Wing Chair 2

I have a pair of vinyl wing chairs–one in my home office and one in my office at work.  Often when I’m at work, I find myself mindlessly pressing my pussy against the seat of my chair.  I have an office to myself, so I spread my legs, letting my skirt slide up until the silky fabric of my panties meets the vinyl of the chair.  I shift my hips, and it feels like silk against silk as I grind my pussy into my seat.  I continue this as long as I can, refusing to touch myself with my hands or even flex my pelvic muscles.   I love balancing precariously on the edge, never quite sure if I will come at work, my pussy throbbing inside my wet panties for the feel of vinyl against bare skin, or if I will wait until I get home.  At home, a similar but more fulfilling routine awaits me.  I shower and slip into a kimono.  Then I seat myself on my other vinyl wing chair, a trib video streaming on my computer.  The vinyl warms quickly to my body temperature, and as my juices puddle beneath me, it’s easy to imagine I’m grinding against another smooth pussy.  I time my thrusts to the girl in the video, my eyes never leaving her, as I experience a sort of tunnel vision.  All I want now is my climax.  I moan as she moans, and I feel my pussy sliding against hers.  Our juices mingle as our pussy lips seem to reach for each other, kissing and parting.  I press my clit hard into the edge of my chair, and the sound of her coming envelopes me.  I thrust once more, and I’m coming, bucking my hips into the air against my imaginary lover.

2 thoughts on “Wing Chair

  1. Reply 1cherry Nov 17,2010 8:09 am

    Aaaaahhhh Baby…that is amazing….mmmmmmm………

  2. Reply 30ish Aug 25,2011 8:34 am

    What a hot mental image that just gave me. Very erotic!

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