A Little Clitical History. 2

In-The-BeginingI was recently asked how I came to be the webmistress and founder of Clitical.Com and figured this was as good a place as any to tell, this not so little, story. So if you’re sitting comfortably…

A long time ago, when the dinosaurs roamed the internet… Okay, okay, so it was actually about 16 years ago, I discovered I loved to write erotica. Like many, I wrote as a hobby and I loved it. I loved the freedom of the words, I loved the freedom of the genre and I was hooked. I published my stories on line at EroticStories.Com and over time became very good friends with the webmaster there, Art.

We were both European in what seemed like a very American landscape, even back then. In one conversation, we talked about an idea he had for a website thanks to a domain name that a friend had gifted him: Clitical.Com He wanted to build a place where both men and women could come and discover all things Clitical, but he was a webmaster, not a writer. I, on the other hand, was a writer and not a webmistress. So we decided in our infinite wisdom to combine our talents and Clitical was born. I wrote the text and he put it on line.

Art and I are still good friends but some years ago, after I dabbled in PHP coding and brought down his servers, we decided that Clitical was something that I should peruse on my own. So I struck out and learned about servers, and all that good stuff. I never have quite mastered the art of PHP coding, but that’s okay.

As time passed, Clitical grew from a baby to toddler. I learned that HTML was just another form of writing, and developed my skills in that area. Through the years, Clitical has seen many designs transformations, some good, some not so good and some darn right ugly! That’s all part of learning though. At some stage in the process, I realized that there were no sites that really delved into the world of female masturbation. I also realized that female masturbation wasn’t simply about touching things in the right order either, it encompasses so much more than that when you stop and think about it.

Erotica, body image, orgasm, sex toys, partners, and so much more come into the equation. What you see today is the result of a lot of hard work, a lot of love, and a desire to spread the word that female masturbation, should not be hidden, instead it’s a subject that should be celebrated. I put others masturbation experiences on line as I feel that this is one way to not only celebrate others, but also a way to learn. I review adult products, because lets face it there are an awful lot of bad ones out there and I write erotica because I love to.

I look back at the Clitical.Com Art and I created 15 years ago, with a sense of pride. She was our baby, and although I am now a single parent, she is still my baby. As she’s grown, ideas have changed: sex is more openly talked about, sex toys are not the taboo subject they once were, but still, female masturbation is the ugly sister to partnered sex.

Over the coming years I hope to continue to change that, so stay tuned and feel free to share any ideas you might have. My mailbox is always open and I’m always looking for new ideas, because variety is after all the spice that makes blogs, sex and life worth living…


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  1. Reply Dave Crim Sep 18,2016 4:26 pm

    Hi, Jenne! I was on the old forums as “dcrim”. I was recently talking to Eindrek and he mentioned the forums are gone. 🙁 Anyway, I thought I’d check the site again; it certainly has changed! Eindrek has asked me (in the past) if anyone had heard from Bluesuede – I told him I haven’t since one of the forum changes that seemed to drop everyone.

    So, how are you doing? Long time. girl…

    Dave Crim (dcrim)

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