactly what his words meant. He broke from her and issued another of his commands. This time it was directed at her and it startled her.

“Jenne, I think we need a demonstration of how you arrived at these pictures.” He picked the envelope up and threw the pictures haphazardly onto the table. The men looked at them and then looked at her once more. She realized what he meant and a cold shiver ran the length of her spine.

“Now.” he bellowed at her.

She noticed then that several of the men must have been holding their cocks and gently masturbating as they watched the scene unfold in front of them. Slowly, the hand resting on her thighs began to creep slowly towards her mound. The only thought that filled her head at that point in time, was that she had to keep the business at all costs. She closed her eyes as her fingers began to explore her own pussy. She hadn’t realized just how much the situation had really turned her on until that point. She plunged her fingers into her damp, moist pussy and began to writhe in the chair as she got lost in the thoughts within her own head. As she sat on the chair playing with her own cunt she became aware that someone was playing with her nipples once more. She jumped as they were teased and pulled.

Instinctively she knew that these were not Ed’s hands … as these were far smaller and less experienced than his. She stopped what she was doing and sank back into the chair allowing the man to play with her nipples. She opened her eyes now and they were met by Ed’s. He was sat on the table in front of her, watching the man play with her nipples, rubbing his hard cock with the heel of his hand through the finely tailored slacks of his suit … obviously enjoying the sights. She wanted him to take her, to feel that cock inside her, but …

Some of the other men rose and soon she was surrounded. At least 6 had stood and moved around her and they seemed to be waiting for a signal from Ed. It came soon enough. It wasn’t a spoken command this time, but something in his eyes that told her that the signal had been given. Her hands were pulled to either side and soon they had a hard, pulsating cock placed in each of them. She tried her best to rub them in unison, but struggled. The two men to whom they belonged seemed to care little. Hands began to wander over her body and every nerve ending was stretched taught as they began to paw her like some prized possession. She kept her eyes firmly fixed on Ed’s, their eyes communicating silently, until the point when a man turned her head to thrust a large cock into her mouth. She gulped and tried to catch her breath as the cock’s owner pulled her hair. He gave her no choice but to take his cock deeper and deeper.

The sensations washed over her, mingling into one divine feeling as she finally lost control of all thought. If they were all going to take her, she intended to enjoy the experience. Someone knelt in front of her and slowly began to use his tongue on her pussy. She moaned as she continued to suck the cock that had been presented to her. She needed no encouragement now, as that deft tongue worked on her pussy and hands explored her body.

Suddenly,they broke from her just before she reached her boiling point. She was annoyed to say the least, … she wanted release and she wanted it now. She was cock hungry. It had been a while since she had had one and Jennie had reached the point were lust had taken over. They could take her how they wanted now, as far as she was concerned, as long as she felt a cock fill her. She reached forward and tried to grab, but no one would allow her to touch them. She began to grunt, her frustration was clear. Ed cleared his throat and moved closer to her as he spoke.

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