Erotic Story: Fantasies Fullfilled, INC (Chapter 3) 1

Fantasies FulfilledWritten By: Jenne and EAW
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A bit intimidated, Jenne entered the Chairman of the Board’s office. She was surprised to see someone so young … and so good looking. He smiled at her and motioned for her to sit down.

“Your presentation has been postponed until tomorrow at 10:00am.” He remarked casually.

Jenne was confused. They were the one’s who had requested the survey and analysis and she was ready to present her findings and recommendations.

“I’ll be concise my dear. We’ve had a security breach here. These ‘photos’ that everyone received are only one example of that.” Jenne winced at the comment, afraid of where this may be going. Ed continued. “What’s more, there are some very ‘delicate’ files that have been tampered with via computer. To be honest, you’re one of the only people who had the access or expertise to do it.”

Jenne was horrified! She’d done no such thing! In fact, she didn’t even know what this company was all about. She’d spent all her time dealing with networks, cabling, monitors, the ‘layout’ of the business … not the ‘workings’ of the business. She began to speak and Ed stopped her … holding up his hand.

“Now, before you speak … I want you to know where you stand. I’ve hired another company to do an investigation. That will be completed by 5pm today. If you’ve done nothing wrong … you’ll be vindicated.” Ed paused, looking into Jenne’s worried face. “I’ve arranged for you to use the vacant office next to mine for the day, rather than your previous quarters. You’re not to leave … and you’re comply with any request that happens to be made of you in order to aid in this investigation. If you do not comply with WHATEVER is asked of you … not only will your services be terminated, we will be forced to press charges. Even if we’re wrong and you’re vindicated, it will surely ruin your business credibility.”

Jenne was visibly upset and Ed paused, his tone becoming more gentle. “Jenne? … ” He asked. She looked at him, wanting to scream and declare her innocence. “Did you do this?” He asked calmly.

“NO, of course not!” she responded pleadingly. “I have no interest in anything other than doing a complete and effective job!”

Ed smiled. He could see that something inside her had broken. He had her completely at his mercy… her fear was in charge. And right now, more than anything … she feared what he could do to her.

“Good.” His face softened and he stood up, coming out from behind his desk. Jenne couldn’t help but see how perfectly his trousers were tailored, the pleats perfectly pressed in front. He had taken his coat off and the crisp white shirt outlined his strong broad shoulders well. She absently admired his tight, compact bottom and the smooth, unhurried pace of his movement. He moved around behind her … casually placing his hands on her shoulders. “Then you have nothing to fear.” Ed’s powerful hands began to massage her shoulders and for some reason she began to relax a bit.

“I have big plans for you…” Jenne sighed as he rubbed the tension from her shoulders, the open neck of her blouse yawning open as he massaged. She knew he was looking, the swell of her breasts visible as he dug his thumbs into the flesh of her shoulders.

“Undo the top button of your blouse, please.” He remarked casually without stopping.

The request broke the spell. Shocked, Jenne responded. “What? Are you mad? … NO!”

Ed’s hands didn’t miss a beat as they continued to rub and massage. “I want to clarify your situation.” He said in a businesslike manner. “I will expect COMPLETE compliance from you for the rest of the day!”

Now, his grip was becoming firmer and his hands slid higher, encircling her slender, smooth neck menacingly. “And, I WILL destroy your career if I don’t get it.”

The scene was surreal and Jenne couldn’t believe that it was truly happening. She felt the warmth of his hands around her neck and it occurred to her that her nipples were completely erect. What’s more, her inner feelings were in turmoil and her pussy was wet with the erotic excitement. Without a word, she slowly reached up and with a flick of her wrist, she opened the ornate button of her blouse. Her fingertips slid inside the folds of her shirt and she spread the soft, silk so that Ed could see the delicate and alluring material of her bra. Her aroused and taut nipples formed points through the bra and she leaned her head back slightly, allowing him a more clear view. The delicate, white skin of her neck and chest was breathtaking and Ed could smell the elegant fragrance of her perfume. She tightly closed her eyes and felt his fingers slide forward, releasing their grip on her neck. Ed leaned over her, his hands caressing her collarbones and chest. He slipped his fingers under the soft lace of her bra, cupping and roughly squeezing her tits. Jenne gasped and a slight moan escaped her lips as he roughly twisted her nipples between his thumb and forefingers.

“Mmmnnnn. That’s better.” He commended her, fondling her breasts. “Now, do you understand, complete compliance?”

She breathlessly nodded, the slick, wet feeling between her legs seeping onto her panties.

“Good.” He released his grip on her tits, sliding his hands away, leaving her breasts exposed, the lace of her bra fervently bunched beneath them. “Now, I have a meeting to go to. I want you to go to the office next door and make yourself at home. There is an 11″ x 14″ inter-office envelope on the desk. I want you to remove your panties, stockings and bra and send them back to me. There is a computer in there, so you can do some work if you have any with you. You may not button or arrange your blouse at all until you enter the office next door. You may go now.”

Ed returned to his seat, watching her. Jenne was frozen with fear and disbelief as she sat motionless. Her breasts bare and still exposed, her nipples hot and tight, the soft pink of her aureola puckered with her desire. ” I’ll be in touch when I return … as I said, I have plans for you.” Ed grinned at her, and something in his smile diffused her anger. Instead, she was left with a tumultuous blend of disbelief, fear, concern … and an aching desire in her pussy.

Somehow, Jenne made it to the office next door. She slammed the door behind her, relieved to have some privacy at last. The effect that Ed had had on her had thrown her off guard. She was used to being in charge these days, never before had a man been able to control her like that. It frightened her, and yet, at the same time … it excited her. Her nipples ached for relief as she tried to make herself decent. She slumped into the chair and held her head in her hands, searching for answers that were impossible to find. Her pussy ached for relief, her nipples still tingling from Ed’s expert touch.

Jenne tried desperately to collect herself … trying to make some sense of all this. This hadn’t been part of a fantasy that had been detailed on that damn questionnaire … or had it? She looked around at the unfamiliar office that Ed had reserved for her use. It was bland, apart from the desk that housed the computer and the chair that she was seated at. At least it afforded her some privacy, she thought as she glanced round at the door once more. She got up and locked the door instinctively. She needed time to think. She knew that he could ruin everything she had worked so damn hard to build over the last 5 years. One bad word in the security business was the kiss of death to any credibility that you might have once been afforded.

She noticed the envelope that had been casually thrown on the desk. She remembered his parting words. Did he really mean what he had said? Yes. Of that she had no doubts … the tone in his voice had convinced her of that much. She sat lost in thought for sometime, before she made her decision. What choice did she have but to obey his commands? To submit to his will? This was her own doing. If only she had sent that e-mail to the recycle bin where it had belonged. Why hadn’t she? She tried desperately to think of a valid reason, but one eluded her. Jenne’s thoughts returned to the envelope. She sighed as she began to remove her blouse and she wished that Ed were here doing the removing. She wanted to feel his strong hands caress her skin as they had done before. The blouse slipped over her shoulders and she reached behind and unclasped the white bra that held her aching breasts in place. Her nipples were still swollen and she couldn’t resist touching them gently as they were released into the cool air of the office. She pictured Ed’s hands as they had been a few minutes ago, using her own hands to mimic his actions. She kneaded her nipples just as he had done. The feeling was delicious, as she recalled the strange situation. She remembered the aroma of his aftershave, the cut of his suit … the smile on his face as she had left him.

Jenne reached down and began to remove the tight skirt that had made her feel so sexy on the way to work. Sliding it to the floor, she stood in the office in just her stockings, suspenders and panties. Placing her leg on the chair, she unclasped the buckle that fastened her black stockings to the suspender belt and began to peel it over her soft, long legs. She repeated the action as she removed the other stocking, and stretching forward, she dropped the stockings and bra into the brown envelope. She then removed the belt and finally sat back down in the chair. Jenne reached down between her thighs and felt the moisture that had collected between them. As she had done yesterday, she began to stroke the thin, damp material with her fingers. She wished that it were Ed’s fingers that were doing this as she proceeded to remove the damp panties and place them into the envelope. She spread her legs wide as she sat naked in the chair, enjoying the feelings and the emotions that the thought of Ed was producing in her brain. She began to massage her clit, while she tweaked her nipples. It was not long before the orgasm that she craved washed over her. Her breasts heaved and bobbed as she slumped in the chair, both her body and brain exhausted.

As Jenne began to recover; embarrassment set in as she felt ashamed of what she had just done. Quickly, she dressed in the few remaining garments that he had permitted her. How the hell she was suppose to return the items to him? The spell that he had cast over her spurred her on and she smoothed down the short skirt and sat at the desk once more. She switched on the PC and opened a note pad; she typed … her hands trembling as she did so. No man had ever made her feel like this before. She tried to map out the events so far … to make some sense of them. Was there a pattern? No. The more sense she tried to make of her predicament the more questions it raised. She gave up the futile pursuit and instead concentrated on the envelope once more. What the hell did he want her panties for?

Her heart sunk as she realized once again, that she had little choice but to comply with his request. Slowly, she picked up the envelope and unlocked the door. She peered down the corridor and when she was sure the coast was clear she stole out. Her heart pounded in her chest, her bare breasts bouncing as she moved. Jenne tried the door to his office. Locked. Had she really expected it to be open? How the hell was she supposed to return these items to him if she didn’t have access to his office?

She hesitated for a moment, her nakedness under her clothing stimulating and sexy, then went to his secretary’s desk. Picking up a red pen she wrote the words: URGENT on the envelope. Then, locating a black pen, she wrote, “For the attention of the Chairman”, followed by the address of the company. She placed it on the desk and hoped that his secretary would return before he did. She slipped back into the office, relieved, and finally let out the breath that she had been holding.

Again Jenne fell back into the chair, looking at the clock that flashed on her PC. She wondered what was next. She tried to work but her mind wondered again and again. Each time she had her thoughts under control they once more wandered to the events of the last 24 hours. She thought about Ed, … the way he had made her feel. She wanted him to touch her, to feel his presence once more, but at the same time, the thought frightened her. She revelled in his power, but felt powerless to resist his orders and this was invigorating and frightening. Why he was having this effect on her, she could only guess. She tried to work. Watching the clock, feeling vulnerable, she waited for her next instruction.

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