The Day I Got Caught 6

Usually at night when I’m feeling horny and everyone is asleep, I sit naked on my towel-covered chair in my bedroom and start playing with myself – legs spread wide.

I have done this many times. So I started with delicious gentle strokes – my already wet pussy craving for more pleasure.  I felt sooo good, touching & caressing my erect nipples, my thighs as well – the insides. OMG! Moving my hips, fingers in out, soooo nice. licking my sweet juices – yum.

Today I was feeling so turned on, so I let out rather loud involuntary groans and moans.  What the… who cares, I couldn’t deny myself this wonderful ecstasy. Foot steps!!!  Fuck, my mum whose room is next door must have heard my cries. ‘Dear are you ok?’ No time, in a moment I’ll be discovered with my hands dripping wet, so obvious what I was doing, no time to jump into bed and pretend to be sleeping having a pleasant dream.  Heart pounding, I decide to stand and physically block the door from opening.

My mum arrives at the door and opens it without knocking. Fortunately, I’m there blocking it with my foot, but I’m so weak from the self gratification. ‘Are you ok?’ she asks. Trying to speak calmly (I’m about to cum right there, though I’ve stopped fondling myself). ‘Yes’, I say as best as I can.

This is a silly situation. Mum must be thinking how can I be ok yet I’m blocking the door. So I mumble something about being very tired and really needing to sleep. Surprisingly mum stops pushing the door and goes back to her room. Surely she must know.

To cut the story, I got back on my chair and this time I SILENTLY had the best fuck ever of my life – nearly collapsed from utter delight on that chair of mine.

The next morning, my mum gave me a knowing look.

Have you been caught?

6 thoughts on “The Day I Got Caught

  1. Reply rosebud Sep 23,2010 9:48 am

    I can relate to your story. I almost got caught masturbating with my vibrator. My mom walked in and the surprise caused me to drop the vibrator -which was still on! She looked at the vibrator, looked at me, and gave me the weirdest “what in hell are you doing?” look. She was well aware of what I was doing. I purchased a more silent toy and I moan more quietly since then!

  2. Reply AliJ210 Sep 23,2010 10:55 pm

    wow. My mom has almost caught me in the bathroom using the shower head. But my sister who’s a year younger than me has walked in on me a’s embarrassing.

  3. Reply S Hall Sep 24,2010 10:32 am

    Well so far never been caught. but I do it silently or very quietly.

  4. Reply anna85 Sep 25,2010 10:33 am

    Gals thanks for the comments!
    @ rosebud – Hope you were not using a rosebud vibrator (so loud). How did you relate with your mom afterwards?
    @ AliJ210 – I was beyond embarrassment, maybe being edgy after being caught gave me such a great multiple orgasms
    @ S Hall – Hope you don’t get caught 😉

  5. Reply alicejet Sep 25,2010 1:15 pm

    I’m pretty sure my dad knows it. He’s really cool and he’s more like my brother (he’s pretty young and immature)so i dont mind. but that doesnt mean i dont lock the door or not talk about it.

  6. Reply CreamyTrini Sep 27,2010 8:16 pm

    I wasnt caught but I think my sister-in-law may have an idea when she saw my finger massager on my bed this morning. but hey, I was haing phone sex a few nights before.

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