Erotic Story: Fantasies Fullfilled, INC (Chapter 4) 2

Erotic Story spanking

Written By: Jenne and EAW

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Ed’s face spread into a huge grin as he opened the door to his office. It was almost 4PM and he had already sent his secretary home. There on his desk, was the envelope Jenne had prepared for him. He peeled off his jacket and hung it on a hangar in the corner before settling into his chair. He opened the envelope and was greeted with the overwhelming scent of Jenne’s sex mingled with the soft, fragrant aroma of her perfume. He fished her stockings out, the womanly smell of her lotion still clinging to them. Her bra was unbelievably soft and he could only imagine it cupping and enveloping Jenne’s pert, adorable breasts. He pulled out the lacy white panties and was delighted to feel that they were still damp. Apparently, his actions had had the desired effect on her and he held the panties up to his nose, the musky smell of her pussy filling the air. He punched the intercom button.

“Jenne, come in here please.” He said assertively.

She appeared at the door seconds later, a concerned but wanton look on her face. Her blue-grey eyes blazed … not with anger. It was something else. Desire? Hmmn, he would certainly find out. The soft silk of her blouse tantalized her breasts and her nipples were pointed, protruding through the sheer, sexy material. She anxiously and absently tugged at the short skirt, obviously aware of her nakedness beneath. She moved toward him, her blonde hair tussled, her tits bobbing wonderfully as she walked on the high, spiked heels.

“Have a seat.” Ed offered.

“I think I’ll stand.” Jenne responded stubbornly. There was no way she could sit in a skirt this short with nothing on underneath. What was more, she still couldn’t believe what was happening, and she wasn’t about to give him a free look that easily. Ed was a very elegant and sexy character … but Jenne was used to being in charge and she liked it that way.

Ed frowned a bit. “Have you forgotten what we talked about this morning? I said … SIT!” He began to stand, his tone and demeanour turning dark momentarily.

Jenne sat down quickly, her resolve gone and she squirmed, trying to find a way to sit without giving him a direct look at her rapidly dampening pussy. Her breasts bounced as she came to rest in her seat and that apparently pleased him because he smiled, his gaze fixed to the points her nipples were making against her blouse. She saw her undergarments strewn across his desk and wondered worriedly what was going to happen next.

“You were told to comply COMPLETELY. That little indiscretion will count against you, I’m afraid.” He gently ran his fingers over the lace of her panties as he spoke. “Open your legs and raise your skirt.”

Jenne opened her mouth in protest. “What are you doing? I’ve done nothing wrong. You can’t treat …”

Ed shot her a glare that made her stop in mid-sentence and she realized that she’d done it now. She’d stepped over the edge.

“Open your legs and raise your skirt. This is NOT a request.” He said curtly.

Jenne did as she was told, the pink folds of her pussy glistening beside the neatly trimmed curls of her pubic hair. She closed her eyes a bit, amazed at the control he had over her. The power of his will was too strong to disobey.

“Mmmmmnnn. Very beautiful. I think I’d like to taste you. But first, you need to be reprimanded.” Ed looked serious. “Stand up and undress.”

Jenne stood and nervously, she undid the ornate buttons of the blouse working from her waist up. As she undid the top button, her blouse fell open and she instinctively slid it back off her shoulders, her back arching, her tits pointing incredibly at the ceiling. Jenne stole a glance at Ed. He was watching her intently … smiling slightly to show her his pleasure.

Jenne reached behind her and undid the clasp of her skirt. Then, with a hurried tug, she unzipped it, releasing her grasp simultaneously … allowing it to simply drop to her ankles. She stepped out of it carefully, leaving her heels on. Her nakedness brazen and complete.

“My God, you ARE beautiful.” Ed remarked lovingly. Jenne shyly smiled, a part of her wondering why she cared if this man thought she was beautiful.

“Come closer.” He commanded.

Jenne did and he reached out, taking her wrists and pulling them forward. He put her hands on the desk, palms flat, so that she had to lean over, her ass deliciously exposed, the throbbing pink of her pussy peeking from between her legs. Her mind raced. Subconsciously, she knew what was coming.


Jenne winced with pain, the open palm of Ed’s hand squarely contacting the pastel-white flesh of her soft, delicious bottom. “Oh my God! He’s spanking me!” she thought incredulously.

TWAAACK! TWAAAACK! TWAAACK! The blows rained down on her and Jenne was overcome with the erotic nature of the play they were enacting. Her tits bounced playfully as she braced herself against the force of his hand. Finally, with her bottom stinging, the warm red imprints of his fingers outlined against her cheeks. He stopped. A tear lingered on the tip of Jenne’s nose, leaving a tiny trail of moisture from her eye. Her pussy was soaked, a delightful contrast to the raging, stinging, tingling sensation of her bottom. Jenne was immersed in the excitement of the experience and barely felt him gently part her legs further, her body still leaning over the desk.

Quietly, Ed lowered his hands to her hips, softly kissing and nibbling the angry red welts raising on her bottom. Jenne sighed as she mentally embraced the touch of his lips on her soft, milky-white skin. Then, when she least expected it, he slid his tongue into the pulsing, pink slit of her pussy. “Ooohhhhhhh”, she moaned. “Oh yessssss …”

His tongue lapped hungrily at her steaming cunt and he could feel her body rock with pleasure as she spewed her pussy juice onto his chin. He was overcome with the scent of her sex and he eagerly licked her throbbing pussy-lips … the taste of her arousing and irrepressible to him. When the waves of her orgasm subsided, he left her crotch, standing and turning her to face him.

Jenne looked dreamily at him. He took her into his arms and kissed her … the first contact of their lips causing him a thrill that he knew he’d never experience again. His tongue probed her sweetness, twirling and tasting her, the remnants of her pussy strong and erotic in his mouth. His mind raced as he took her … “This woman is special,” he thought. And he couldn’t wait for the culmination of his plan.

As Ed released her, he looked at this completely naked beauty and he crossed back to his side of the desk. He seated himself in his chair as she eagerly watched him, her gaze going to the incredible bulge in his pants.

“Come here and please me.” He instructed. “But, when I cum … I must cum “on” these.” Ed held her almost forgotten lace panties in his hand. “After you’re finished … you’ll wear them home.” With that, he leaned his head back and waited for Jenne to come to him.

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