Review: G Vibe 1

G Vibe ReviewFirst Impressions:
Some of the toys that land on my desk just scream at me use me, before I’ve even had chance to explore the contents of the box. Why you might well ask? The packaging, plain and simple as that. The Gvibe is one such toy where the packaging had me excited to explore further. It simply oozes sex appeal, sophisticated sex appeal at that as well as smacking of quality. I’m rarely excited by a toy, just call me jaded at this point in time, but the G Vibe was different, I couldn’t wait to explore further.

I wasn’t disappointed by what I found inside that neat packaging either. A Vibe, designed unlike any other in my not so small collection. Like the packaging containing it, it simply smacked of quality and made me want to pick it up. This purple mystery that I was presented with measures in at 9” of which about 51/2” is designed to be inserted, a neat and stylish handle that contained the controls but the real difference between this and the other vibes in my collection was that the inset able ends of the vibe are splayed out into a pair, but are flexible and as a consequence can be pushed together to insert, but once they are placed where they are supposed to be placed, they flare out once more, for what I hoped would be a unique experience.

Another plus with the G Vibe at least for me, was this is a rechargeable vibe, no more batteries whooo. I swear I should have brought shares in Duracell ten years ago had I have known how many batteries I would end up using. The G Vibe is charged with the help of a USB charger, as opposed to a main plug. Many of us, myself included, have access to a USB charger of some kind nowadays and the cord comes in the box with the G Vibe. Simply plug your G Vibe into you nearest USB port and let it charge for at least 8 hours before it’s first use. I left mine over night and my G Vibe was ready for me to try the next morning. The manufactures Fun toys, state that the vibe will last continuously for 4 hours of use with a full charge and I’m happy to report that this claim held up when I tested it. G Vibe.

Solo Test:
The G Vibe is made of a medical quality silicone and it just felt good to the touch: soft, velvety and inviting. I suspect whoever designed this vibe was female or at the very least had an intimate knowledge of the female body, it’s wants and it’s needs. The handle is well designed and the controls it contains well thought out. There are just three simple controls, pulse, speed up or speed down, which keeps things nice and simple. They are easy to locate and even easier to operate. I started with the lowest speed I could and a simple vibration on my clit. Even at it’s lowest setting it could get my engines revving, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough to take me over the top. Personally I prefer to run a vibe down the side of my labia as this generally gives me the most intense sensations and the G Vibe had one huge advantage over many of the other vibes I have use, in that the split ends allowed me to cover both sides of my labia with one single stoke. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to but as I soon discovered it was well worth the effort, but I hadn’t finished yet. I gently increased the speed and the feelings got more intense, to the point where I needed more. At this point I decided to try and use the G Vibe internally. I began by inserting just one of the ends while applying the other to my clit and holy cow did it feel good. As both of the splayed ends of the vibe have separate motors, the vibrations were pretty intense whether I applied one end or the other and where ever they were applied. I actually found that I needed to dial back the speed a little or it was too intense a sensation and I wanted to play some more before I achieved the ultimate goal of any sex toy play. So I changed tack a little and inserted both ends of the vibe into myself, after turning the vibe off. I could feel the ends splay out once they were fully inserted and it felt gooooood. Now I tried what I hoped would be the piece de resistance as I turned the G Vibe back on gently at first. I was not disappointed! Those double motors that I noted earlier, came into their own now. I had that feeling of being full that a dildo provides but at the same time, I had the buzz of a vibrator and with a little manipulation I was able to find my g spot, and if you’ve ever found yours and hit it at the right moment with the right amount of speed you will know that it feels so good! I found that the splayed ends of the vibe, actually felt like fingers inside me, but buzzing fingers, so I applied the come hither motion and the results were almost instantaneous and let’s just say they were explosive.

G Vibe ReviewPartner Play:
My Hubby is used to me reviewing toys and using him as the guinea pig when it comes to partner play, so he was as eager as a beaver to give the G Vibe a try. He like me, loved the fact that is is a very quiet yet powerful vibe. We did have more than a few laughs as we decided on alternative ways to use this unconventional looking sex toy. Some of the suggestions that were floated were curling iron, salad server and tie press. All that aside, we had a great time figuring out what worked for us when it came to playing with the G Vibe as a couple. We discovered very quickly that it’s size, which at first I thought may get in the way was in fact a plus in many cases, when we used it during sex. The splayed ends definitely made for some interesting play positions as we messed around with it. Hubby enjoys the offset pulse when it’s placed around his penis, whereas I prefer the continuous vibe, but when all is said and done, when your in the throws of passion and penetration is taking place, who cares what the vibration rates are as long as it feels good. The G Vibe has become a favorite of ours now, especially if Hubby wants to help me with some good old G-Spot play, as he says it saves his fingers!

What’s It All Add Up To To?
Basically what this boils down to when all is said and done, is the G Vibe is a well thought out multi purpose sex toy, that is well designed, and designed with women in mind. I love the material the G Vibe is made from and I love the fact that unlike many of the toys in my collection, the G Vibe does not collect cat hairs or anything else come to that! I love the fact that it is rechargeable and whilst it is quiet it has many different vibrations, and there is sure to be one that will hit the right spot. If there was one thing I would love to see in the G Vibe that it does not have now, it would be to make it waterproof. While it is water resistant and easy to clean, it should not be submerged in water. Add that into this wonderful mix and for me this would make this the piece-d-resistance of my toy box. Over the years I have discovered that in the sex toy world, just as it is true in other areas you get what you pay for. In this case for around $100 you get a high quality toy, that will last for a long time, and give pleasure for a long time to come! If you would like to own your own G Vibe you can pre-order by simply click HERE.